Your favorite Cowboy (All-Time and Current)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    #12 then #8 then #22.

    #94 then #41 then #79.
  2. Star Struck

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    Smith and D-Ware
  3. jem88

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    All-time: Ike Holt

    Current: Terrence Newman
  4. parchy

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    Tough to say. I'd like to break it up into decades, but I think that'd be breaking the rules, so I'll go with the Manster and Witten.

    Randy White's 'wreath tossing' episode in itself is almost enough for me. To me at least, he embodied what it meant to be a Cowboy.
  5. Billy Bullocks

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    All Time - Michael Irvin/Charles Haley/Emmitt Smith

    Current - Witten/Newman
  6. RealCowboyfan

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    Okay you said All-Time Cowboy, im assuming that you are talking about one player, and not two. I got a little confused just like the rest of the fans that listed more than one

    MICHAEL IRVIN- he had everything you want in a player. he had skills, personality, knowledge of the game, and he was consistent.

    ROY WILLIAMS- he's the defensive captin to me right now. Roy is a all-around player. He does a whole lot well like blitz, plays in the box really well, somewhat great cover guy, and he knows how to stop the run.
  7. RealityWynn

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    Tony D.

    T. New
  8. jesus88

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    All Time- It have to be Deion Sanders

    Right Now- It be Roy Williams
  9. SupermanXx

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    All-Time: Emmitt Smith

    Current: Julius Jones
  10. TwoSteppinJJ

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    Emmitt Smith
    Roy Williams

  11. jem88

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    That's an interesting way to put it.
  12. VACowboy

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    Emmitt/Woody and Witten/Roy.

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