Your opinion: What would Jimmy Johnson do if he were Head Coach?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Oct 4, 2012.


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    I'm curious to see everyone's responses. If you could, please try to avoid being cute because I'm asking honestly; if Jinny Johnson was the head coach of this current team at this point, what corrective actions do you think he would realistically take at this juncture, given the current roster and coaches he has to work with and any posible additions he could make via free agency?

    Have at it! :)
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    this is something that will never happen and is "pointless" despite the fact that this is a message board.

    To answer your question, i think jimmy would re-do the o-line first and foremost
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    Good question. Jimmy had so much more insight into what reaction to give than I did as a fan, I'll say that. I loved that he knew when to blow up and when to stay calm.

    One of my favorite Jimmy stories took place after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins late in the 1992 season on their way to winning Super Bowl 27 (but that was not a given by any means at that point). The Cowboys lost a game they should have won, in fact they were winning in the 4th qtr when things started to fall apart. On the plane ride back home to Dallas, Jimmy refused to let the team eat or drink and gave them a profanity-laced tongue-lashing as they tried to arrange seats to play a card game. The players were angry to be treated that way (to say the least!) but the rest is history...they went on to win their 3rd Super Bowl victory and the first of the "Triplets era".

    The next year, the Cowboys were in a fight for the NFC East due to an 0-2 start as the result of Emmitt holding out for the first two games. On Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys played the Dolphins on an ice-covered field at Texas Stadium. There wasn't much scoring in the game, both teams struggled with the on-field conditions. Unfortunately, Miami had a pretty good drive at the end of the game with the Cowboys holding on to a one-point lead. The Dolphins set up to kick a field goal that would win the game for them, but was by no means a gimme given the ice on the field. The field goal was blocked and it looked like the Cowboys would hold on...and our Cowboys family was jubilant for only one brief moment until....yep, Leon Lett touches the ball and the Dolphins got another chance. The next time, they didn't miss and we lost.

    I thought Jimmy was going to KILL Leon Lett. I know it wouldn't have been safe for Leon to cross MY path that night!! But not Jimmy....Jimmy understood that one play doesn't negate all of the good a player does the rest of the time. Jimmy actually consoled Leon after the loss (I don't know how he found the words, to be honest!!)

    I think Jimmy Johnson is a coaching genius...not just because of his understanding of the game, but because of his understanding of PEOPLE. He knew just how to get the most out of his players, and whether they needed to be reprimanded or forgiven at the time. I don't know if we'll have another coach like Jimmy again.
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    avoid being cute?

    you do know where you are, right?
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    I could care less what Jimmy would do IF he were here.

    I am more concerned how Garrett is going to handle this train wreck and how focused he has his team coming out against Baltimore.
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    I think he's have this football team more disciplined, but at the end of the say the lack of a competent offensive line would prevent him from having the same success he had in the 90's. Those great Cowboys teams had an incredible offensive line led by of course the great Larry Allen. Our best player on the offensive line is a second year player.

    People can blame Garrett all they want and he does have alot to answer for him, but he is NOT the GM. He is NOT the one who continues to blatantly ignore our lack of quality talent in the trenches. That's all on Jerry.

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    Nice! :)
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    He would immediately open competition between Romo and Orton and see who can handle the pressure. Start chewing OL arses as they leave the field.

    Fire the POS st coach.

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    and why ?

    we all live in the real world
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    We have a Wienner:hotdog:

    They'd come to a mutual agreement.:muttley:
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    Garrett will handle it how Jerry tells him to handle it.

    Don't forget Garrett wanted to sit Jones after Seattle...Jerry would not have it.
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    What is your issue with my post?
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    Larry Allen came after Jimmy left. That's my guess anyway for his "what?".
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    Well I was referring to the 90's Cowboys team in general.
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    Allen never played for Johnson. By the time Allen was at a stage of his career to be considered the "leader" of the oline the line was not "incredible" anymore.

    Good, but not incredible.
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    Ok fine the point is the offensive line was way better than this one. This OL is a high school level joke and no way would Jimmy or any other great coach be able to win with this team.
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    I hear you.

    Just for kicks though.

    Compare the names of the o-linemen on the 1-15 team to the 10-6 playoff team two years later and the SB team the next year.

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    No he wouldn't. The notion that Orton over Romo is a vialbe solution is idiotic. Sorry if I'm being frank, but anyone with a good football IQ woul know that, and Jimmy Johnson's football IQ is off the charts.

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