You can download the T.O. Rap Song Here

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelAngelo, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. MichaelAngelo

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    It is the full length version if you wanted a can't download it from T.O.'s site, plus there is an excellent article about Owens on there as well

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    i wish the guy wasn't talking over it in the beginning, but thanks for the link
  3. redskinsforever

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    The season is 6 months away and he's already started. You would think that this guy would stay clear of this sort of thing after everything that went down.
  4. bigdrulez3141

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    hahaha i was just gonna post this i heard it on his was the cheesiest thing of all time:lmao2:
  5. E-Dog Night

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    Someone once said that hell is personalized for each of its residents. If I should be unfortunate enough to go to hell, it seems clear that I'll have the sensation of being buried alive with creepy bugs crawling all over me and that song will be playing on an endless loop in the background.

    "To the haters that said I'm not going to get my money, I'm laughing in your face ha ha that's funny." Genius, pure genius.

    Anyone get the feeling that Owens is constitutionally incapable of "learing his lesson"?

    Have fun with him, guys.
  6. PacoReloaded

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    Better yet.. have fun stopping him.
  7. DallasDomination

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    Thanks Downloading as we speak.
  8. leotisbrown

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    HA ah ha!

    Loves me T.O. he done put smack down on entire NFL and display that Eagles bunch of nobodies with cheep managements what don't want to pay fair for talent and got luycky to make superbowl in a week year!!

    Rap on T.O. rap on nasty man makes fun of the loosers and hatas while earning you're 10 mil this year!1 HA ha ah!!

    And thanks Mister Jerry Jones for bringing up TO to this team and lookibng past the star thingy from 2000.

    Superbowl bound baby!!!
  9. JonJon

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    This has to rank up there with Ludacris' "Area Codes" as all-time funniest raps!

  10. E-Dog Night

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    Going back to 2004, in the Redskins' two games against the Eagles, Owens had 6 catches for a whoping 46 yards, no TDs and a fumble in game 2; in game 1, he had a total of 2 catches for 24 yards, and again, no TDs.

    Of course, it was pretty easy to stop him last year, because by the time the Redskins played the Eagles, they had already kicked TO to the curb. Funny, he was their best offensive player, and yet, the Eagles decided that anything was better than having him on their team.

    But I'm sure that won't happen this year. Based on his new rap song, it appears as if he's now a humble, focused man who is all about the team. :)
  11. hooskins

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    Yeah historically TO has done terrible agaisnt the Skins, and he had a better QB with Philly too.
  12. rkstevens

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    Well, historically, Archuleta and Andre Carter have never recorded either a sack, interception or pass defense versus the Cowboys. And Randle El has never gotten more than 1 reception and 11 yards and no TD's. The only acquisition who did anything against Dallas is Lloyd. What does this all mean. NOTHING.

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