you dont get points for style

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Nov 20, 2005.

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    A win is a win--enjoy it Cowboys fans--I dont care if it was lacking in style or that we didnt hang 50 on a Lions team that is ready to implode. This was a trap game and kudos to Bill and the boys for fighting thru it. The Lions have a lot of talent on paper but proved today that they are mental midgets and poorly coached--living outside of Detroit I see this team run to much on emotion and I was afraid of a big play jacking them up but the cowboys kept their foot on them for the most part. I mean only 95 yards in the second half--that is outstanding.
    Bill was very clever in his approach--he took the air out of the clock--almost a slow down offense--compare the yardage to first downs ratio. By pounding the Lions he knew that they would eventually crack mentally and emotionally.-as proven by the penalties. Our runninb backs ran very hard and Bledsoe did just enough. Bill knew he had to keep something in the tank for Thursday
    Enjoy the fact we are in first place! And watch these kids grow--every game is a learning experience--they are learning what it takes to handle a lesser opponent like the lions and how to hang in there in a hostile environment like in Philly--all of this will pay off in a couple years
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    Great post!
  3. Cbz40

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    I'm enjoying watching this team grow, it is and will continue to be alot of fun ... good post
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    I'm not concerned at all by today's game. I'm just glad we got the win in a "trap" game. Had we won 35-0, we'd know nothing more about our team right now than we do by having won 20-7. All that matters either way is Thursday's game.
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    I know it sounds premature, but the Boys are playing not just for the playoffs now, but a wild card weekend bye.

    Only Seattle has a better record than we do.

    Why not us?
  6. Bizwah

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    Yes, nice post......

    But this is the second "trap game" in a row. Last week against Philly, we overmatched them talent-wise, yet had to steal it. This week we again overmatch our opponent and sleepwalk to victory.

    I'm not sure what to think of this.....Surely, we aren't overlooking any opponent at this stage. Our lack of fire two games in a row (especially on offense) concerns me. We seem to have very little emotion....with the exception of Larry Allen (which is a pleasant surprise).

    I seriously doubt we held anything back at all today. BP knows that we're not good enough to play that way yet.

    I'm concerned that we haven't looked sharp since coming out of the bye. Normally, that's when teams recharge and refresh. We seemed to get stale sitting on the shelf. Hopefully, this is the game that we "snap" out of our "funk"....hopefully, that's all it is......a "funk".....I really hope we're not really as poor as we've looked.

    I am happy with the win......We won by over 10 points. Anytime you do this in the NFL it's a good thing. But we just didn't look prepared.
  7. dirt

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    I agree with the seeming lack of emotion--perhaps the eagles game could be ratinalized by the fact that maybe they didnt expect to win. Also the team had to pick up some of the vibe from Bill. He looked like a zombie on the sideline--there was none of the familiar "death glares" when a guy screwed up-bill looked a thousand miles away and the team reflected that. This game is tough in that it is a short week after an emotional win against a seemingly poor opponent. If they are not up for Denver then something is really wrong
  8. Nors

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    7-3 -

    No one on this board would be unhappy with that going into the season?

    We need to take Denver out...this is a team destined to suprise....
  9. Nors

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    Lack of emotion?

    We are on a 4-1 run.
  10. Juke99

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    Some games, ya just gotta win. It doesn't matter what the score is. Just beat the teams you're supposed to.

    This was one of those games.
  11. dbair1967

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    this kind if play eventually catches up with can get by beating 4-6 teams playing lackluster ball, but not playoff teams or teams that will make serious runs in January

    if they dont fix the lousy pass rush and inability to protect Bledsoe ASAP we're gonna see some butt ugly losses in the next 6 weeks

    there's a huge difference right now between Denver, KC, NYG, Carolina and even Washington when compared to Arizona, Philly and Detroit

  12. Juke99

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    I think we're about to find out in the next couple of games.

    What we have seen the past two games might be indicative of that fact that we have some issues. I am concerned when I hear Parcells make a comment like "I can't get them exactly where I want...they still don't all get it"

    If we play well, then all will be forgotten.

    Yep, if we dominated both of the last two opponents, I'd feel better. But then again, I don't think we are a dominant team yet by any measure.

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    Are you you kidding me? We walked into a hornets nest last Monday in Philly... hated arch rival/revenge for earlier blowout/much to prove without T.O./must win season saving home game? Do you think were good enough to just walk into the Linc and tap dance all over Philly? It took alot of heart/luck/and fight to win that game @ Philly and todays game had all the makings of a trap game coming of that emotional win. Guys, we just won 3 straight and five of six. Anybody remember how terrible we looked @ Oakland and how great we looked the following week @ home vs. Philly? I feel really good about this Denver game.
  14. jimmy40

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    Someone must have forgot to tell Denver they had a trap game today.
  15. AdamJT13

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    Before the season, I doubt anyone would have claimed we "overmatched" Philly talent-wise. They had seven Pro Bowl players from last season in their starting lineup last Monday (not including Pro Bowl kicker David Akers), plus Jevon Kearse and a cornerback some said was All-Pro last season and playing better than Terence Newman this season. And they were favored to win, so some people apparently didn't think they were overmatched. (Maybe because we were starting four rookies and a total of five second-stringers.)
  16. Bizwah

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    No, I'm not kidding......I know we had a tough game vs Philly. I expected it to be a tough one and said as much.

    But that game we showed little emotion or fire....not until the end. And this game looked a lot like the Philly game. We were sleepwalking through most of it.

    There comes a point and time when you have to stop saying "trap game here, we played poorly due to a trap game".

    This makes two weeks of "trap games" in a row. Two weeks in a row of poor play. I'm concerned that our poor play may be the "real" us.

    This week will be a true litmus test of where we are. I penciled this game in for a win before the bye week. But now, I'm not so sure. We just seem to be flat right now. Denver looks good.

    But hey, good teams find a way to win when they play bad.....maybe this is a good sign.
  17. Spurs21Cowboys22

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    Someone forgot to tell the jets they had a game today.

    Seriously, is the box score right? Did they really only run 7 times today?

    Speaking of trap games.... Seattle beat SF by 2 points. SF is currently a much worse team than Detroit and if Seattle is (record-wise) the best team in the conference, then shouldn't they have won by 30+?

    I see it time after time... teams play to the level of their opponents way too much. I just don't understand it. Oh well.

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