You fans going to FedEx Field be careful

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Tass, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Tass

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    Over at ExtremeSkins they are plotting ways to bother you and basically ruin your day. The only reason I am posting about it is they are actually plotting violence (Talk of having people from out of town come down and assault Cowboy fans so they won't be in the D.C. area after the game). They may be full of hot air but it might not hurt to attend the game with a cop friend or something.
  2. SoTex

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    Hopefully, it is just a bunch of young kids blowing off steam. I'm sure guys like Henry and Buford will put a stop to that kind of BS posting.
  3. SA_Gunslinger

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    every year i want to go to this game and every year i am unable to attend.


    i hear lots of cowboys fans go??? just hang out with them!
  4. trickblue

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    Yep... Howie, Madge and "Bruno" put the fear of God in Cowboy fans... ;)

  5. ljs44

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    This has to be hot air. I've been to the game with a friend for the past 4 years, and I have never had any problems. And there are usually 30-40% cowboy fans, which is great, b/c the talk show hosts get all kinds of PO'd at their so-called fans. GOOOOO COWBOYS!!!!!
  6. Avery

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    People won't stand for that kind of crap at the stadium. The team and the league do not want patrons to fear for their safety for their benefit.

    IMO, the only way bad things will happen is if, say, we are up 30-7 and you start spouting off about how Gibbs needs to go back to Nascar.
  7. Tass

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    Ok. Be wary of the squirt guns filled with vinegar. (They talked about that, too) That would suck.
  8. Danny White

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    Try not to go over and bait them too much though, ok Tass? :D

    The Cowboys flamethrowers over at Extremeskins are only making it tougher on those of us going to the game.

    One of my friends going with us is a former Marine and a Fairfax County cop -- it's actually his truck that we're taking -- and I don't think he'd take too kindly to anything happening to it.

    I've been to lots of these games in the past, and the Skins fans are always vocal and pumped for their team, but they've never been violent.

    In the end, I'd be shocked if anyone from a message board, where you're very traceable (and where you've posted your picture, as these Skins tailgaters have) would perpetrate any violence... it would just be stupid.

    I'm sure we'll get plenty of harrasment and taunts, but anything criminal would be ill-advised and only makes the Skins fans look bad.
  9. Tass

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    Well, just being online at their board is their definition of 'taunting', dude. I mostly read what they are saying. I'm not much of a taunter.
  10. DallasInDC

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    I would advise all cowboy fans attending the game to just be cautious. there is agroup of young punks who call themselves the dead tree crew "DTC", a bunch of middle class kids who think they are hardcore gangstas. they tend to boast about their tauntings and assaults on visiting fans, primarily cowboy and eagle fans. I read last year on the extreme fan board after the eagles game that a drunk eagles fan was gloating after the game and that the DTC jumped him pretty bad as they described it.

    Overall, I have never had a problem at fed-ex field with their fans, although I do always have sense of unease when leaving the game considering all the drunk pissed off skins fans fretting over another cowboy buttwhipping. :D
  11. Duane

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    Have you ever seen those guys? I saw a picture of them a year or two ago and the biggest one is maybe 5'9 150. I know Brainpaint had a picture with some captions not fit for this website. :D
  12. Strong

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    I have been to most of the Boys' games at RFK and FEDEX the past few years, and I have never had a problem. (And I'll be there on Monday in the upper deck at the 50 - Go Cowboys).

    My experience has been that people will taunt you a bit on your long walk to the stadium (assuming you are wearing your Cowboy garb - which I expect you should be). But, as long as you are respectful of the fact that you are in their house, you are very unlikely to have a problem.

    Some common sense tips:

    1) Don't adorn your car with Cowboy stuff. It just invites trouble while you are in the stadium watching the game. I have heard stories, but haven't had any bad experiences.

    2) Don't taunt Foreskin fans regardless of the outcome. I have been the only cowboy fan for 20-30 feet and it just doesn't make sense to be obnoxious. Clapping and celebrating with your friends is fine, but I have seen a bunch of Boys fans start talking trash (ala Deion) and end up being dragged out by security. The security guys are always going to focus on the blue shirts, so you can always avoid trouble by not causing any. Have fun, be a fan, but keep it respectful because the drunk idiots (and security) are just looking for an excuse. And remember that a lot of Skins fans are just an opportunity away from a Deliverance moment. ;-)

    3) I gotta say that most Skins fans have been much harsher on their team than I could ever be (especially given the one win in the last several years at home). I have always gotten more pleasure out of that than I would by stating the obvious fact that they are idiots.

    Unfortunately I probably won't get to tailgate due to my work schedule and the traffic, but I'll be wearing my #22 blue jersey with pride on Monday night.

  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    Now the top one was just photoshopped...but these next two are REAL photos...


