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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Crown Royal, Jul 25, 2007.

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    I was talking a little about this, and I thought while the forum was new, now would be a good time. In the spirit of the political leaning thread, I was wondering what issues are important to you. For everyone it is different, even if they are all important. By issues I mean healthcare, environment, budget, foreign policy, immigration, education, tort reform, legislative reform, family ethics, etc.

    For me, the issues for which I care are:

    1) Education is by far the first thing I look at.
    2) Spending/governmental programs. The less the better for me.
    3) Foreign policy - I think that with our size and influence, now, more than ever, it is important to have a strong foreig policy.

    I don't want to go into what I want to see in these issues, just wanted to list what I find incredibly important.

    Now you - go!
  2. Sasquatch

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    This is an excellent idea.

    1. Electoral reform since nothing of consequence will happen without it. Let's make our government more democratic and more responsive to individual citizens by:
    • Publicly funded elections.
    • Instant run-off voting
    • Elections on the weekend or holidays.
    • Proportional representation in some levels of government.
    • Strict restrictions on lobbying.
    2. Health Care
    3. Education
    4. Infrastructure development

    All this requires drastically re-apportioning how our government spends money.
  3. jterrell

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    1. balanced budget and fiscal responsibility that stops handing out corporate welfare and political nepotism
    2. war in iraq and future wars
    3. foreign policy
    4. education
    5. ethics in politics -- should face additional legal penalties imho for breaking the law
  4. AtlCB

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    1. Government inefficiency/lack of accountability - Being an accountant, this is a big one for me. If someone ran a company like this, the company would not survive. The feds would shut them down before they went bankrupt. Only two of the federal agencies were able to balance their books. :eek:

    2. Taxes - Taxes are too high in this country and continue to increase. Taxes are collected in an inefficient manner, and you have to be an accountant to correctly fill out a 1040.

    3. Corruption - Both parties are guilty of rampant corruption. The corruption seems to crest when one party has been in charge of Congress for a long period of time.

    4. Education - Education is an investment in our future. Education is underfunded and severely mismanaged.

    5. Environment - We spend too little time and money on air pollution and water pollution and too much time and money on global warming/cooling. Why are we building coal plants instead of nuclear plants?

    6. Tort Reform - Ridiculous lawsuits and judgements affect all of this. Companies transfer the costs of the lawsuits to you - the consumer. Establish limits for pain and suffering, metal anguish, etc. and establish a loser pays system.

    7. Foreign relations - No more nation building, peace operations, wars, etc. No more loans or grants to our enemies. No free trade with countries who do not cannot meet some minimum environmental and human rights standards.

    8. Crime - Harsher punishment should be given to criminals for violent crimes that involve a victim. Crimes involving guns should face even stiffer penalties. Crimes against children face stiffer penalties. Drug use and prostitution should not be illegal provided that these crimes involve consenting adults 21 or older. These crimes do not involve a victim.

    9. Immigration - Legal immigration is good. Do not reward those who enter the country illegally with a fast track to become citizens. No free government services to those in this country who are either taxpayers or citizens.

    10. Religion - The government should not cater or pander to any religion. No laws should be based on religion. Can someone tell me why I can't buy beer on Sunday?
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    1. Transparency. No more hiding behind things. Everything transparent of where every dollar is coming from. Where every dollar goes. What someone voted for or against. Now there would be some areas where it was not public information but the majority should be transparent. Who added what earmark, who did this or that. Everything transparent.

    2. Accountability. A continuation of the first one. Except this one holds people accountable for their actions.

    You fix those two issues and I think it would help all the other issues people have brought up including domestic and foreign issues.
  6. Rackat

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    1. Winning the Peace in Iraq. - No early withdrawal. Finish the job. Allow our troops to complete their mission. Only credible people that can vote not to continue are those that voted against the original war resolution. If you voted for it initially, you have the obligation to see it through. Anything less means our men and women died for your lack of courage to stand by the conviction you had when you voted for it.

    2. Tax Reform - Get the **** out of my pocket.

    3. Tort Reform - one of the main reasons health care is so danged expensive in the first place. Stop stupid litigation.

    4. Education - If the government mandates a program, then they dang well need to have the funding to support it. Otherwise establish guidelines and criteria, and let the individual states figue out how to get there.

    5. Social/Welfare reform - Stop giving hand outs, and start giving more hand ups. If you apply for assistance, then you need to do something in return. I'm tired of funding people who live to live on welfare. Most need a helping hand, but the abusers of the system need to get weened off the welfare tit that I have to help pay for.

    6. Energy -
    a. Open up the areas where we can drill for our own oil until we can get to a new alternative.
    b. Give more incentives to companies/inventors that come up with alternative fuels that can be implemented for the masses.

