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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Crown Royal, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Not just me but millions of moderate Muslims around the world. They'll be interested to know that they are not "true" believers.
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    Most of them already know. And unfortunately they keep their mouth shut instead of speaking up and defending their "hypocrite" status. One of the reasons why a lot of them are in the U.S. now is because they were persecuted for their "moderate" religious beliefs in their home countries by the true believers. I just saw a PBS special on how moderate muslims are trying to deal with the true believers. It's very sad. One Muslim woman in Demark fell in love with a non-Muslim man. Her punishment was that her Muslim brother shot her in the head in daylight in the middle of a street.
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    My thanks to all the posters for making some very interesting points and giving me much to think about and doing it largely without personal attacks.

    There was a couple of aspects that I overheard in an argument recently that I haven't seen discussed very much and would like to know what the membership here thinks.

    Does anyone think that VP Chaney's connections to Halliburton and both he and Bush's involvement in the oil business had anything to do with the idea of invading Iraq? Is it possible also that the Carlysle Group, the Military-Industrial complex power player that employs Bush, Sr, exercised undue influence in the decision to invade since war is good for the arms business? Are these ideas strictly conspiracy thinking, lunacy or what?

    I don't know much about the situation over there since I am usually too busy to pay much attention and it seems to me that there are plenty of people here who are better informed than I so I thought I would throw the questions out there and see what opinions exist on the matter of what underlying reasons might have motivated the administration to want to invade Iraq enough to make up some pretense.

    I live way out in the middle of nowhere and seldom listen to radio or watch TV and generally have little interest in doing so. Out here in the middle of nature, priorities are very different than priorities in town.
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    Military spending...we keep cutting back in number of personnel, yet we are at our highest ops tempo ever. Doing business like this has stressed guard and reserve personnel, who I respect, but they should be the least involved in conflicts...however due to the minimal manning active duty need to stay at homestation to support deployed operations, continue homestations ops, so guard and reserve are overused.
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    If you ask a Democrat, they'll say yes. If you ask a Republican, they'll say no. As someone who's not registered with either party, I say it's a mixed answer. I don't know if those companies had any influence on going to war, but you better believe they had influence on who was awarded the government contracts in the post war reconstruction of Iraq. Even a blind man can see that.

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