You fans going to FedEx Field be careful

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Tass, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Henry

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    In that case I'm buying you a ticket. :p
  2. Midswat

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    Yeah . . . I'm thinking I was bad luck.

    However, when I went to the game at Texas Stadium last year . . . the Boys had no problem taking 5 years off of Patrick Ramseys career, on their way to a win.

  3. Chocolate Lab

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    My God, that's terrible...

    This is why Philly is the cesspool of the NFL, and always will be.

    Edit -- And I hadn't even seen Skaven's story of a seven-year-old getting hosed with beer or intentional puking on a Cowboys fan when I typed this... That's unbelievable. And what's really sad is that they're proud of acting like degenerates.
  4. Champsheart

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    To Cowboy fans who are going,
    Be Proud, wear your colors loud, and cheer for your team!
    Most important of all have a good time.

    Don't worry about the nonsense.

    In regards to that crap in Philly, OMG.
    Anyone who does anything to a young child in the name of their team is nothing but a coward, gutless, and should not even be walking this planet.
  5. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I was at the game in Seattle two years ago and there were no hassles from SeabagFan although I must state about 2/3 of the crowd cheered for the Cowboys. Another reason of course is that no beer is sold at Husky Stadium where the Seabags played in 2001. On the way out, despite the score being 29-3 for the Seabags, not a single comment was directed toward me even though I was in my Aikman jersey. Now that the Bags are at Qwest Field, it might be different. Still, I will be wearing my Roy Williams jersey December 6.

    I have been harassed at hockey games in Vancouver because I am wearing a Montreal Canadiens' jersey. I figure, no loser is going to force me not to wear my team's jersey. I paid my money and I will wear what I want. At a hockey game last year, (I always go with my mother and sister, it is a family thing since my dad died in 1998), we had to sit separately as there were only singles left. My mom was 72 years old and was harassed by CanuckFan. I was far away and only heard about it after the game or else I would have dealt with the issue.

    It is sad fans can be such aholes at games.
  6. Hostile

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    I guess this thread is one reason why it is nice to live in Arizona. When the Cowboys come here it is more of a home game for them than the Cardinals.

    The Eagles fan stories were horrific.
  7. RandyWhiteRules

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    I know that D.C and Philadelphia are only 100 miles apart but I think you are confusing the two.

    In Philly it is so bad they beat up their own fans.

    I've gone to several games without a problem. I don't think anyone going Monday will encounter anything bad.
  8. TruBlueCowboy

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    Gee. Losing three straight NFC Championships couldn't have happened to a classier bunch of fans.
  9. mocowboyfan

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    I spent 9 years in DC - actually lived outside DC but worked in the Pentagon. (Was actually escorted out of the Pentagon the day the "Hogs" got a tour following their last Super Bowl - but that's another story. Reason given was that they didn't want me causing any problems. :confused: ) I've never met a more classless bunch of fans in my life. But, they are passionate about their team, you gotta give 'em that. But, I've been cussed, spit on, ran off the road (Cowboys bumper stickers, you see). Once in a grocery store, the clerk tried to hand me a "free Redskins glass". I threatened to throw it the length of the store - embarrased my wife to no end.

    The point is - if you're a Cowboy FANatic - always be one. My team - right or wrong, that's my opinion.

    Now I live in Missouri and have to put up with Chiefs and Rams fans.
  10. ManicDepressiveMan

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    It is mindboggling that so many Racial Slur fans are willing to stoop to petty violence just because their sorry fricken team cannot beat the Cowboys.

  11. VThokie7

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    I've been to one Redskins/Cowboys game at FedEx and from what I could tell the fans weren't bad at all. The only thing they did was mess around a little bit and they took it well too when they got it back, atleast where I was setting. The only person I saw really get blasted was a Cowboys fan who kept standing up screaming back at everybody every few seconds. Even after the game and the Boys had won I didn't even get so much as one word directed at me.
  12. CoverCorner41

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    I really love watching Redskin fans make complete and utter fools of themselves at those games, what with the hog noses and dresses and such. Its quiet amusing :)
  13. Nors

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    Maybe growing up Metro NYC and living in the Meadowlands as a kid. Tailgating last 15 years at Pats games. Maybe I'm hardened to rowdiness!

