News: Y Sports: Trial date set for Cowboys G Josh Brent

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    DALLAS (AP) -- Dallas Cowboys guard Josh Brent faces a Sept. 23 trial on an intoxication manslaughter charge in a car wreck that killed a teammate.

    Prosecutors in Dallas on Monday confirmed the trial date over the Dec. 8 crash in Irving that killed practice squad player Jerry Brown Jr. Police have said Brent had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit for driving. Brown was a passenger.

    Brent remains free on $100,000 bond and must wear an electronic ankle bracelet. If convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. Defense attorney George Milner says a plea bargain remains a possibility.

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    While our Guards put our QB and RB at risk every time they take the field, someone needs to tell Yahoo that Brent was a NT.
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    Won't even read the story based on the error
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    I think it's an embarrassment that Josh Brent is still a Cowboy. A huge embarrassment that completely contradicts & undermines the culture of "accountability" that I thought Jason Garrett was trying to instill within the organization.

    The fact that he wasn't cut IMMEDIATELY after the news broke about his actions sends the message that as long as you're talented enough, or have enough potential you can get away with just about anything as a Cowboy.

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