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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by YoungBuck, Apr 20, 2008.

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    I put a lot of work and effort into this mock draft, so I wanted to share it here for comments and opinions. Thanks.

    Ok first I'm gonna run down what my thinking is for the first three rounds and our percieved needs of WR, DB, and RB. I included saftey into our needs with Roy Williams crappy play and Ken Hamlin being a FA next year.

    My thoughts are, with a quick look at our starters this is what we see:

    CB- Terence Newman (30), Anthony Henry (32)
    WR- Terrell Owens (34), Terry Glenn (34)
    RB- Marion Barber (25)

    I think it's pretty obvious that what we're looking for out of this draft is a future starter at WR, a future starter at CB, and a future backup at RB. Because of that I feel that if we keep our two first round picks our top priorites should be WR and CB, which pushes our need for a RB to round 2 or 3 unless a great prospect like J-Stew were to fall.

    First Round, Pick # 22: DeSean Jackson (WR/PR) California

    Yes I know he's too small, yes I know he's too light, but what I also know is that when the ball is in his hands good things happen. I posed this question in another thread; who on this offense can change the game at any moment by breaking a long play for a TD? The only name I can think of is Terrell Owens. Crayton, Witten, Barber, and many others are very good players, but they don't have that ability to change a game like that. I felt we were one big play away from winning that playoff game.

    First Round, Pick #28: Antoine Cason (CB) Arizona

    I know some people are going to say it's too early, but CBs and QBs always go higher than expected. I think from picks 18-30 there will be a run on CBs leaving Cason with good value at #28. Cason is a quick, athletic CB with the size and strength to battle the taller WRs like Plaxico in our divison. Unlike Mike Jenkins he has very quick hips as evidence by his stellar shuttle and 3-cone numbes. Fastest shuttle time of any CB expected to be drafted except Tracy Porter.

    As I said earlier that I thought we were one big play away from winning the playoff game, Cason brings that with his instincts for the interception. He's never had less than 3 ints in a game including 4 as a true freshman and 5 as a senior. An accomplished CB against a pass happy pac-10 with little help or talent around him I think he can step in and play early especially if we can't work a deal for Adam and he needs to be our starting nickel CB.

    Second Round - Chris Johnson (RB/WR/KR) East Carolina

    This pick goes back to my idea of wanting to add speed and difference makers to this offense. Johnson doesn't have the open field moves like a reggie bush, but he has the fastest first step of anyone I've ever seen. A creative OC like Jason Garrett who learned from Sean Payton could do a lot of very interesting things with Chris Johnson, espcially with another toy like DeSean Jackson to play with too.

    DeSean Jackson has only returned 2 kickoffs in his collee career and Chris Johnson has never returned a punt in college so it would be assuming a lot to think that either one could do both. They're very different skills which is what makes Devin Hester so special. I think the combination of the two improves our special teams drasticly.

    Third Round - Chilo Rachal (OG) Southern Cal. profile

    Many scouts feel he came out of school too early, but family health issues gave him no choice. Rachal's mother was diagnosed with a stomach tumor and is still awaiting insurance approval for treatment, necessitating Rachal's decision to jump to the NFL. I've read many people say that he needs another year of development as a backup before he can be counted on as a starter. I think that's perfect for dallas where he can sit behind Kyle Kosier for a year and be ready next year to step in as a starter when we'll need him. He has the talent where he could have been a first round pick next year so we get good value in the third.

    With needs at WR, CB, and RB already filled and a 13-3 team, the cowboys are able to take a luxury pick that could be a steal if Rachal plays to his talents after a year.

    Fourth Round - Thomas DeCoud (FS/SS) California. profile

    DeCoud is like a much faster Reggie Smith. Like Smith DeCoud has played all four DB positions in college, but found the most sucess at saftey. My thought process here is that DeCoud could come in and play CB his first year while Roy Williams plays his last year at saftey. Roy's contract is too much to get rid of him now, but we'll get a little more of a break in a year. With the loss of both Reeves and Nate Jones it opens up more than one need at CB. After that first year he's able to move to saftey where he could either replace Roy Williams and provide leverage in the future contract negotiations with Ken Hamlin.

    DeCoud also improves our special teams. He doesn't return punts or kicks, but he blocked six kicks during his first two years at Cal. He also makes DeSean Jackson a better punt returner (proof) He has the size (6-2), speed (4.50), and experience to cover TEs and RBs from the SS position and is a hard hitter that loves playing in the box. The one thing he doesn't do is come up with a lot of ints, but he makes up for it in plays behind the LOS.