    I went to the Vet 2 years ago and had so so seats. The place was not as bad as advertised. I think if you feel a need to wear Cowboy gear galore and carry on you may get trouble. Mind your biz and almost no issues.

    That Redskin thug thread is ludicrous.

    I once was at a Miami game at Pro Player with a buddy who got out of controll and started getting crazy like Bob. I had to buy beers for the guys behind me so they wouldn't kick his ***.

    Sometimes you get whats coming, or for that matter can go to a stadium and watch a game in peace. I always respect another teams house - once you get that there are no issues.
  14. Danny White

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    I've been to many Cowboys games here in D.C.

    I've only ever had small, harmless things thrown at me. I get taunted and harrassed, but that's fine... I expect it. I'm going to root for my team... not obnoxiously... and they're welcome to yell at me for it.

    The worst was when I went to a Redskins/Eagles game with my Roy Williams jersey on... what was I thinking? :confused:

    Veiled threats of violence or criminal behavior, however are a different matter. I take Thito and his buddies seriously. I'm not willing to assume they're posers. And even if they are short, they could still mess up my buddy's truck while we're inside the stadium.

    I want everyone at my tailgate to have a good time and feel safe as long as they're acting responsibly.

    For that reason, I'll probably move things around and take a different vehicle. I actually have three different colored parking passes, which means I can park pretty much anywhere.

    If anyone is interested in going, let me know through a PM and I'll send you the details in private. We're just looking to have a good time and keep to ourselves. I'll gladly keep my distance from the "Dead Tree Crew." Most Skins fans are much more friendly.
  15. Nors

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    You are doing an admirable and great thing here. Could and should be all fun. Its the internet yahoo's that try and ruin that. Carry on and have a great time at the game.
  16. ghst187

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    ESPN ran a story about 2 years ago when the Eagles visited DC and two young guys with Eagles jerseys (and supposedly NOT talking trash) got jumped and severely beaten with some heavy object. One of them had permanent brain damage. Security did nothing for them.
    Its sad that people act that way. People that wanna beat people up for being a fan of an opposing team needs to get a life. A cowboys game is the only place I've been to a game where I would've felt safe cheering for the other team. I've seen a lot of punks talk smack for the opposing teams and the worst that happened threw a peanut at them.
    KC is a pretty nasty place to root for the other team.
    Philly is full of rabid animal subhumanoid fans. Their gates should be to keep people in rather than out.
  17. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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    No one deserves to be beaten up like that. However, I also go to the Skins/Eagles every year here in D.C. and some of the Eagles fans (not all of them, mind you) can be really bad. They start things in the stands all the time. And since the Eagles have owned the Redskins over the past 3 years or so, and the games have gotten quickly out of hand, the Skins fans have a low tolerance for their crap.

    I don't know if you remember the Eagles Monday night game in Spurrier's first year, but that was the one where the fighting got so bad the cops pepper sprayed the fighters and the pepper fumes drifted into the Eagles bench through those big fan vaporizers. Eagles players were barfing all over the place.

    In case you're wondering why I go to Eagles/Redskins games... my best buddy is an Eagles fan. I drag him to the Cowboys game every year, and he makes me go to the Eagles game. Hey, football is football. :D
  18. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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    Thanks Nors, I wish you could make it down for the game.

    We'll have fun.

    BTW, it's funny to think of "Internet Thugs" ... kind of an oxymoron. :D
  19. StateCollegeCowboy

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    Wow, I've been to six cowboy games at veterans stadium (the cowboys won all the games I attended there) and I never got messed with. Then again, I was on one of those cowboy bus trips each time from Virginia so the added company probably helped me out there.
  20. CoverCorner41

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    Id start worrying when the Redskins fans tear down the goalposts because they only got beat by 3 :cool:

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