You won the lottery, you own the cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by iceberg, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Boyzmamacita

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    You should probably let the GM choose the HC.
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  2. funkytown

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    I'm going with the scenario that I buy the team after this season is over. I say goodbye to Jerry Jones. Build statues of him, induct him into Ring of Honor, etc. I show him nothing but class, and let him be around as long and as much as he wants. Without having any decision making abilities of course.

    1) Find a GM, one who has a track record of strong drafts. Ted Thompson and Ozzie Newsome were named and would be great. Does Jimmy Johnson have any passion left?

    2) Fire Garrett and begin a coaching search with my new GM. See if a big name gets fired like Tomlin in Pittsburgh. If not I go after Cowher or someone with a strong fire and passion.

    3) Let the coach build his own staff, but try to push to have Lovie Smith as Defensive Coordinator w/ Marinelli on the staff. On the offensive side, build the offense around Dez much like Detroit does with Calvin Johnson..Find a coordinator that gets the ball to his playmakers.

    4) Figure out this messy cap situation and get it fixed within the first few seasons. No more paying guys 2 or 3 years from free agency. You will have to earn your contract until it expires. We may have to eat some bad contracts the first few years and be bad. I'm willing to accept that, because we will put a premium on draft picks and build in the draft.

    5) Personnel wise we build in the trenches. Go after Defensive and Offensive line in Free Agency/Draft. running back situation needs to be overhauled. We are missing speed and power in the backfield. Demarco is injury prone and Randle, Dunbar, Tanner are back ups. I try to find a gem in the middle rounds to go with Demarco next year. I do not resign Murray.

    6) Find some safeties with range and play making ability. Not many of those out there but we need at least one. This secondary needs an upgrade. Carr is good and Scandrick is decent in the slot. All corners get beat from time to time. Not sure about Mo Claiborne.

    7) Find my future QB. This is a QB deep draft, and you can find a guy in this draft to groom. Draft best available player,even if its a QB. We should be drafting in the mid to early 20s, and a QB could fall in the 1st. If not i'd be ok with getting one in the 2nd or 3rd. We need a young stud to sit behind Romo in 2014, and possibly be ready to take over in 2015 or 2016.
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  3. Everlastingxxx

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    Yea, let's spend a lot of time on something that will never happen.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    I personally drive Opie to the airport and tell him to get the hell out of Dallas and never return.

    I then go ask Kiffen which retirement home he wants me to drive him to.

    I then go get me some margaritas and party all night.

    One can only dream....................LOL
  5. iceberg

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    you mean like demanding jones gives up GM duties?

    i asked for thought so you can stop here. you've never shown to be capable of doing that.
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  6. ehcrossing

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    You are right.
  7. Afigueroa22

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    I liked your post because your head is in the right place but are actions 5-7 really that easy?
  8. Pessimist_cowboy

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    #1 i trade ware for a 1st

    I fire Garret and Hire Gruden at the end of the season.

    i DO NOT re-sign Spencer or Hatcher (age and overpriced )

    I release Austin after June 1st and save 5.5 million

    the only free agent i sign is Michael Johnson DE Bengals , and i would like to re-sign waters to a 1 year deal.

    In the draft i do anything to get a premier RB i say take Seastrunk

    Draft :
    1.Trent Murphy DE Stanford
    1. Ryan Shazier OLB Ohio St
    2.Lance Seastrunk RB Baylor
    3.Daquan Jones DT Penn State
    4.Spencer Long OG Nebraska
    5.Mike Davis WR Texas
    6.Deion Belue CB Alabama
    7.Bruce Gaston DT Purdue
    7. Josh Mauro DE UCLA

    QB - Romo-Orton

    DE-Murphy(R)-M Johnson(FA)-Selvie-Wilbur
    DT-D Jones(R)-Crawford-Nevis-Austin-Bass
  9. Everlastingxxx

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    I don't even think you realize how ridiculous this question is.
  10. DallasCowboysRule!

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    My first move would be to go to a public place and brag to all the single ladies about being the billionaire owner of the world's most valuable franchise. After that, some football stuff probably.
  11. Mookie

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    So you want my first move and an unpopular decision?
    I'd make myself GM immediately, and as for my plans at the head? Well, I'll get back at you in the off-season because I'm sure I would have a good plan.
  12. sacase

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    Man ya'll are nuts. I would be the GM. My money, my team. I would hire JJ to run the business side of things, I would focus on the GM side, I would get to know JG real well and understand where he is trying to go and get him the players he needs. I would Hire Norv to be the OC. Basically be Jerry Jones and piss all of ya'll off.
  13. Staxxxx

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    In the salary cap era all teams are created equal so I start by looking for other ways I can gain a competitive advantage. The first thing I do is go out and find the best analytics guys Money can buy and I have them start combing through all the data I can find lookin for that edge. I'd have them start looking at past and present talent acquisition and evaluation methods, evaluate the evaluators. Where are our ineffecienses are there Trends we can exploit, just because this is the way we've always done not a good enough reason to continue doing something that has contributed to mediocrity. I'd also use those same analytics to evaluate game management. I'm not saying id make all my decisions based off these analytics but I would look for a way to gain a competitive advantage and that would be a starting point.

    Next I would look to the medical sciences for the same tes of things. Better training methods, better healing methods, etc.

    After I had surrounded myself with the smartest people I could find and felt comfortable with the council I had received I would probably make some high level organizational changes.

    After that it would be a Time to embrace technology, especially video analytics. Can a computer be programmed to pull prospect measurables from game Film, ie. how fast does a lineman get off the snap, what kind ov velocity does a Qb get on a ball, how accurate is he, how fast is his release, how fast is a cb in a backpedal with pads, does he have to slow down when he turns his hips. Could it process game film and catalog each play by situation, result, who was in it etc. for easier dissemination and trend analsys.

    If I couldn't out spend the competition then i would try to to put together a group to out think them.
  14. Kristen82

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    How? Wasn't Greece's debt rating recently demoted from junk-level to "selective default"?
  15. Mookie

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    Which would make the dollar very attractive.
    Being wealthy would bring you a lot of power in a struggling nation.
    I live in a third-world country which isn't struggling by any means, macroeconomically speaking, and dollar is king. Greece is a paradise for wealthy families.
  16. Ren

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    Their contracts makes it all but impossible to get anything for them
  17. CowboyMcCoy

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    I'd begin with firing the wrong kind of guys, who can't manage a game. Then I'd hire a real coach like Cowher.
  18. Kristen82

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    Wouldn't that be like being the richest guy in Gary, Indiana where the city is resorting to selling houses acquired in city tax sales for a $1 to try to stem the massive wave of people abandoning the place in droves? Big fish in a shrinking pond doesn't sound like much fun to me.
  19. Mookie

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    Indiana vs. Greek Islands?

    Greece IS fun.
  20. Kristen82

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    Fine, you're taking me there then lol. Hard to find good moussaka around here...

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