You have to let the dog out - Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Not only did Tony Romo back up Bryant in the post game press conference, but if you listen to what Dez said, he feels the same way the fans feel. This team is too busy watching the game go by, as if they're watching it on tv. There is no passion or emotion from this team, just as there isn't any from our head coach. I made a post earlier about us not having an identity, and that wasn't the case. We have one. We choke at the end of games, we shoot ourselves in the foot time and time again. We're ultra conservative on offense unless we have to be aggressive.

    We play not to lose, and often that's exactly what happens.

    A lot of people want to blame the defense, but honestly, the defense did well enough against a high powered offense that the offense should have been able to put them away and make them one dimensional. That never happened. We forced 4 turnovers. And beat this team for 3 quarters of football.

    So is it on the offense. Not saying that either. I heard some people put it on Romo saying he was off. Well, he passed to Williams a lot, and the kid just didn't come through until he had that great touchdown. Was that enough to offset his horrible first half? At the time I would have said yes, and I might still say yes. Romo had 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. We also didn't have any fumbles.

    It certainly isn't on the special teams with Dan Money Ball Bailey kicking 3 field goals, two from 53 yards. And Dwayne Harris had a magnificent game.

    Ultimately I put this on Jason Garrett. I think he has this team playing below their talent, and I don't think he has any grasp on clock management.

    We're not a good enough team to play conservatively, and hope that everything works out. We just aren't. Without Murray we have no running game. Without Ware we have no pass rush. I'm not sure why Romo only targeted Williams/checkdowns this game. That was disappointing to me. No Cole Beasley at all in this game... I look forward to hearing what the game film looks like on the All-22.

    You play conservative football and you're asking to get beat unless you're team is perfect. We know we have a suspect pass rush, and we know that if you give the Lions the ball back with any amount of time, they're going to manage to beat us. Last drive of the game, you KNOW you have to take as much time off the clock as possible. It was great to get a field goal to go up by 6, but it obviously wasn't going to be enough. I would have kneel down the ball every down, or probably would have ran backwards/sideline to sideline just to eat up more clock. That field goal wasn't going to beat Calvin Johnson, and Garrett should have realized that. We've been down this road way too many times, and something has to give.

    Only one team has beat us this year, and that's the Dallas Cowboys.
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  2. Galian Beast

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    Can I get a mod to move this topic, not sure how that happened.
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    A little more aggressiveness on the road would be nice.
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    we play romo like he's alex smith or some bus driver quarter back. We're not going to win games doing that and it caught up with us tonight. We won't win with Romo playing it safe and dinking and dunking. You notice how every time we go down the field to dez or williams, it's usually a touchdown, but we don't do that.
  5. Galian Beast

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    Romo has 18 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. 2 of which aren't on him, 1 of which was a punt...

    18 touchdowns - 2 interceptions... That looks great, but what it doesn't show is a lack of aggressive passing on our part. I would easily take 24/25/26-6.

    Best part of that game against the Broncos is that we barely checked the ball down.
  6. SDCowboy85

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    Does anyone honestly think Romo doesn't want the offense opened up just as much as the fans do?
  7. Jenky

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    Dez Bryant is a catalyst. Do not mistaken him for a diva.
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    I don't think I've seen diva used once today.
  9. SultanOfSix

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    The irony of playing not to lose is that it's a mentality that self defeats the team into losing. Being aggressive is great, but being smart about football scenarios is even better. We scored two quick strikes, but when we had to run out the clock we couldn't do it. That is the bigger problem.
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    We don't play Romo like that, Romo plays like that. There was more then a few times we had either Dez in 1 on 1 or receivers open and Romo either didn't look their way or was checking down, not to mention all the shots he did take where the throws where off. The routes and opportunities where there all game so you can't really blame the play calling for that.
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    Garrett's offensive mentality is one that assumes we have a top 3 dominant defense, a rookie QB, and average receievers. That's something I just can't understand.
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    open up what, Dallas has no consistent running game to speak of, when you become one dimensional defenses will load up and attack the pass and with this average at best offensive line, Romo will have no time to pass deep other than dink and dunk....see KC game as a marker for what the so called opening up the offense would look like when you have no running game..
  13. BlueStar22

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    We don't play Romo like that. Coaches, fans, and media have harped on him protecting the ball so much that he doesn't take any chances anymore. I think we'd all like to see a little more gunslinger from him. We like to say that even when Dez isn't open, he's open. That's now how Romo see him because the targets aren't there a lot of times.
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    He played the diva today. You don't show up your QB and coaching staff on the sidelines like he did. It was childish and immature.
  15. CowboyStar88

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    The word wasn't used but he was compared to others
  16. BAT

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    At this point, I bring in Gruden and open up the offense. Team takes on the personality of its head coach and I want more fire and passion. If we are going to lose let's go down guns blazing.

    Not sure if RKG philosophy is good enough to contend, let alone win a ring. Most consistent thing About Garrett's teams is its inconsistency, lose one win one is the road to more 8-8 seasons. And Garrett def knows all about that.
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  17. Galian Beast

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    Why don't you listen to what Romo has to say on the subject? Because that would defeat your entire view point.
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  18. Fritsch_the_cat

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    What killed them in that situation was the holding call on third down. It stopped the clock. Without that holding call, Detroit would have got the ball back with much less time.
  19. ConstantReboot

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    I'm all for siding with Bryant 100%. The announcers kept harping that the safeties were playing close to the LOS as though they were playing the run. Yet we kept running it with Joseph Randle and Dunbar. When you have your best playmaker, which is Bryant, being covered 1 on 1, you don't give it to your running back scrubs. You get it to the hands of Bryant. 3 receptions for 2 tds is nothing to sneeze at and it goes to show how little we tried to get it into Bryants hands the whole game.

    Secondly, the game management during crunchtime was atrocious. If there is anything that shows what Garrett is made of is during crunchtime. All he had to do was run the ball straight up the middle or have Romo take a knee. We had 3 plays to run out the clock with 1:40 left. Why didn't Garrett play it safe? Why did we call for a sweeps during those crucial moments? The coaches have to put the team in a position to win. The coach failed in this regard.
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  20. ConstantReboot

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    Thats why it would have been good to take a knee or run it up the middle. You don't run a sweep in that situation where the defense can strip the ball.

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