News: Yahoo! Sports: Opportunity Arrives for Young Dallas Cowboys Receivers: A Fan's Take

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    The Dallas Cowboys are about to get another taste of life without their two primary receivers, and it should open the door for the signing of a veteran wideout.

    The Cowboys already announced starter Miles Austin has been shelved for the remainder of the preseason to prevent any further flare ups with his hammy. Dez Bryant went down Aug. 20 with patellar tendinitis, and I expect him to ride pine the remainder of the preseason.

    Pouring salt into the wounded position is the back trouble promising prospect Andre Holmes developed during the same practice Bryant went down with his injury. That leaves Kevin Ogletree, Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris as the leading recipients for duties against the St. Louis Rams Aug. 25. Hopefully Danny Coale will be of some service during the next game since Dallas will need some bodies early and often.

    If ever there was an opportunity for one of the four vying for the third wide receiver spot, the game against the Rams is it. Someone will have to step up during the game and decide that it's their time to shine and take hold of that third spot.

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