Yesterday smelled like 2003

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbgun, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. bbgun

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    A sputtering offense complimented by a technically effecient (but not aggressive or dominant) defense, all of which came crashing down on T-Giving. Hopefully, the past isn't prelude.

    Anyone read Al Johnson's unbelievably defeatist quotes about Detroit's "great, big, and fast" defensive line?

    Q: "Why did you struggle today Al?"
    A: "They were big and mean! They got great jumps!"

    What an excuse-making turd. Can you imagine Stepnoski or Big E complimenting the Niners or Eagles like that?
  2. Asklesko

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    Yeah, this whole thing smells of 2003.
  3. sad_otter

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    Well then, here's to the playoffs!
  4. kartr

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    I think not. Our 2003 team crushed the Lions on their own field 38-7, beat the Giants with Kerry Collins on their own field 35-32, beat the Eagles at home convincingly and the Panthers at home convincingly. Except for the Chargers, the only teams we've beaten convincingly are below .500. This team struggles to manage games so much that it is hard for anyone to tell how good we are. We really don't have an identity.
  5. trickblue

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    true... but technically the iggles are under .500 BECAUSE of us... ;)
  6. Jarv

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    They did get a bunch of great jumps...and were offsides a heck of a lot...Lokkit 17 penalties...Yeah, that had good
  7. Next_years_Champs

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    10/12 W 23-21 Philadelphia
    11/23 W 24-20 Carolina

    Yeah, convincingly we beat Philadelphia with a defensive sack and fumble at the end of the game.
  8. InmanRoshi

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    The offensive tackles may have struggled in pass protection, but the middle of the OL dominated and ran the ball at will against the Lions interior defense. The only time I saw Shaun Rogers name mentioned was when he was tapping his helmet to get his 385 lbs. obese arse off the field for a breather ... which was pretty much every other play. I may have regrets about not drafting him, but I have no regrets about not signing him to a huge contract.
  9. Everlastingxxx

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    This team is nothing like the 2003 team in so many ways it’s frustrating to even explain. This thread smells like rotten eggs.
  10. joseephuss

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    No doubt.

    I liked the effort of the 2003 defense. There were some obvious weaknesses with that unit that had to wait until the off season to be fixed. We all saw what happened when the weaknesses weren't addressed in the off season and in fact those positions became worse.

    The weakness of today's defense is youth and inexperience. Every week, the unit seems to gel a little more. I like the potential for the defense to improve the rest of the season and definitly the next few seasons without needing a major overhaul.
  11. TruBlueCowboy

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    What do 2003 mean? :D
  12. fortdick

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    The schedules are so different it is just wrong to compare them!
  13. Doomsday101

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    Naw 2003 had a different smell. LOL
  14. Big Country

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    When you have a rookie RT and your starting LT goes down in mid season, declining offensive numbers, especially passing numbers will suffer automatically. We'll have good games and bad games...
  15. kartr

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    Would you turn up your nose at either of those scores if we beat the Broncos, Chiefs or Panthers by any of those amounts? Considering that both the Eagles and Panthers had excellent seasons that year, I would think not.

    But the main point was that our 3rd year qb outplayed more experienced qb's in big games, and with no running game. We had a substantial the edge in scoring, passing yardage, and time of possession. Our qb brought us from behind against two quality opponents, with no running game and in beating Carolina, we tied for the best record in the NFC. You also seem to forget that when our D got the sack and fumble, our offense had got the lead back for us and it was a defensive breakdown that led to Buckhalter's touchdown run in the first place.
  16. bbgun

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    Let me put it another way: games like that are the impetus behind Jerry's interest in TO. Still, four-fifths of the o-line needs to go.
  17. 31smackdown

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    I don't think this is the same scenario, although I thought it might be at first as well..

    In 2003..

    11/16 L 0-12 @ New England
    11/23 W 24-20 Carolina

    They were coming off two VERY physical games in which they play some of their most complete football. They had nothing left in the tank mentally or physically for what was probably a trap game on top of it all.
  18. joseephuss

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    Don't change your stance? You said that Dallas blew out Philly at home and Carolina. That is not true. They won tough, close games.

    How is throwing for fewer TDs and yards with more interceptions out playing Bledsoe?
  19. BigDFan5

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    Are you kidding? Against Philly your lover had 146 yards passing 1 INT yet we rushed for over 150 yards as a team you also fail to mention before tht "defensive breakdown" Carter went 3 and out deep in our own end giving Philly a short field.

    As for Carolina Quincy had 2 TDs one a 50 yard drive and one was 12 yards thatnks to a Roy Williams INT our defense gave us great field position that game
  20. ravidubey

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    Doesn't smell like 2003 to me because we have real running backs and a real QB to complement our WR's. Bledsoe was barely above 50% but he threw no picks. Our defense also does not have to scheme, which it did all the time in 2003. Ask the Eagles how a scheming defense can burn you. We burned them, heck Denver incinerated them. When you scheme, you gamble and this team doesn't have to gamble to win.

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