You fans going to FedEx Field be careful

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Tass, Sep 22, 2004.

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    You mean other than the Redskins themselves? :D
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    This is why I don't go to football games, nor to philidelphia.
  3. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Yep the Dead Tree Crew is nothing to worry about. A bunch of little kids that like to talk trash.

    You couldn't pay me to go to a game in Philly wearing Cowboys gear.
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    From what I hear, Philly is a bad place to go, for a game anyhow. Been there lots of times for work.

    Of course all of this is to Soccer in Europe. I think I read a few months ago that some stadiums in Europe are banning alcohol, and allowing pot. Just to mellow the fans out and keep deaths to a minimum.
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    A few posts have been removed from this thread.
    Please keep the religious topics off the main forum.

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    I agree. The last time I was in Texas Stadium for an Cowboys-Eagles game the Eagles fans were terrible. The fans in Dallas are the most mild-mannered, polite people that I've ever witnessed at a football stadium (to their detriment, in fact). I'm really surprised about how the fans in Dallas are able to put up with such belligerent behavior.
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    Hi, everyone.

    I am not here as a troll, but just want to set the facts straight.

    As a member of extremeskins and a member of the DTC (Dead Tree Crew) we are a large group of Skins fans that tailgate together by a big dead tree in the green stadium parking lot.

    We are not all "a bunch of middle class kids."

    We have members from their early 20's to their 40's (like myself who is 44) and we go to the games to have a good time.

    Some members get a little carryed away in their fandom, but no one goes around picking fights with opposing fans. We might jump in your face, harass you a little, call y'all cowboys, cowboys ect, ect, but it is all in good fun.

    Now, we have had opposing fans come by and start sh!t with us, and we will not back down from that. That is when it gets crazy.

    On extremeskins, it was cowboy fans that said they were going to take over FedEx Field. When we hear talk about that, that just pi$$es us off.

    You can understand that.

    If y'all come to the game to enjoy yourself and not start trouble, you won't have any problems. For the most part, I/we have respect for cowboy fans, not like eagle fans. I have always, for the most part, got along with cowboy fans. I can't say that about eagle fans.

    I can say that WE BOTH don't like them for all the sh!t they do.

    So, if you are coming to FedEx on Monday night, act like a human, not a eagles fan. :D
  9. Danny White

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    Thanks for posting Skinsfan44. I appreciate your level-headedness.

    I've been reading a lot of posts over on Extremeskins on this issue and while I'm convinced that most of you are good guys who want to root on your team and not rough anyone up, it's also clear that a vocal minority is intent on showing how tough they are.

    Everytime Thito posts, it's clear he's just looking for an excuse to get into trouble with a Cowboys fan. Even when he's claiming he's "misunderstood" and "not a gangsta" his posts are filled with veiled threats.

    Hope you have a good time at your tailgate and at the game Skinsfan. We'll have a good time too and keep to ourselves.

    I'm sure this whole thing has just gotten blown out of proportion... but in a way it makes the rivalry even more fun.
  10. DallasCowpoke111

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    Maybe you two fellas can get together and bury the hatchet??

    Ohhh, wait... lemme rephrase that!!

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    I went to the Cowboys vs. Saints game in New Orleans last year. I was wearing all of my Cowboys stuff and had no trouble. The funny part is that some girl that was a Saints fan bought me a beer so that I could cry in it after the Cowboys loss.

    In Philly, they pour beer on you. In New Orleans, they buy you one.
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    Post of the day.

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