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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Wheeltax

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    Winston Churchill was an endless source of great quotes.

    “We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

    Also, Axl Rose: "Thanks, but I'm not God. If I was God, 3/4 of you would be girls, and the rest would be pizza and beer."
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  2. theogt

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    I saw a poster here say "There's no IQ test to be a fan" the other day. I giggled like Ron Swanson.
  3. daschoo

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    One of my favourites is from the 1st manager of Celtic, Willie Maley. He took the job in 1897 after having previously played for the club and kept it for 43 years.
    "It's not the creed nor nationality that counts. It's the man himself. "

    Slightly less impressive I remember reading at Hooters on my first trip to America
    "Half of all people are below average"
  4. jwitten82

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    From the movie Blow,"Life passes most people by while they`re making grand plans for it."
  5. ChldsPlay

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    "Being productive is a waste of time." - Me

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    I like that. It reminds me of another Edward Abbey quote (I'm a Abbey homer). "I refuse to do a job I don't want to do in order to support a lifestyle I don't want to live." This one rings real true to me as I become more and more of an introvert, anti-consumerist, and more self sufficient in my life. I think it's a quote that probably hits close to home for most Americans who work those very jobs to support that very lifestyle they don't want. Wouldn't we all love to live in a little hut on the beach, grow our own vegetables, catch our own fish, and be with our families? So why don't we?

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    We could fill this thread with Churchill quotes. The guy was brilliant with one liners. My favorite and one that I feel is dead on is "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."
  8. Cowboy Brian

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    That movie is exceptionally underrated. One of the best of all time, especially for the crime genre. It's right up there with Goodfellas, but below Shawshank.
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    The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N. -Wooderson ;-)

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    He has several but many of them are to political to discuss but yes, absolutely, he is one of the best, down through history.
  11. WV Cowboy

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    You stole the first one that came to my mind, .. since I have used it lately when talking about Bum. And then he added, .. "any other time, we will give it to him."


    Another that came to mind was John McCay's quote during his horrendous season with Tampa Bay, ... when asked after another loss about his team's execution, .. he said, ... "I'm all for it."

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Yeah, he had a ton of great ones for sure. On a more serious note, I always felt like this was Bum Phillips, in a nut shell:

    “If I could be remembered for one thing, that would be for being myself. You may not always be right, but you do what you think is right. If you’re wrong, have the ability to admit it. Both are damned important.”

    And that guy was not a bad guy to be like IMO.
  13. Denim Chicken

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    Because that hut cost a cool million, veggies don't grow in the sand, eating fish everyday gets old, and our families can't be pulled away from the TV :)
  14. TheCount

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    "No one will respect you, until you respect yourself." - My Father

    Took me a long time to get what he meant when he told me that. Definitely one I'll be passing on to my kids.
  15. Diogenes

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    I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.

    -Groucho Marx
  16. Diogenes

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    "If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”

    -William Tecumseh Sherman
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  17. Bigdog

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    Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.- my father will tell me all the time
  18. BanditHiro

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    "I will give you a show like you have never ever seen before why...because I can."
  19. burmafrd

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    Very much someone who saw things as they ARE
  20. DallasCowpoke

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    -The Texian Settlers of Gonzales, October 1835

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