    7. Election/Party reform - The two party system is great....if you are a Republican or a Democrat. But if you have never subscribed to either one then you're basically screwed. We need to find a way to get more parties involved in the races. I don't think we should get rid of the Electoral College just yet. Perhaps if we reform the party ssytem and more people get involved, then we can get rid of it.
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    I like that idea a lot, what a change that would be
  8. Crown Royal

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    When I was in California, their liquor stores were open until something like 2 or 4 every morning, and you could buy it on Sundays. I thought that was amazing.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Some counties have no beer sells at any time.

    There was a county, well it was called a parish, in Louisiana like that.
  10. AbeBeta

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    2 am close, 6 am open. You can buy every day.

    I understand the hours but not being able to buy on a sunday sounds a bit too church influenced for me
  11. AbeBeta

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    damn, as I read the rest of the thread, I realized that I just agreed with AtlCB.

    This political zone is a bad idea.
  12. Crown Royal

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    In places in North Texas you can still buy beer, just not liquor. I don't drink much anyway, so it has never been a huge issue to me, but every once in a while I might want some whiskey while I watch the game, and it seems silly to have to go to a bar for that.
  13. AbeBeta

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    I lived in PA -- you can't buy anything Sundays unless you are at a restaurant.

    But you can take a 6 pack home from a bar.

  14. AtlCB

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    Mississippi has several dry counties as well.
  15. burmafrd

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    When you can buy beer is such a small concern.

    1. Security: anti terrorsm and control of our borders. Cannot have one without the other. Immigration needs to be fixed in that those that are here illegally must be made to kick into social security and everything else. State are being bankupted by illegals.

    2. Health care. Tort reform and medical reform= right now too many quacks are allowed to practice and those that cause the problems that allow the lawyers and inusrance companies to mess things up- as well as a badly managed system in general. If you stamp out the quacks and the stupid lawsuits then malpractice insurance drops and doctors no longer order 3 times as many tests as needed in order to cover their rear ends.

    3. JUstice system. We need one. now all we have is a legal system. No one cares about catching the criminal except the police and the families of the victims. The lawyers and the judges are just performers on stages and nothing else. The WHOLE Truth is never allowed in a courtroom-not even close.

    4. Energy: we have to drill anywhere there is possibly oil. It can be done safely if you are tough with inspections. At the same time research must continue into alternate sources. Build new refineries in abandoned military bases.

    5. Tax reform. The flat tax is the only fair thing to do. The pleasent thought of thousands of tax lawyers going out of business is just a nice bonus.

    6. Education: we spend more money then any other country on earth on education and do about as bad a job from K-12 as it is possible to do. Tests for teachers must be tough and bad ones fired. Common sense on courses and curriculum- its a total scandal how poorly many young people read and write and speak today. Start with the basics and add. And who cares if some kid cries because he got a bad grade? Life is hard and you need to learn it early on.

    7. Political reform: total accountability on all money to all candidates. I am not yet convinced of public financing- but I am getting there. Unfortunately as long as a corrupt and biased media is in place, this will be the toughest of all to do.
  16. AbeBeta

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    Not to start a war here but I don't see anyone mentioning gay marriage - and as we know that has been a major source of contention with ballot initiatives in key states raising turnout and swinging elections in favor of conservatives on the ballot.

    Me, I see this as a big issue but completely understand why a candidate would ignore it or not support it.
  17. Crown Royal

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    The problem with education is that I don't think there is a clear goal. There are some who just want you to graduate so that you can get a good job, then maybe go to college to get a better job. Then there are those of us who feel that an education has certain components that are necessary, and you don't pass until you master them.

    I am a classical person - I feel that an education in itself has virtue that translates to the outer world. I am often saddened that state university and the public perception of school has required that curricula focus on marketable skills for the business world, rather than focusing on a rounded education.

    I am personally one of those folk who believe that state subsidized education is a bad thing. I don't feel that the government can possibly provide a decent education with the constituency as it is. I have no kids myself, but I can assure you that I never would unless a) I had the money to send them to a private school of my choice or b) I had the time to supplement their public school with the additional education I see fit.

    All of this is compounded by the fact that I feel the entire United States pedagological culture is extraordinarily limited. The k-12 grade system has always struck me as completely ridiculous, relying on the assumption that all children advance at the same speed.

    On the one hand, like you said, we need better teachers, but on the other hand, teachers are an incredibly limited resource as it is.
  18. Crown Royal

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    I was curious as to when someone was going to mention this one.

    For me, it is an unimportant issue - I just don't care. I would be willing to bet that a large number of people in the US don't care much either - some might be against it, but I don't know that they would list it on their top topics.

    I think that the heated conversation of it tends to be a vocal few, as so many hard line topics generally are.
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    Aight burm... here's your chance. In the political zone. I've been lurking in this zone, but now that you've dropped another one of your drive-by farts in a thread where I can get you to actually reveal your viewpoints, are you going to do it, or just run again?

    What's your specific beef and what would you change? I want to hear it, because personally I don't think you have a clue. At least you haven't let on that you have a clue. You keep pounding away at this like a drum master on a ship and never elaborate. Please, enlighten us.
  20. windward

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    Foreign policy
    govt spending

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