    "I've been hit by everybody on the team," Cal tailback Justin Forsett told the San Francisco Chronicle. "When Thomas hits you, it's not something you want to remember."

    Fifth Round - Kevin O'Connell (QB) San Diego State

    Just watch this video: Link

    He looks like sombody put Tony Romo's mobility into Drew Bledsoe's body. He's 6'5 or 6'6 depending on who you ask with very good arm strenth and he's shown that he can make every throw necessary. I'm very impressed with him.

    With this pick the cowboys take a page out of Mike Holmgren's draft strategy. In 1998 he took this QB named Matt Hasselbeck in the 6th round. The next year he took this QB named Aaron Brooks in the 4th round. Both players he was able to trade for multiple picks to be starters elsewhere. The cowboys should take a QB later in the draft to develop as a back up or if he develops like Hasselbeck, Brooks, or even Matt Schaub the cowboys can trade him for higher picks. It's a game of buy low, sell high that many teams do with late round QBs.

    Sixth Round - Vincent Redd (ILB/OLB) Liberty. profile

    Very good size for a 3-4 LB (6-6, 263) with exceptional speed for his size (4.58). Redd originally played at the university of Virginia before transfering to Liberty. Both schools use a 3-4 defense so he's usted to this defense. He played rush OLB in their 3-4, but I think he can also play ILB for us. He's shown the ability to get after the QB which we havn't seen from an ILB, has the strength to take on linemen and stuff the run inside, as well as the speed to run sideline to sideline. At the very least I think he's a very interesting developmental prospect based on his incredible measurables.

    Seventh Round- Brennan Carvalho (OC) Portland State

    Corey Procter did a decent job last year filling in for an injured Andre Gurode, but I'd like to bring in some competition for next year. Carvalho didn't play against top competition but held his own and played very well when matched against better players at the hula bowl.

    Free Agents to look at:
    These are just some players I like that I'll throw out there.

    * Jerome Felton - I wanted to add Peyton Hillis in there buy couldn't make it work. Felton is a FB that could be drafted, but I'm hoping he doesn't so the cowboys can bring him in. He played mostly RB at Furman, but he has had some experience at FB and is a big strong guy that likes to be a lead blocker. Anderson has almost zero value as a ball carier, so this is an added demension that Felton can bring to the cowboys as well as being an emerency #3 RB.

    * Danny Amendola - Good slot WR who knows how to run crips routes and get open. From texas and worth a look after the draft.

    * Drew Kelson - Saftey. Ran a 4.45 fourty and jumped 41" at the Texas pro day. Was a very good gunner on ST ate Texas and would be looked at to fill in for Keith Davis as the backup saftey/ST gunner. Very skilled player that never panned out at Texas but was arguable the defensive MVP of the Rose Bowl with his play against Reggie Bush. If you have a chance to see the game again watch him run stride for stride with Bush and intercept the Leinart pass only to drop it as he hit the ground.

    * Nate Robinson - Big NT from Akron. Has good bulk at 320 and impressive speed of the snap for a man his size.

    * Ben Hochstein - Division 2 All-American at LT for Nebraska - Omaha, most outstanding OLinemen in his conference and an academic all-american.
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    You obviously put alot of effort into that mock, it was some nice work. I'm only going to comment on Rounds 1 - 3 because honestly i've never heard of the guys you have in the other rounds.

    I agree with the assumption that Dallas will select RB/DB/WR with its first 3 picks (if they keep all 3). And to add to that, i think those players should have the speed element. This entire team, especially offense lacked speed.

    So with your pick of WR Desean Jackson and RB Chris Johnson, i think this was addressed quite well. I like the Cason pick, CB is a premium in this league and the good ones go fast in the draft.

    I like Chilo Rachal, but i highly doubt he will last until the 3rd round. More of a second round type of player. The highest rated Guard in the draft, if you count Branden Albert as a tackle.

    Very well done.
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    First Round, Pick # 22: DeSean Jackson (WR/PR) California

    Problem is, while I like him and think he'd add some pop to our offense, we can get a guy like Dexter Jackson in round 3 who's just as fast and explosive.
    Other problem is he'll NEVER be a #1 W.R.!
    Other problem is once he's drafted he'll become the SMALLEST W.R. in the entire NFL, not sure I want to take that risk with our top pick.

