yeah, stick your head out of the train...

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    Wow :eek:


    Girl sticks head out of train window, narrowly missing oncoming train (VIDEO)

    A video that appears to show a smiling train passenger narrowly miss being hit by an oncoming train while sticking her head out the window is making the rounds online.

    In a harrowing, 30-second video, the girl—identified as Carissa—is encouraged by a fellow to stick her head out the moving train for a photo and video shot from a window a few seats away.
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    I had an orthopedics surgeon tell me he had to reattach an arm because a guy stuck his hand out the window to wave on the train :eek: (Happened in Atlanta)
  3. BTX

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    Kids these days are tards no common sense.
  4. rocboy22

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    I wonder how close she actually was. She could have been 2-3 feet away.
  5. dexternjack

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    In reality, it was prob a couple of feet but scary none the less.

    These kids nowdays, don't they know to always look in front first??
  6. Dallas

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    I can't knock kid these days. We did WAYYYYYY more stupid things than that growing up.

    I might should have died 4-5x some of the crap we pulled.
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    I hear ya, same here. :cool:

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