  14. Chuck 54

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    Anyone who goes to a Cowboys game in a visiting stadium wearing anything that associates them with the Cowboys is either an idiot or clearly has never been to a game in Veterans Stadium.

    In Philly, it's routine to pour beer on Cowboys fans, get in fights with them, corner them in the walkways and humiliate them with their girlfriends, etc. It was even worse when we were beating them regularly.

    My buddy and I went to every Cowboys game in Philly for a 6 year span, and we never even wore a Cowboys cap, and never applauded a play by the Cowboys even...we held our glee in check (only once when we were sitting in an entire section of blue did we cheer). I've seen knocked out men passed down through the stands like a mosh party, only to be thrown over the shoulder of a burly security guard in yellow and carried out. Once I was leaving the stadium after a Cowboys win and was chagrinned to see a young kid and his girlfriend in Cowboys jerseys and hats, cornered against a wall and being humiliated.....

    The first time I was ever in Philly for a game, I was in the concession line while 2-3 guys behind me were smoking dope, totally wasted and the air filled with pot, and less than 15' away two policemen were standing, laughing....

    I'm a die hard fan, but I ain't stupid. However, the two times I went to Washington, no problems.
  15. Skeptic

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    Gosh, Philly is a classy town.

    Let it burn.
  16. DallasCowpoke111

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    Hey, just bring a mix of baby-greens, some oilive oil and dijon mustard, and you'll have yourself the beginnings of a nice vinaigrette!!
  17. Jarv

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    I once went to a Giant game with a bunch of my buddies (1993, I think, we won 35-28, but were up 28-0 at the half, my buddies left at halftime and missed the near Giant comeback). They were all Giants fans and were all sitting together. I went to scalp a ticket, being that I was the only one without one.

    I was in Full Cowboys colours (Sweatshirt and cap). I had no real problems, except I couldn't find a ticket. Well, about 15 minutes before the game started (While I was bumming) a guy pulled into a parking spot next to ours (Brand spanking new Mercedes). He had his family with him and had 4 extra tickets ! Upper level 45 yard line ! Wahoo !

    The only problem was he wanted $50 each for all 4. I only wanted one. I didn't have $200 cash on hand. Finally he said sorry.

    I said..."Oh well, enjoy the game, while I sit here all pissed off staring at your new car". He sold me one.

    When I got into the Giants Stadium, my buddies and I parted ways as I headed for my seat...Now I'm alone in full colours in enemy territory by myself.

    Well, it seems the other 3 tickets went to these guys, who were all also Cowboys fans...In their full colours. Each at least 6'3" and all over 250 lbs. We had a blast !
    And for some reason, were never bothered at all.

    I've been to games at Giants stadium for Giants and Jets games against the Cowboys...Fox. and Gillette (Last year) for Cowboys games...Candelstick and Joe Roby Stadium against the Boys...Never had a problem, knock on wood.

    The worst thing I have seen, was a guy with us once at a Jet vs Miami game (I used to see a lot of Jets games, a buddy of mines father played for the NY Titans, before they became the Jets, season tickets, sat next to Broadway Joe a lot). This guy was a Miami fan (and our ride home). Miami won on a Thursday night game (When they still allowed drinking) and this guy was stirring up trouble. Ends up he started trouble with some Jets fans...then ran like the wind. He was chased into the parking lot...and took off, so long ride !

    Then it was about 12:30 in the morning in NJ. Had to get to CT...Jarvluck prevailed as we were roaming through the parking lot I ran into some friends from CT that gave my buddy and I, who were stranded, a ride home.

    Never been to Philly for a Cowboys game, even though its an easy ride.

    I would go though, if we could get a big group together from here and plan it out someday ! Strength in numbers ya know.
  18. crazylegs

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    OK I've been to DC and minus 1 guy with a AR-15 they need to fear us.
  19. TheSkaven

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    Great post, this description is 100% accurate. Eagles fans don't understand how you can grow up in the Philadelphia area and not be an Eagles' fan. This is why. I always despised the team because I can't stand their fans. I've been to games and seen some amazingly cruel things. I saw a 7 year old with a Cowboys hat hosed with beer. I actually saw a man induce himself to puke on the Cowboys fan in the row in front of him. I'm not kidding.

    That is not even mentioning the outright physical violence. I fly out to watch Cowboys games in Dallas, would never go to the local game.
  20. Midswat

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    I only live 3 hours away, so I really should go. I've been once. It was the last time they beat us. Sucked. We beat them 10 times prior, and the past two games . . . but we managed to lose the time I went.

    Anyway . . . a friend from TX was going to fly up and we were going to go to the game this week, but when we looked . . . nosebleed seats were in the $300's . . .

    So we decided against it . . .

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