    You think they'll be a run on C.B.'s from 18-30?????????????
    From 10-18 maybe, but from 18-30, not so much!
    Cason is NOT a 1st round C.B. IMO, so he would be a reach, last thing I wanan do is REACH (Kavika Puttman/Shante Carver ring a bell) for a need position.

    I don't see how a 2nd round rated prospect is a GOOD VALUE in round 1.

    Second Round - Chris Johnson (RB/WR/KR) East Carolina


    Third Round - Chilo Rachal (OG) Southern Cal. profile

    He's the #1 guard prospect and was in Kipers top 25 at one point, NO WAY HE LASTS TILL the end of round 3, he's a 2nd round pick!

    Fourth Round - Thomas DeCoud (FS/SS) California. profile

    I like Decoud, but again, he should be long gone by the end of round 4.

    Draft is unrealistic and too many reaches in round 1.
    I think you REACHED ror both picks in round 1 and then the picks in round 2-4 have a 0-5% chance of being there when we pick making it unrealistic IMO!
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    Howdy Youngbuck, long time no see.

    Just curious, are you a left coaster like me? I like seeing all these west coast guys on a Mock. I'd take this for that reason alone.

    I'd take Cason at 22 and I think we'll trade the 28 pick. Definitely like the O'Donnell and Rachal picks. Good value for both.
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    You got a link for this guy for his bio and to show his height and weight and 40 time?
    I can't find him on any respectable draft site, but he sounds really good, just wondeing where you got the numbers from, cause I find it hard to believe a guy 6'-6 weighing 265 pounds and runs a sub 4.6 can't be found on my websites I use for the draft.
    Also, if he is 6'6 265 pounds and runds sub 4.6, why is he not a 1st round prospect and is a 6th round prospect?
    Something must be seriously wrong for somoene with those triangular numbers not to be rated a LOT HIGHER!
    It's like finding a 6'-5 230 pound W.R. who runs a sub 4.5 and listed as a 6th round prospect, something must be SERIOUSLY WRONG with him somehow.

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    Our Lineman are also getting up in age why did you feel the need to exclude them?
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    Wrong. I'm going to assume you're referring to our offensive line, as our defensive line is very young now with the absence of Ferguson.

    Flozell Adams is 32. He turns 33 in May...and age that is generally considered to be prime for offensive lineman. It isn't uncommon to see these guys play into their late 30's. IIRC, Gurode and Davis the only other lineman that will even crack the age of 30 by the time next season starts...and Davis doesn't turn 30 until a few days before the season starts. Our other starters will be Kosier 29 and Colombo 29. We then have several young guys showing promise backing up every position with the possible exception of Center.

    We don't have age concerns on the line whatsoever.
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    No I live in Central Texas.

    I knew I had two guys from cal and a trojan, but I didn't even notice the amount of West coast and pac-10 players I had. Odd because I usually don't like their brand of football.

    I didn't see the OLine as a 1st day need which is why I waited until the 3rd round to adress it.

    Flozell Adams, Leonard Davis, and Andre Gurode have all just signed long term contracts in the past 12-14 months so they're pretty locked in for a few years. That left Kosier and Colombo, and I think Rachal is a good replacement for Kosier at LG.

    Marc Colombo does only have one year on his contract, and if the cowboys decide not to resign him next offseason I feel they've drafted well at the position in the past and one of Doug Free, Pat McQuistan, or James Marten should be able to fill in at RT in the future. I won't be surprised if they do target an OT early too.
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    Very nice, I know Jackson isn't a popular choice with his size and all, but he is a threat everytime. I might change Johnson for Rice though and if Rachal is gone McGlynn could be an option. 5th should be reserved for Pacman.
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    I know this is your DREAM DRAFT, but everyone of those picks in each round will be gone the time we pcik, do you have a realistic mock?
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    i like ur undrafted FA list......maybe add RB Omar Cuff and CB Brian Witherspoon
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    I'm not as big a fan of Rice as some other people. I don't see a big enough drop off from him to a Kevin Smith or Tashard Choice that would make me take him a round earlier.

    Good suggestions.

    I didn't go too in-depth with them. Can you tell I'm a big-12 guy living in Texas? hahah
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    I'll take you IGNORING me on his question that you just MADE IT UP and don't really have a source for these numbers?

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