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    Feel free to just post your random thoughts and feelings about the 4 wildcard games. Here are mine:

    *Texans/Bengals: You can tell Texans have a lot of talent. They seem to rely on superstars on offense and defense--Foster on O and Watts on D. I'm really looking forward to how they look against the Patriots. I think they'll still ultimately lose to the Pats but it'll be a close (somewhat) game. Andy Dalton is surprisingly a pretty bad quarterback. The Bengals have a young team with a lot to look forward to but Dalton just does not look like a winner. Their defense is very impressive, their O-line is strong, and AJ Green is a monster, but I just don't see them being anything more than a first round playoff team with Dalton under center.

    *Packers/Vikings: Joe Webb was absolutely pathetic. I don't think I've ever seen a worse game played by a QB. The first drive was exciting but then the Packers caught on. Rodgers is an absolute beast. It's gonna be hard for anyone to stop Rodgers. The Packers defense looked good but that might have been because Joe Webb made the Vikings defense awful. This game proved that a RB can't do it alone but a QB can, at least more so than a RB. Packers and 49ers is gonna be a great game and probably the 2 best teams in the NFC.

    *Ravens/Colts: I have to say, the Ravens have looked like the most impressive team so far in the playoffs. I thought the Ravens were done because they were so inconsistent this season, but they really looked good in the game against the Colts. The Colts played a really good game too. Andrew Luck looks like the real deal and I just can't wait to see an Andrew Luck vs Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl rivalry this next decade. I think it was more of a matter of the Ravens just being that good in all phases of the game that made the Colts look so bad, because the Colts really didn't do a lot of things wrong. Usually when a team gets beat by a couple of touchdowns you can usually pin it on them, but the Ravens just looked that good. I was also very surprised with Joe Flacco. He's inconsistent but he really played a high level game. And Anquan Boldin had the best game of anyone so far in the playoffs. He took over in that second half.

    *Seahawks/Redskins: I was looking forward to this game the most because I thought it was going to be really exciting--2 very similar style rookie QBs on 2 red hot teams. Even though I wish it was the Cowboys, I was thinking that the Skins/Hawks would be a more exciting game to watch. Well, this game turned out being hell to watch. This game was probably harder to watch than the Joe Webb debacle in Green Bay. The first quarter was very exciting and surprising to see the Redskins drive down the field with ease. I'm not going to say the Seahawks took over after that because of RGIII being hurt or because the Seahawks adjusted well--but I'm just going to say the Redskins were absolutely awful after that first quarter. The Seahawks were very methodical the last three quarters of the game and slowly chipped their way back into it. It was just a sloppy game. I'd also never seen a team just give up in the fourth quarter in a game that was still within reach--with that botched snap that led to a fumble and an RGIII injury. I know RGIII was injured and everyone was concerned about his safety, but it seems like everyone forgot that they were still playing a game when that happened. It was painful to watch because I like an exciting football game that comes down to the wire.

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