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    I plan on getting both but the more I read about ESPN's offering the more I like. Enjoy.
    Previewed by: Steve Noah
    Football Friday - 6/25/2004

    The smallest decisions can make the biggest impact in an NFL game and sometimes, these decisions need to be made even before the kickoff of a game. Each week, the head coach must prepare his NFL team for their upcoming opponent. To truly be effective on the field, each head coach must tailor their weekly preparations differently for each opponent. Only ESPN NFL 2K5 delivers this aspect of the NFL through the new and unique Weekly Prep(tm) feature.

    Through Weekly Prep(tm), gamers will be able to organize every preparation element for upcoming game, just like a true NFL head coach. It starts with setting the mood and subject matter of team meetings as gamers determine the actions of their NFL coach- make him praise players, hand out game balls for on-field achievements, organize press meetings, criticize player performance, or even completely storm out of a team meeting. It continues with training players with a number of different exercises, training methods, film study, and much more. On Saturday, view the results of their Weekly Prep(tm) to see if players have gained any significant bonuses going into the game on Sunday. Together with the new contract features including backloading/frontloading contracts and the new GameCast Live Simulator, ESPN NFL 2K5's Franchise Mode delivers the most comprehensive head coaching experience found anywhere.

    Every Friday, more information, screenshots, and videos will be revealed highlighting new visual advancements and tons of new innovative features.

    Football Friday - 06/18/2004

    Whether it’s the unique presentation style, different techniques in showing the gridiron battle, or charismatic personalities that introduce every SportsCenter episode, ESPN has the standard in the way fans experience sports entertainment.

    With ESPN NFL 2K5, the season of the fan begins with an improved level of ESPN presentation elements truly blurring the line between a video game and a television broadcast. Over 200 new cut sequences have been added to include rowdy tailgaters, foam-finger waving fans, football team players interacting with the home crowd, coaches getting the Gatorade shower, and much more.

    New statistical ESPN-style overlays present the same passing and rushing charts a sports fan would see on an ESPN Sunday Night Football broadcast. Chris Berman, Trey Wingo, Mel Kiper Jr., and Suzy Kolber lend their incredible talents throughout every part of ESPN NFL 2K5. Whether it's Boomer dissecting the 1st half in his halftime show, Suzy Kolber interviewing the player of the game on the field, Trey Wingo delivering the latest injury and transaction news, or Mel Kiper Jr. covering the who’s who in the rookie draft. ESPN NFL 2K5 sets the standard in broadcast realism with the combination of ESPN personalities and a wide-variety of ESPN presentation elements.

    Every Friday, more information, screenshots, and videos will be revealed highlighting new visual advancements and tons of new innovative features.

    Football Friday - 06/11/2004

    Given last week’s Football Friday update, it’s quite apparent that ESPN NFL 2K5 is one of the most impressive football games anyone will experience. The visual splendor only scratches the surface on the most complete football video game package this year. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the best looking and best playing football game this season with the inclusion of several new gameplay enhancements:

    Maximum Tackle™ - Players can now decide to go for the big hit or the wrap-up tackle. While a big hit is harder to execute, it can cause a fumble if successful; the wrap-up tackle is easier to make but allows the ball carrier a chance to escape.
    Momentum cutbacks - Player movement is now more realistic with all new momentum cutbacks where players can make defenders over-pursue ball carriers with more effective jukes, head-fakes, stop-n-gos, and more.
    QB Evade - Need to avoid a tackle but want the QB to stay in the pocket? With the new QB Evade feature, new evasion moves help keep the QB cool when the pressures on.
    If that weren’t enough, ESPN NFL 2K5 has enhanced defensive adjustments that include player specific adjustments allowing gamers to double team specific receivers, spy on the QB and much more.

    Be sure to check back next week as we continue to celebrate the upcoming video game season with the most remarkable presentation features - brought to you by the worldwide leader in sports.

