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Your Candidate's YouTube videos

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Ben_n_austin, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Ben_n_austin

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    I know who I'm voting for in the primaries. But I have a feeling that he probably won't make long.

    This would be a good thread for posters to put their candidate in the thread and tell other posters why they like him.

    If you find something new, post it here. But mostly this is to educate other posters on your candidate. And for those of us who have a candidate that we probably won't be seeing down the stretch, then it may be an opportunity to educate someone on your candidate's issues and worthiness.

    I'm not sure who many people in here are voting for (not that you're obligated). So it'll help with that, too.
  2. Ben_n_austin

    Ben_n_austin Benched

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    So those of you that know my history know that I've been against the war in Iraq from the beginning. Mike Gravel filibustered for 5 months straight to end the Vietnam war. He made the Pentagon Papers public. And he has a brilliant plan to get out of Iraq, right now - propose a law to make it a felony for the President to stay in Iraq>when he vetoes it, then you filibuster for weeks, months, whatever is necessary to get the media to focus on which people in Congress are voting for/against the war>pressures Congress to achieve the 2/3s vote required to override veto.

    That's not only a solution for if he were to get in... but for now, as well.

    To me, it seems that he has many solutions. The very sad thing is that he doesn't have much money. And not many people are talking about him. I truly believe in this guy's maxim. He's 77, so what good would corruption do him? I'd think that his legacy means more to him at this point in his life.

    He was on the U.S. Finance Committee and has been able to classify and declassify top secret information since he was 23. This guy has been around.

    And he's actually got a personality. I have yet to see a candidate with one of those. The closest thing is John Edwards, but that's all his agenda talking. Sadly, the way that the campaign fund raising laws are.. a guy like Mike Gravel would have a hard time without voters like you.

    Also, Mike isn't your typical Democrat. If you'd look at some of his issues, you'd see that he's quite conservative in some areas - and just plain realistic about others.

    When I heard what he said about gas prices, I didn't like it. But I can see that he's not trying to sugar coat reality. And I think he has a better grasp on it than most. With the exception of Ron Paul, whom I hold in high regard.. there aren't many people acting like a President who would offer solutions rather than play this political party loyalty game... And Dennis Kucinich.. he's got some ideas .... unfortunatly, these are the only guys offering solutions.

    Unless, of course, I am wrong, then you can correct me in this thread.

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