WVU @ Texas

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WV Cowboy, Oct 6, 2012.

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    hey, I enjoyed the peep show as much as the next guy but her voice does suck. :laugh2:
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    what did we do last night? run, run, pass, clap. run, run, pass, clap. Against the 118th ranked pass defense.
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    I wondered this during the game, and had we lost I would not have mentioned it because it would have looked like sour grapes?

    But is it legal for every player in the entire bench area to be out on the field jumping around?

    I mean, it was neat, and I'm sure it jacked up the entire stadium, but I didn't know you could do that.

    BTW, everyone that was at the game, and all of our radio crew can't stop talking about how loud the crowd was, and how awesome the atmosphere was.
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    no but typically the refs give the coaches a chance to get them back in line, then the coach is usually given a warning then unsportsman like conduct is given

    btw I was at a bar so I didn't know the context of it but they were playing jump around and the media on twitter were saying that the pressbox was shaking and the student section broke the bleachers
  5. WV Cowboy

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    LOL, I think the coaches were jumping too.

    LOL, that's awesome!

    But that's up in the stands, I was referring to the players on the field.
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    Some a couple images I found that are Just some good fun ribbing.


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    National Championship good? Nah. Contending for the conference championship good? Yep. We wanted to see progress. We are seeing that with Ash and the receivers. The offense is tremendously better than last year. Texas would not have scored 45 points with last year Ash throwing the ball against any defense.

    What we are concerned with is Diaz. I've seen no progress with him. His schemes are terrible in this conference. Every team that has a pulse of an offense has lit him up. In 2011, Baylor, OSU, OU lit this defense up. Texas lost all three games. Two in blowout fashion. This year, the secondary (which was suppose to be the strength of the defense) has gotten worse, the linebackers (though young and we don't have Hicks) are not comfortable right now, and we're allowing 200 yards to backup running backs.

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    Hey BP. I did not see the game but I saw the score. Good job on WV. Looks like we will have to wait till next year.

    Good luck the rest of the way to all of you Mountaineer fans.

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    yeah the coaches were jumping except mack who I saw today after rewatching it was the one that got everybody back.

    I know you were talking about the players but they reason for both is one in the same, they played jump around and the players went nuts so the fans went nuts
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    That happened during a TV timeout while they reviewed the fumble/score inside the WVU 5 and was quashed pretty quickly as the refs came back onto the field.

    And yes, it was one of the loudest games I've been to at DKR. Before and after, we had a great time w/ WVU fans. Several commented how respectfully they were treated during their entire stay in Austin and how much the hill country around Austin reminded them of West Virginia...just w/ "smaller mountains" LOL
  11. WV Cowboy

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    Hats off to Texas fans for rolling out the welcome mat.

    That sounds very similar to the Baylor fans after their game here. One guy wrote a very nice, lengthy article about his experience in West Virginia and Morgantown, and it's out on the net.

    I think that is great too, .. and the way it should be.

    I hope that can continue, but I fear as things happen, wins & losses, bad calls, unfortunate losses, trash talking between fans, etc., .. I fear that it will change and rivalry's will be born and grow.

    And before long it will be like most rivalry's and fans will react accordingly.

    Let's hope it can stay the way it is.
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    game went about as i expected. wvu offense is simply too much for just about anyone.

    ut got some offense going and made some plays on defense but wasnt going to keep geno out of the end zone.

    i love this version of the big 12.
    easily the best conference to watch if not just the best conference.

    my techsans get wvu this week... after playing ou... life in the big 12 is not for the timid.

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