WWJD (What Will Jerry Do?)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Picksix, Nov 15, 2013.

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    We've talked some about what we'd like to see, or what we think should happen, but the only thing that matters (unfortunately) is what Jerry thinks. So what do you think he will do? I know it's dependent on how the season finishes, so go and ahead and include that in your predictions. Will the season end in disappointment, and will that promote more change? What changes will he make? What coaches do you think he'll look at? Will the season end well (or "well enough"), prompting Jerry to

    Personally, I think he'll go after Lovie or Zimmer. Not saying that's what I would want, but what I think he'll do.
  2. Wolf2k5

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    You know we're first in division right now right? Lets pump the brakes.

    Ps isn't there a combined thread for this already for people to guess the next coach?
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  3. Fritsch_the_cat

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    I don't know what Jerry will do, all I know is that whatever it is will be extremely stupid and self centered.
  4. RXP

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    Given that most coaches won't work for Jerry, he has to think outside the box.

    Theres a guy in Toronto who coaches football, albiet at the high school level. He was fired from that however. But he's become famous for other things.

    And since he'll be out of a job soon, Jerry might give Mayor Rob Ford a look.

    I wouldn't put anything past Jerry.
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  5. Picksix

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    To your first question, I acknowledged that, in the sense that the season may end up just gone, and change won't be needed. As for the second, sure, but it's based on what we'd like to see, as opposed to trying to guess what actually will happen.
  6. T-RO

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    That sums it up. Beyond that...at this point...I don't even care.
  7. Nation

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    Season ends well enough that Garrett stays. Monte is allowed to ride off into the sunset though.
  8. TrailBlazer

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    Can rob ford coach football?
  9. TrailBlazer

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    Who cares if we're first in a crappy division? Doesn't mean we're a real contender. Does t mean were making any progress. If we don't start showing some improvement we won't be in first for long. JG's offense still sucks and its way outdated. We need an offense that is qb friendly and utilizes weapons.

    Sick of the mediocrity. We need change.
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  10. Chocolate Lab

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    I think it'll be one of two things, either an old Jerry crony or a truly big name.

    If it's an old Jerry crony, it's Zimmer. If it's a big name it's Gruden, Lovie, or Holmgren (if he's not too old).
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  11. links18

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    He coached a pop warner team to the city finals and billed the city for his time.
  12. AbeBeta

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    I expect Jerry would be interested in an offensive coach. This offense should be better. The D sucks that is so strongly impacted by the O not being able to sustain drives and injuries to our best contributors.

    Holmgren will be 66 - and I think Jerry might shy away from a short term fix type guy ... I do think you are barking up the right (coaching) tree though. Gruden and Mariucci come to mind. Really though all of these guys are just substitutes for the guy Jerry really would have wanted if the timing was right - Andy Reid.
  13. Plankton

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    I don't think that Garrett ends up getting fired. Jones has too much invested in him.
  14. punchnjudy

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    Unless the team completely implodes, my gut feeling is Jerry will hire a new offensive coordinator with a brand new offense and JG will be retained as HC only.

    I don't know if Garrett would stay under those circumstances, but that's for a different thread (wwjgd).
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  15. Picksix

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    Seems unlikely, but you never know. It'd be nice if he'd let Garrett do that.
  16. Double Trouble

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    Half the football world wants to hire Gruden. No way he'd come to Dallas without his own GM.
  17. Super_Kazuya

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    He will probably conclude that no, you can't win the Super Bowl with players like Heath and Webb playing significant time, realize the GM provided the coach with a zero depth, 4-12 roster, skip the next step of firing the GM, and bring back Garrett for another try.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    I got no idea what Jerry is going to do, however I do know one thing..................If this team goes on a losing streak and we drop out of first and end up losing the division................alot of fans are going to be very upset and will want Garrett strung up outside the stadium. Just browse the most active Cowboy boards on the Internet and you will see that right now (while we are still in first place) its about 5-1 post count in favor of firing Garrett. That will no doubt jump to 10-1 or even worse if this team doesnt make the playoffs.

    That is not something Jerry can just ignore. The million dollar question is, "what can Jerry do to settle the natives short of firing Garrett if we dont make the playoffs?"
  19. Dhragon

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    I think we will miss the playoffs and Garrett will indeed be fired. I've got to believe Jerry has someone whose job it is to keep an eye on the fan boards and gage the temperature of the fans, and they will be very hot at year's end.

    However much Jerry might like Red as his HC, it just won't make sound business sense to keep him. He should also know people aren't going to feel any better if he just hires another weak willed coach.

    I think Jerry will indeed try and hire a big name but will be rebuffed. He will then turn to a second option that isn't really exciting but at least not totally horrid ( like a Zimmer ).
  20. Picksix

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    If we miss the playoffs because of being short handed and just plain being beat out by a team that goes on a good run, that's one thing. If we miss them because of inferior coaching, especially if it comes down to the final game, then yeah, even I don't think I'd be able to justify keeping him around.

    I don't mean to write the guy off just yet, but that game last Sunday just left such a bad taste in my mouth. Seeing what a difference Payton has made with the Saints, the difference between he and Garrett seemed almost immeasurable.

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