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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Oct 8, 2008.

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    I like starting a new thread the next morning about my takes or your takes on the debate.

    The one that is up during the debate gets a little long and of course you have some stuff in there that has nothing to do with the debates and is a distraction.

    So here are my takes and feel free to post yours.

    All in All IMO either candidate can say they won the debate and have a legit argument. In other words I seen it about even with a slight nod to one candidate in some areas and slight nod to the other candidate in other areas.

    I thought there were no knock out punches thrown. Maybe a few body blows.

    I think there was one part that could be considered a good back hand or pimp slap for the lack of a better term.

    When McCain was doing his segment attacking Obama for talking about Pakistan and McCain said you need a calm hand on the tiller and you need to speak softly and carry a big stick.

    Obama starts his rebuttal and says ...."Now, Sen. McCain suggests that somehow, you know, I'm green behind the ears and I'm just spouting off, and he's somber and responsible."

    At this point it gets funny. While smiling, even laughing and in a sarcastic animated manner McCain flat out interrupts Obama and says the following.

    "Thank you very much."

    Now that is like a set up for Obama IMO and he smacks McCain pretty hard.

    If you can find the video watch that specific exchange in how McCain interrupts Obama...again notice he is smiling, animated and even laughing.

    Then watch his face when Obama retorts with the following...

    "Sen. McCain, this is the guy who sang, 'Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,' who called for the annihilation of North Korea. That I don't think is an example of speaking softly. This is the person who, after we had - we hadn't even finished Afghanistan, where he said, 'Next up, Baghdad.' So I agree that we have to speak responsibly and we have to act responsibly.

    McCains smile, animation and look of haha and whole demeanor make a SHARP change. His smile vanishes immediately and you can tell he is irked.

    So that might have been the biggest body blow, smack or whatever you would call it...although not a knock out punch.

    On to other observations.

    Was it me or was it odd that the town hall meeting was set up for audience members to ask questions or questions from emails but Tom seemed to ask his own questions at times. Just thought that was odd.

    It is hard to make a joke at times during this type of format because the audience is told to keep quiet and not react. In this aspect McCain has some awkward moments, NOT TERRIBLE, just awkward. He would tell a joke of sorts and it is just dead quiet so it is kind of awkward. The hair transplant joke as an example. However I will admit I laughed at his line about nailing down obama's tax plan is like trying to nail jello to the wall. That one got me.

    So all in all not an eventful debate. I don't see a clear cut winner for the debate, although I am sure polls will say otherwise. I think a legit argument could be made by both sides that their candidate won but only won by slight margins.

    However with that said. Obama came out the winner. Now I am not talking about the winner strictly from the debate. Might sound confusing but let me say what I think many already feel or believe or just know but don't want to admit.

    McCain had to come in here and knock it out of the park and hope obama struck out. Neither happend. So with McCain behind in the polls the onus was on him to blow Obama out of the water and it just did not happen. He just did not do enough and Obama did not do enough to hurt his lead IMO.

    So all in all with the idea going in that Obama could not Blow it and McCain had to hit a home run...and since neither happened Obama comes out as the winner.
  2. Bach

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    Pretty boring.

    And Obama doesn't know how to play by the rules - even though he agreed to them. Typical.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Both were doing it but Obama was going longer on average.

    However I guess it seems none of them followed the rules because I did not think the moderator, in this debate, was to be asking his own questions but instead asking questions that others sent in or directing to the people in the audience with questions.
  4. Doomsday101

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    I thought McCain did well but not well enough. I did like that he touched on spending freezes because I don't think we see this economy recover anytime soon without making cuts and freezes in our spending.
  5. Wheat

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    Overall, I think nothing changed because of the debate.

    I think McCain looked very uncomfortable a lot of the time. Also, he probably now should feel good that there wasn't a series of these town halls. He looks so more older and worn down than Obama. Its not fair because of his injuries. But, its the image that's given off.
  6. Bach

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    I agree. And unfortunately, a good sized % of the voting public is rather shallow and somewhat ignorant. To some in the middle, who don't have solid beliefs one way or the other, it comes down to image. I guess these are the people who get enamored with bright and shiny objects. Of course it works both ways.They did it with Bush (just a good ol boy like one of us) and with Clinton (slick and smooth talker, etc).
  7. DaBoys4Life

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    I would like to vote for a 3rd party.....

    IDK Obama seemed really weak to me. McCain seemed stronger. Obama seemed very nervous and was fumbling with his words and was dodging a lot of things. Even though Obama attacked McCain directly he came right back however Obama never said how much the fine would be if you didn't insure your kids......
  8. Wheat

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    I guess so.

    McCain 2000 would probably hate McCain 2008....and I think that is coming across now.
  9. Beast_from_East

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    I think McCain just lost the election, he just got smoked in the post-debate polls. Even the Luntz focus group on FOX said Obama won.

    When freaking FOX says Obama won, you know McCain blew it.

    The economy is like a giant anchor around McCain's neck and it is pulling him under. Fair or not, the public blame the party of the President in bad economic times.

    McCain may not be Bush, but it is Bush that is going to cost McCain the election.
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yeah in some ways I feel bad for McCain in that respect.

