You guys want to know why the Giants are talking so much.......

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Tom [Giants fan], Nov 11, 2007.

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    I think guys like Pierce and Jacobs are talking so much in an effort to psyche themselves up - considering neither did anything the first time around.

    The Giants are talking up a pass rush that got exactly 1 sack the first time around as well.

    And a defense that was absolutely shredded by Romo is talking in an effort to rebuild their shattered confidence.

    Dallas' defense has improved as well, but I don't hear them having to 'talk themselves up'.......
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    Yes we will throw to T.O. early and often because its all about taking what the defense gives you. Also, look for Crayton to have a good game as well. They can't cover everyone and they know that. Our WR corp is better as a whole so this should be our advantage.

    Also, look for plenty of slants, quick outs and maybe the screen pass as well. This Giant defense is looking to hit Romo and often. He will need to take 5 step drops for the G. Men to have a good shot at getting him.

    We need to keep them guessing and when they lineup with the 4 DE package, we need to run right behind L. Davis and squash them. Also, if we catch them with their ears pinned back and they are blitzing, the screen to MB is deadly because he will be running into smaller CB's and safties that will struggle to take him down once he gets a full head of steam.

    This is more of a chess match than anything. Pick your poison is the flavor of the day. I think we win and win comfortably. I also say that Plexico is not going to have a huge day either. This Giant team is a little too hyped and sound like they are trying to convince themselves that they are better than what they are. Confidence can be quite too and I think we will come out and take care of business and leave the Giants to sit and make excuses as to why things didnt turn out the way they intended.

    Go Boys.
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    Just watched the brian stewart film session on the cowboys huddle show and he said they plan to do what miami did two weeks ago to burress, press him and push him around with a 2 high safety look all day.
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    Makes sense considering how they played us last time with the 3-step drops and quick slants, etc.
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    The big difference in today's game will be the players who missed the first matchup: Newman,Ellis and Tank.
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    Good post.

    I was watching NFL Network this morning, and after I watched Jim Mora pick the Giants on one show and the Cowboys on another, I saw them talk about how game 1 was Spagnuolo's first game as a DC. No mention of how in Garrett's first game as a coordinator, his squad dropped 45 on Spag's squad.

    People don't realize how much better the Cowboys have gotten since game 1. In all phases of the game.

    After today, they will. I doubt that will stop rubber-lips Pierce and Jacobs from saying that the Giants are America's team (hah!), but people will recognize alot about the Cowboys.
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    Ahhh, that explains why the Giants shut him down so completely today...

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    So, what's the reasoning behind all the trash they talked all the previous years? I mean, it's not as if this was an unusual amount of trash coming from the Giants. They always do this kind of stuff.

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