WWE's Mankind and his Mr. Mocko (pre-combine version)

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    1st round (#12 overall)

    ***TRADE*** with Miami (MIA then drafts QB Blaine Gabbert ahead of Washington)

    Dallas then selects Cameron Jordan, DE, California

    Dallas sees an opportunity to trade down 6 spots, picks up Miami's 3rd and 4th rounder in the process, and still gets the player they wanted at #12. With the Cowboys having uncertainty at the defensive end position, this is a no-brainer to me. Plug Jordan in as a starter immediately opposite of Olshansky or Bowen.

    2nd round (#40 overall)

    Dallas selects Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois

    Sean Lee is the future at one of the inside linebacker spots, but Bradie James' contract is up soon and we need someone to groom as his replacement. Wilson is arguably the best ILB in a weak ILB class, but this is still tremendous value in the early 2nd round. Bradie and Brooking were both banged up last year and Sean Lee has medical concerns, so it's imperative to have some fresh legs at the ILB position.

    3rd round (#71 overall)

    Dallas selects John Moffitt, G/C, Wisconsin

    This is great value in the 3rd round. Moffitt fits the road-grading, hat on a hat blocking that the Cowboys love to employ. Have him compete for the LG spot whether or not Kosier is re-signed, and plug him in at either guard spot in 2012, because this will be Leonard Davis' last year in Big D.

    3rd round (#79 overall from Miami)

    Dallas selects Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina

    Originally billed as a 1st rounder, Williams falls to the 3rd because of his leg injury in 2010. Hopefully he will be ready for training camp, but this guy has playmaker written all over him.

    4th round (#109)

    Dallas selects Cliff Matthews, OLB, South Carolina

    Another Rob Ryan toy for his new defense.

    4th round (#110)

    Dallas selects Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

    Great value in the 4th. Need competition, Scandrick is in a contract year and this may be Newman's last season in Dallas.

    5th round (#139 overall)

    Dallas selects John Clay, RB, Wisconsin

    6th round (#170 overall)

    Dallas selects Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union

    7th round (#209)

    Dallas selects Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh
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    9 picks and only one is OL?
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    Curtis Brown most likely goes no later than the 3rd round. Hynoski is rated as a 5th round prospect on several draft boards. I doubt he lasts beyond the early 6th, unless he just turns into a dog in the pre-draft events.
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    No way that happens. :eek:

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