Yahoo: Football Fans Are Going To Hate The NFL's New On-Field Advertising

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Football Fans Are Going To Hate The NFL's New On-Field Advertising
    By Emmett Knowlton 20 hours ago

    If you watched Thursday night's Ravens vs. 49ers preseason football game, you probably noticed the awful on-field advertising any time either team got in the end zone.

    According to BizJournals , Toyota is now the "exclusive auto partner" of the Niners as part of a multimillion dollar deal. Part of the agreement is that Toyota will sponsor the red zone — the area between the 20-yard line and the end zone — at San Francisco's brand new Levi's Stadium, meaning a massive, distracting graphic will appear on the screen any time a team reaches that section of the field.

    Luckily, Toyota's red-zone advertising will show up only on the local, KPIX broadcast of preseason games; it is not a national deal. Still, you have to imagine that this is a glimpse of the future, and one that NFL fans aren't going to be particularly pleased about...
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    One of these days the NFL will find a way of becoming profitable. A daunting, almost unachievable task, but I have faith.
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    I wouldn't mind if they just painted the ad on the field... Like a small badge on each 35 yd line. Or a company logo badge in the endzone. But that example in the link is distracting and annoying.
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    Taking up a fourth or a fifth of the entire field IS ridiculous, I thought it would be less than that.
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    They have had advertising logo's on the field during preseason the last couple of years.
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    Eventually the uniforms will look like race car driver's suits.
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    Hmmm....That could open up all kinds of possibilities for advertising in Colorado and Washington State.

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