    Every Friday, more information, screenshots, and videos will be revealed highlighting new visual advancements and tons of new innovative features

    Football Friday - 6/4/2004

    And so it begins… a new season for the sports fan is upon us as 32 football teams begin the long journey with one purpose: Get to the Super Bowl. In time with the football season will be the release of the most anticipated football video game this year - ESPN NFL 2K5. While the release of the game may be months away, it’s never too early to talk football and beginning this Friday, ESPN Videogames will be delivering in-depth information on ESPN NFL 2K5 every week through Football Fridays. Coming early August, the makers of the highly acclaimed NFL 2k series, together with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, will bring about a new way to see, hear, and experience the virtual football battle.

    Every Friday, more information, screenshots, and videos will be revealed highlighting new visual advancements and tons of innovative features.

    It’s the year of the fan and fall brings the season of people coming together to celebrate sport. ESPN NFL Football exemplifies the unification of ultimate sports fans with a coupling of “the most responsive and intense gameplay around”1 and the richest multi-player gaming experience possible. Everyone is getting in on the action with the help of our innovative V.I.P. system, allowing you to play your friends or the elite as if they were sitting right next to you! So dust off those extra controllers, grab some chairs, and get your game on!

    New Key Features:

    ESPN Presentation – Chris Berman and new sideline reporter Suzy Kolber headline an updated ESPN presentation complete with an expanded half-time & post-game show, player of the game award, skycam and pass/run analysis.
    V.I.P. System™ – After your game, save your friend’s profile to compete when he is not available! Learn his tendencies, moves, & logic for more heated battles or play against the profile of coaches around the league to better your skills.
    ESPN 25th Anniversary Mode – Play those classic NFL situations over the past 25 years including “the immaculate reception,” “the catch” and more. Here is your chance to rewrite history!
    Always Online – Real-time stats, buddy lists, and friend connection updates all add to our seamless online play for the ultimate online community experience.
    Maximum Tackle™ – Experience control like never before as defenders decide whether to go for the basic wrap-up tackle or debilitating big hit. Ball carriers have the ability to break out of tackles for extra yardage at a increased chance of fumbling.
    New in The Crib™ – Now you can truly customize your pad with the new points system, allowing you to shop for unique items to style your place. Increase your items by competing against celebs – all you need to do is answer the call!
    Innovative Franchise Play – Manage the week-to-week preparation of your team including workout schedules, film breakdowns and more as well as watch and react to simulated games. Also new is SportsCenter with Chris Berman anchoring and Mel Kiper and Trey Wingo bringing you the latest happenings around the league.
    Breakthrough Moves – Dazzling animations such as back of the end zone catches, quarterback evasions, all-new runs, and slips, falls and trips due to real weather changes.
    The Emotion of the NFL – Frantic turnover reactions, intense first down signals, quick timeout calls on the ground and the ability to manage your own outrageous touchdown celebrations!
    Updated First Person Football™ - Our exclusive first person mode steps it up with new camera switching, improved audio, passing control options, and more!
    Your Game, Your Music – Customize the sounds of the game by using your own ripped music to add some true stadium atmosphere.
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    I like the in week stuff. It'd be really cool if you could watch or get a statistical read out on what your opponents tendencies are.
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    You can do both and not only that you can download their information and play against those tendencies as the computer mimics their play style.
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    Hey wow, that is my article. I hope to get Beta in the coming weeks.
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    Yep it sure is and thank you. You are extremely lucky, I can't wait to read your inside scoop.

    Also I didn't know you were a fan of America's team. Welcome to the fold.
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    Make sure you check out our Forums. When we get any Beta, we answer questions in there. We should be getting NCAA Football 05 from EA soon. They've been pretty busy as of late and we didn't get it yet.

    Love the Cowboys and love these Forums, I don't post much, just read. :D

    BTW, we just posted another Football Friday update, check out the site for more screenshots and movie clips.
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    I'm going to buy both although I prefer Madden. Madden just seems to have more realistic player movement and better defensive AI (especially in zone coverage).
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    I can't wait for this game! Its gonna be great! :D

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