WVU, how good are they?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Aikbach, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Aikbach

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    Haven't been able to watch them against top competition, not sure if they'll face top competition next week either considering Baylor's poor run defense.

    I know Geno Smith is a Heisman candidate, the real deal, something special. I know his wideouts are highly regarded and Austin is a first round prospect, and his partner ain't bad either in tandem downfield.

    I know nothing about he WVU defense or running game so i can't judge those, but they are 3-0 with convincing wins and carry a #8 rank.

    So assuming they are indeed a top 10 team, which I don't doubt at this juncture, and with a home field advantage int their first ever Big 12 game, i think they have a considerable advantage over the Baylor Bears, who might crack the top 25 after this weekend.

    Baylor in comparison has a porous run defense, marred by the most mediocre pass rush and containing defensive ends in Division 1 football in my estimation. Good linebackers, good corners though under sized and average safeties.

    But the defensive line weakens every phase of the game and makes Baylor a 5 yard a carry prospect for WVU and with Geno at quarterback probably no less than 30 points.

    The Baylor offense is lethal and versatile, it will probably score 4 to 6 times.
    If Florence is given time he has a great quartet of wideouts, a good tight end and three good running-backs.

    A very average and limited kicker mars special teams if it comes to that.

    My limited assessment says it will be a bit of a shoot out next Saturday, but truthfully i do not know much about WVU's defense nor running game, the two biggest factors in giving them big advantage in the game.

    At this time I think WVU is probably an 8 to 10 point favorite.

    I don't really know how good Baylor is, WVU will reveal that one way or another.

    My lack of knowledge in their running attack and defense leaves me unable to be more in-depth, so if you WVU fans know, please educate me...hopefully my Bears aren't educated by cleat marks.
  2. jobberone

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    Talked with a big fan today for a short time. He thinks they have a chance at a national championship. Haven't seen the game today yet but I didn't argue with him.
  3. Aikbach

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    I dunno, but they probably are the second hardest game on the schedule behind OU.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    Good deal of new starters on D. Completely new defensive staff.
    They have given up too much yardage and a decent amount of points IMO but this last game was the closest points wise. I say all of this to indicate that the WVU vs Baylor game could be a barn burner that comes down to who has the ball last.
    This game vs Maryland kind of sucked for our running game as one, if not the, main backs did not play due to a deep thigh bruise. In one of our earlier games we had a balanced offense with 300+ yards in the air as well as on the ground.

    I also think some players were over looking Maryland and looking on to Baylor and our opening football game vs a Big 12 opponent.

    I will say again it could be a barn burner that comes down to who has the ball last.

    Now after saying that, watch it turn out to be a offensive mistake filled but good defensive game by both teams that ends with single digit points for both teams. :laugh1:
  5. Aikbach

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    That would be wild and unexpected. Check out this OU and Kansas St, game though, Wildcats are playing out of their minds, defensive slugging.
  6. SkinsandTerps

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    WVU just beat the Terps without their starting QB...
    And the Terps are not that good.

  7. jterrell

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    WVU is the best team in the country IMO.

    They have BY FAR the best college QB. People talking up Barkley and Landry were honestly folks who didn't watch them much or were insanely biased. Both very solid players but Geno Smith is hands down the best offensive player in the country and its very likely the 2nd best happens to be Tavon Austin.

    WVU is average defensively but they have an offense that can hang 30 on Alabama.

    As far as today it was rumored WVU was going to work on some specific aspects of their game and it would be close.

    WVU is basically Oregon with a great QB.
  8. Questfor6

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    Being a Mountaineer fan ill say that this offense is better than any team in the country when at full strength. Starting RB Alston went out early today & the running game suffered mightly because of it. Geno right now is a better pure passer than any other QB in the country, hands down. The wide receiver core is stacked, I think they can go about 10 deep if needed. Austin & Bailey > Marquies Lee & Robert Woods hands down.

    The defense like BP said alot of new starters & a new scheme this year is causing some confusion for the players, but the D has scored 2 TD's this year in 3 games. I think the D is good enough to make a couple of stops a game to allow the offense to WIN the game. This team has a chance to be special but I don't know right now if they're good enough to beat Alabama, other than that I think they can beat any team in the country.
  9. Aikbach

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    Hope it's a good game, both teams are untested this year against top competition, i hope they provide it for one another. On paper WVU has the edge.
  10. The30YardSlant

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    WVU's offense is great (though they were off today). Their defense is at best average and below average more often than not. They'll win several 56-38 type games in the Big XII this year IMO.
  11. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    They're a very good football team, but it's too early to say they're the best team in the Nation IMO.
  12. danielofthesaints

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  13. Sam I Am

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    Best in the nation? That's a leap. They are very good, but I'm not sure they could beat Alabama.
  14. Biggems

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    pure speculation.....apparently you do not watch Alabama. They may not be an offensive juggernaut, but they an absolute fortress defensively....and since they almost never turn it over on offense or special teams, as well as have a ball control style offense, it makes their defense that much more formidable because it never seems to be put in a bad spot and it is always rested and fresh.

    As far as being Oregon with a great QB.....play someone worth a darn. Oregon has throttled teams on offense and defense. Look at what they just did to Arizona, who trottled Oklahoma St. Meanwhile, WVU only beats a lowly Maryland team by 10.

    I am not sold on this team, at least this season. Geno Smith is a very good QB. However, this team has not proven anything yet. They have yet to play Texas, OU, OSU, KSU, Baylor and TCU. With a lot to prove, I will not listen to the noise being made on their behalf. I cannot put them up there with Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Florida St., and even Notre Dame.
  15. Aikbach

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    AP poll just came out, WVU will be #9 and Baylor comes in ranked #25, so it will be one of the best match ups of the week on paper.

    Will be revelatory to what both teams are it would appear.
  16. WPBCowboysFan

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    No way they can be the top team in the country.

    They should have blown out a weak Terp team yesterday by 4 TD's at least and only won by 10.

    MD is weak.
  17. jterrell

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    any discussion of number 1 is pure speculation.
    my reasons are at least as logically sound as anyone else's.

    in geno smith and tavon austin the WVU team has two top 15 NFL draft picks. that's no joke.

    last year, the same wvu team lead by the same guys scored 21 versus LSU.
    they could certainly score 30 on this Bama team.

    bama allowed 14 to michigan. (a game i certainly watched... and it would have been more impressive if ND hadn't been even better defensively versus the same team) every other team that they have played has been atrocious. michigan is now a .500 football team. arkansas is 1-3 with 2 losses to non-BCS conference teams.

    bama is a really good team and i'd love to see them face wvu but i'd pick wvu 31-28 right now.
  18. RS12

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    They are as good as anybody on offense. That said on a neutral field they lose to Bama, LSU, Oregon and likely USC.
  19. WV Cowboy

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    I am really curious to see WV open the Big 12 schedule this weekend, ... I'm glad it is in Morgantown.

    Baylor, and the nation will see a different WVU team than Maryland saw.

    They should not have, but I think they overlooked MD. And it was MD's Super Bowl. Every college football fan knows how border wars can go.

    They won't overlook Baylor, .. hope that is good enough.
  20. Displaced Cowboy

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    Tavon Austin is a 5th round pick not a top 15 pick.

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