Yet another Skip Bayless quote

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Dcowboy84, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Didnt Bayless used to work for the Dallas Morning News or something and he got his arse fired???

    I didnt start following the Boyz until after Jerry bought the team in 89 and with no Internet back then, most of the info I got about the team was during games or out of Austin Statesman.

    Man I wish this forum was up and running back then, that would have been sweet.:D

    Even though I dont know much about his background, the Bledsoe > Romo comment was enough for me. He is absolutely ******** or he is just saying crap that even he knows is not true to stir up the Boyz fan base.:mad:
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    That's his schtick. Well, part of it. He's out to "shock" people when it's not really shocking at all, but stupid.
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    Nate Newton and the Championship Cowboy teams could not stand that worm!
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    Well, this thread is already 2 pages long and God knows how many threads have been started over something idiotic that he has said.

    I just don't watch the fool. There's no way he thinks the stuff that he says is true.
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    Well, Skip is right. Having a healthy Bledsoe would be much better than having what we've got now.

    At least for Skippy.

    When you make a living predicting the Boys to lose each and every week, having Romo starting over Bledsoe is simply a travesty.

    Skip makes predictions, right? He predicts wins and losses. He predicts where people will go in the draft. He predicts how people will play. He wants to appear as if he knows where every player will be on any given play. Can you imagine what a boon it is for someone who makes a living making predictions having Bledsoe on the team? Anyone of us could have predicted exactly where Bledsoe was going to be on any given play; tap dancing and ball-patting (no sexual reference intended) right behind the center. It didn't matter if the pocket was collapsing or not. By God, he'd stand right there.

    Bledsoe was much more consistent and predictable than Romo will ever be. We're just going to have to learn to live with it.
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    Straight from the horse's arse mouth.

    Also...Skip Bayless eats preemies.

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