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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Apr 4, 2014.

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    If what you say is true and the Cowboys are going to lose anyway. then get rid of the over paid Romo. take the big cap hit now by trading him now and getting something for him. you can't have it both ways.can't say you know we are going to lose. then want a 108 million dollar average QB on your roster.
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    I never said I wanted a 108mil qb. I want a new starter by 2016 if not 2015. The old core is on it's way out. Releasing romo now just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Too much dead money.
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    On what planet did the Saints have a worse offseason than Dallas? Hahaha the Saints got the best free agent in the NFL this yr and by far the best safety. And they added Champ Bailey so their secondary is stacked. Dallas should have went after Byrd.

    The Saints are in the same salary cap dilemma that Dallas is in. The exemption is that the Saints are ran by real football men that know what it takes to build a team. And they will resign Jimmy Graham with no problem.
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    Who's protecting Brees' blindside now? Keeping Brees on 2 feet should've been the top priority not adding another safety when we've drafted 2 in the first round in the last 5 years. Run by real front office men huh? Like that scumbag Loomis who allowed bounties to be paid out in the locker room, yeah he's a good one.
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    In a world where a player moves from one system to another and does not play as well in his new location. After two year the $10m contract is force into a June 1 cut like we are in right now regarding some of recently cut players.

    Further, now that Ratliff, Austin and Ware are gone, we have one the top 10 youngest teams in the league. We are not one or two positions away so signing a guy like Byrd would give us a starter on defense but would not 'fix' the defense and make drafting and developing Wilcox in the third pointless.

    Of Melton, Mincey and McClian not one of them can stop a young guy's progress. Of the DL candidates out there you had Marty B.s brother, a bunch of guys over 32, and Linval Joseph. I am disappointed that they did not sign Joseph BUT I do not know that they even had a shot at that as he signed within hours of FA opening.

    We need to see if Crawford, Bass, Carter, Holloman, and Wilcox can play. We need to draft guys and see if they can play.

    What we do not need to do is sign a guy to $10m AAV and then be in this same boat again three years from now.
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    It is not hate. It is a fair and accurate grade.
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    Romo should have been traded before his last contract was up. It is not a popular opinion, but Dallas has not been in a position to go to the Super Bowl with or without him. This rebuild should have started two years ago. Romo and his contract needs to be dumped the first chance they get when it won't ruin the cap.
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    You're a homer, you love Jerry, 8-8, Garrett sux, you don't know football, etc. etc. /s

    Seriously: great post. You hit everything on the nose.
  9. BigD5

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    Terron Armstead a rookie who played so good down the stretch that he made Charles Brown expendable.

    Oh yes the Saints are the only team in football to do anything like that in history. Don't be so naive
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    First off Champ is not the same player he once was, so I wouldn't exactly use him as a point to make here. It makes your point weaker. You lost quite a solid group of players in order to retain Jimmy.
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    Didn't say they were the first to do it, they were just the first to get caught.

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