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    I am selling a used but in pretty good condition Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB cell phone.

    The service provider is Verizon Wireless.

    The phone is rooted and has Cyanogen Mod 10 is installed:

    There is no water damage to the phone (see pics).

    There are two slight scratches on the screen, they are not deep at all. I can't even feel they are there when i rub my finger on them. They aren't visible when screen is on.

    The bottom right corner is slightly scuffed due to dropping a couple times.

    Other than that, this phone is in very good shape. I had used it for approximately 10 months.

    Obviously, there will be no SIM card in it upon arrival.

    The phone has been reset to default settings (w/ Cyanogen Mod still installed).

    Please feel free to ask questions about what the phone being rooted means or anything else.


    $135 shipped.

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