Your opinion: What would Jimmy Johnson do if he were Head Coach?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I remember Aikman being mobile coming out of UCLA but wasn't aware he rushed for over 300 yards his rookie year. He lost a lot of his mobility when he started having issues with his back in the early 90's.
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    Wrong team.
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    My bad. I shouldn't trust my ageing memory.
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    Yes we are talking about Emmitt. Yes that's my point. It's that once in a life time talent that made the OL look better than it was. If that OL was that great, any RBs should have done well but that wasn't the case. I'm not expecting Emmit type of production but no one came anywhere close to the success that he had.

    Look at Shannahan's OL in Denver. He had no name RBs getting 1000+ seasons consistently. He is doing it again this year in DC with Alfred Morris.
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    This is correct. Tony Wise helped Jimmy build the original Super Bowl OLine, not Houck.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how big a *jerks* people are behind a computer.. "this is pointlesS" "who cares" "I don't care blah..."

    Guy asked a question,prefaces it to weed out nonsense having foresight to know that all these *jerks* would come out of the woodwork to hear their own voices *whine* about life. If you thnk its dumb then why are you replying?

    Having said that, STUPID thread! haha, just kidding...

    Amongst my guesses would be
    - new kick returner would have been tried
    - public calling out of players.
    - our offensive coordinator would be demoted/ let go.
    - He'd find a few bread and butter plays for Dez - the kind where he makes him practice over and over and its just about being more physical at the point of attack, like slants.
    - He'd find a way (assuming he's healthy) to feature Miles Austin
    - Joe D would be gone.
    - He would have made Jerry think he was doing more while actually having him have less impact
    - Burn through the phonebook looking for o-linemen.
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    You are.

    #1 You don't rush for 1,000 yards when you are the backup. Warren played for Dallas in 1998, 99, 2000 and in that time never started an entire season.

    His stats were:

    3 yrs DAL 38 1 217 948 8 49 4.4 24.9 5.7 78 592 7.6 2 76 2.1 15.6 1540 10 5 13

    Emmitt's stats for the exact same years in Dallas were:

    1998* 29 DAL RB 22 16 16 319 1332 13 32 4.2 83.3 19.9 27 175 6.5 2 24 1.7 10.9 1507 15 3 12
    1999* 30 DAL RB 22 15 15 329 1397 11 63 4.2 93.1 21.9 27 119 4.4 2 14 1.8 7.9 1516 13 5 11
    2000 31 DAL RB 22 16 16 294 1203 9 52 4.1 75.2 18.4 11 79 7.2 0 19 0.7 4.9 1282 9 6 9

    Warren averged 4.4 yards per carry, Emmitt 4.2

    #2. For the record, Warren did not rush for 1,000 yards in his last two seasons at Seattle before coming to Dallas.

    Just like the "we couldn't win a game without Emmitt" in 1993, it is a narrative that gets told again and again by people who want to believe that Emmitt WAS the 90's Cowboys (which he wasn't, he was one major piece).

    I could explain to you why your view of 1993 is wrong, but it wouldn't convince you any way and I don't feel like wasting my time.
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    Yep, Aikman ran a 4.6 in college. Go to 6:33 (if I can't figure out how to start it there)

    BTW, several future HOFers and/or future Cowboys here.

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    bench Dez Bryant. That would send the message. If he pouts suspend him for a game. Belichick would prolly do as well.

    Our Head Coach can't even bench the KO returner for crissakes. You expect the rest of the loafers to listen to him?
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    we would be 1-15 and more of a laughinstock then we already are.. THis will never happen, but parts me hopes it did, just so this guy exposes more than he already has..
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    jimmy would retire citing "irreconcilable differences" with jerry
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    And the OC as well as OL coach?

    This team started detiorating offensively when Norv left and we got Ernie Zampese.. Then we lost Jay Novacek, Aikman's sure handed outlet when he started having back issues having to retire. It was actually the big 4, not big 3....
  13. rickjameschinaclub

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    For a Cowboys fan to mock Jimmy Johnson is just befuddling... you don't win 2 SB if your not good..

    And BTW, even the great Bill Walsh said that if free agency didn't come into the picture, the Cowboys would have dominated the league for the next 7 plus years. Free agency was essentially implemented to break up that dynasty.
  14. MagicMan

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    Right on, you don't mock Jimmy cuz you would then be saying Jerry built that team----we all know what Jerry can do. Actually we could have won 4 SB in a row with Jimmy at the helm---unprecedented. FA was meant to give the league parity.

    And assuming that fantasy of Jimmy coming in was reality:

    I think Jimmy would flush the toilet of all the sh**ty players on the roster and tell Jerry to bite the bullet for the next couple of years---1-15, 2-14 very possible, but would get us high picks and trades that would develop into a SB contending roster for the decade. Hanging around 6-10, 7-9, 5-11 is mediocre land----you remain stagnant for years until you really tank.
  15. FLcowboy

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    If Jimmy Johnson were the coach, and in his 1993 prime, this situation wouldn't be happening. The Cowboys wouldn't be in disarray, because he would have kicked some butt by now. And, Jimmy knew how to use his talent. He wouldn't still be forcing Dez Bryant to learn how to run timing routes, because, the guy just simply can't do it. He would build the offense and defense around the talent on the team, maximizing their capabilities.

    Further, Jimmy Johnson would only draft people that fit his system.
  16. ConstantReboot

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    One thing I know that Jimmy would do is keep Jerry in check. Rather than make this into a circus, which it is now, he will remove all of these distractions and focus on nothing but winning. Jerry is a great guy and a good businessman. But when it comes to issues regarding football and winning, that is where he is lacking. He needs someone like a Jimmy Johnson, that can instill a winning football mentality into the team and not be afraid of doing it.
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    If you don't believe that Emmitt was THE piece to that 90's team then you are wasting both our times. I would love for you to refute that to ANY player on those championship Cowboys teams. The OL to a man, credit Emmitt for being the engine of that offense. The defense felt the same way as well, Haley was just the most vocal.
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    Funny, that's not what Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin either one say. They both say that Aikman was the unquestioned leader of that offense.

    Emmitt made the running game go, 1st ballot HOF, won't get any argument from me. But THE piece. Nah.

    Btw, riddle me this.

    In 1990 Dallas was on a 4 game winning streak. They went from 3-7 to 7-7 and needed ONE win to make the playoffs. Aikman went down with injury in the 1st quarter against the Eagles.

    Emmitt played against Philly and against Atlanta the next week. He played ALL of both games.

    Dallas lost both without Aikman. Did that mean Dallas couldn't win a game without Aikman?
  19. rcaldw

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    As a follow up on your Haley comment. One of the reasons Haley was so angry, as were a number of players, is they believed that Jerry paid the white QB his money and didn't pay Emmitt his money.

    It wasn't JUST football driven anger.

    And I happen to agree with them about that. Jerry made a major miscalculation and paid for it.
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    lets be fair, You still need good players to succesful... I think would make a bit of a difference, but the biggest one most of these players wouldnt be here, we would ahvea totally different football team.. Draft wise, etc.. So its hard to answer.

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