    I sometimes hear analysis say he looked stiff, and although I know they are not talking about his arms or what not, it still kind of makes you cringe or want to say...hell right he is stiff but you would be too if you had his injuries and the idea that arthritis is probably killing him now.

    He also has one of those odd kind of smile looks he gets on occasion. I don't know if it is a forced fake smile, if it is a smile that yells please like me with a desperate tone to it, or what...It just looks kind of odd...bordering on creepy.

    I think also his age might play a part in it.

    Obama is not too young for all adults and not too old for all youth. I think McCain does come across as too old to many younger adults in a generational connection kind of way.

    Like last night with the "that one" line.

    I saw a commentator talking after the debates that described it...might have even been tweety...not sure as I was flipping around.

    Anyways. Some will take that as a racial remark. I don't see it that way at all.

    Some will take that as a tone of disrespect that he could not even call him by his name, his title or as my opponent. I guess that could be a legit argument and I could agree with that.

    However one of the commentators made a point that it could be a generational type thing and gave an example.

    Say a grandfather in a room full of a bunch of family and is talking about the grand kids or something and pointing them out and saying...Well look at her and how about that one and so on.

    Could be a stretch...who knows.

    But I don't think it is a racial issue. People may say many things about McCain, they might not like his style, his politics, his way of going about things, his past disrespect of his former and current wife, his past reported history of anger issues, cursing others and the whole littany of negative things you could bring up (legit or not)...however Racist is not one I have ever heard and one I do not believe from him. Personally I think it is the very reason he will not bring up the Wright issue about obama because he feels he will be perceived as racist for doing so.

    So again, so I am on the record here and I think others need to think long and hard about this as well...I do NOT think the That one line had anything to do with race and I would hope others do not see McCain as a racist or imply he is one because of that line.

    I am BrainPaint and I approve of this message.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    That I can agree with. I have stated that I think he has lost some of his intergrity and such because I think the McCain of 2000 would beat the crap or open up a long line of curse words if he met the McCain of 2008.

    I also happen to wonder how better off we would have been, if we would have been, if McCain would have won over bush in the primaries and possibly have been President instead of W.
  12. Wheat

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    If McCain loses, they will blame his campaign strategy. How he handled the economic stuff.

    I think if he loses, the Palin pick will be viewed as sad and desperate......perhaps dangerous to his party. Bringing in an extreme voice isn't going to help with the indy's in the future.
  13. Danny White

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    I was disappointed at first... thought it started off slowly. But then when they found all the bodies underwater, it started to show some real promise.

    Oh, sorry, I turned off the debate after about 20 minutes and started watching season 2 of Dexter on Netflix. :D

    After the second time that McCain proudly talked about how he worked hand-in-hand with Russ Feingold to create unconstitutional campaign finance legislation, and worked hand-in-hand with Teddy Kennedy to craft legislation to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, I couldn't stomach any more of it.

    I got to see the very end when they were asked about what they "don't know" and both shockingly :rolleyes: said they didn't know "the unexpected."

    BTW, I don't think the handshake-gate was intended to be a snub on McCain's part. I think he brought his wife over to say "hi" to Obama and he didn't realize that Obama was trying to shake his hand.
  14. zrinkill

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    I think unless something drastic happens ......

    Obama is gonna be the next President of the United States.
  15. DaBoys4Life

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    I doubt it....I mean anything can happen but a black man President of the USA.....doubtful highly IMHO.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    I have to admit I am kind of shocked with some posts and threads this morning in conjunction with some of the last few days.

    I have seen posts/threads over the last few days that are basically someone, whether it be a poster here or a talking mouth in the press, say that the dems have this locked up and obama is the next president.

    I thought those were silly as nothing is over yet.

    However at the same time I get the feeling that some that were without a doubt in the McCain camp, whether they claim they like him or not, have seemed to, or flat out have, thrown in the towel now.

    I just don't know if this thing is as finished as some think. I could see it coming down and having some crazy twist...however I can see it turning bad, or good depending on the side you are on, for one candidate...I am talking a nowhere near close type of electoral win.

    Don't know...just seems odd that some are so sure so early and others are basically given up so early.
  17. DaBoys4Life

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    IDK maybe democrats like to jump the gun cause I coulda sworn Al gore should have been president.......
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    Well my post is not just talking about those that think their side, dems and obama, have already won.

    It also deals with some hard core republican backers here that have pretty much seemed to throw the towel in and give up.

    If you have been around in the political zone long enough you would find it shocking that some are giving up already when in the past they would rather climb up a tree butt naked in the middle of the blizzard than admit defeat or give up on some things.
  19. DaBoys4Life

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    nope I've just started come in here however your analogy paints a very vivid picture....:lmao2:
  20. Bach

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    With the anti-Bush sentiment and the economical situation, the deck was incredibly stacked against any Republican this year and in favor of any Democrat nominee. The fact the Repubs put up a 72 year old moderate has only stacked it more in Obama's favor.

    Other than the segment that wants to see a minority become President, this election has nothing to do with Obama. He's just the benefactor of the extenuating circumstances. No wonder Hillary was so disappointed in losing the nomination. She knew she was that close.

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