Your top 3 Fantasy Sleepers

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by NextGenBoys, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Name your top-three fantasy sleepers for this upcoming season and why...

    1. Chad Henne -- Having a go-to weapon in Brandon Marshall will be huge to this offense and Henne. Learning under Pennington and the Dolphins staff for a year was important to his development. He's always had an arm, but improving the other areas in his game. The time he got last year was invaluable experience. Having Brown and Williams in the backfield, and Marshall out wide will make his job easier.

    3. Leon Washington -- Washington already is a monster on special teams, but with Seattle having no real threat in the running game, Washington will likely see an increased role on offense, and he has the ability to make some big plays.

    3. Ryan Matthews -- He's a big back who will get goal-line touches on a high-scoring team. Rookie running backs always produce well in fantasy. Adrian Peterson in 07. Matt Forte, Kevin Smith, CJ in 08. Shonn Greene and Knowshon last year. SD is a good team, and Matthews is coming into a great situation.
  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    I like Chad Henne, he can throw the ball....
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    Cowboys d
  4. mmohican29

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    CJ Spiller
    Ryan Matthews
    Alex Smith
    Felix Jones
  5. Muhast

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    Most of these guys you all have named aren't sleepers. Who would be shocked with felix jones or 2 first round rbs?

    Ill say harry douglas wr for atlanta will shine this year. Reminds me of terry glenn.
    Chaz schillens from oakland
    Jonathan dwyer will get a lot of redzone short yardage work and may rack up some tds for pittsburgh
  6. Everlastingxxx

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    Sleepers you can usually draft later and get great value. Last year i hit on Ray Rice and drafted him. I also drafted Jackson.

    Looking to this season:

    So far, i think Calvin Johnson will have a big year. I like Stafford and i think he will be his go-to guy. Expect big numbers.

    Coffee of the Niners, something about that guy. Niners will be a playoff team. Great late round pick.

    Rodgers of Green Bay. I thought last year this team was going to be a Championship team, they came on late in the season. I think Rodgers moves into the top 5 QB status. He will be my QB of 2010.
  7. Ntegrase96

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    When you say sleepers, I think of players that haven't got their names out there yet that WILL produce and are likely to be available in drafts for those legaues with 20+ people.

    Jammal Charles: RB: Kansas City Cheifs: My thoughts are that it's always good to have a star on a team of nobodies, because 1.) the ball is spread around less, so more concentrated points and 2.) At the end of the season, they play unpressured and for respect. Charles earned his first start in week 10 (at which point he had 154 yards rushing) and STILL finished with over 1000 yards. Charles averaged 5.9 yards per carry, 7 touchdowns, and I believe he returns kicks or punts...? I'd have to check.

    Hakeem Nicks: WR: New York Giants--4th on the depth chart, Hakeem Nicks proved that he belonged in the NFL and should really be the Giants no. 1 option. In somewhat limited playing time, he had 790 yards on 47 receptions and 6 TDs. His role will be increased now that it is his 2nd year in the NFL, and he will break the 1000 mark, or come very close to it and close to 10 tds. He's got good speed, great hands, and his 6-0 215lb frame can 'out physical' corners if he's one on one.

    And I'll come up with a third later, but these guys are golden and relatively unknown.

    Notable mention: John Carlson/TE/Seahawks. He's an athlete and had some decent numbers last year (594 yards, 7 tds), but the TE position is very strong in the NFL nowadays, at least on the receiving end. Also, who knows what will happen with the coaching change and all. Pick this guy up if all the other TE's are taken.
  8. Sarge

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    Ray Rice, Rogers and Calvin Johnson? Not really going out on a limb there are ya.

  9. big dog cowboy

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  10. SDogo

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    Seattle RB Justin Forsett-I have yet to participate in a draft where I have not been able to acquire him in the late rounds

    Colts WR Pierre Garcon-Big play potential, will get more looks this year. Really came on down the stretch for the Colts.

    Browns RB Montario Hardesty-People I know n Cleveland say he will win the battle for the starting RB position and if OTA's are any indication he may have already done so.
  11. NextGenBoys

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    Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson are prime-time fantasy players, not sleepers haha.

    Glen Coffee? You may be on to sometime there. Although he won't see many carries if Gore stays healthy.
  12. NextGenBoys

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    I picked up Jamaal Charles the day that Larry Johnson was released last season (week 7 I believe), and had a pretty good feeling he would blow up. Dude is so explosive, he will be picked early in 2010. I think he's rated 17 for fantasy players on
  13. NextGenBoys

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    Nice picks bro
  14. Sarge

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    Thomas Jones weakens his overall value this year as opposed to last yr - still good quality.
  15. NeonDeion21

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    Percy Harvin - I know he was the rookie of the year but his potential is unreal. His touches will increase and he has speed to really be dynamic.
  16. adamwest237

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    Good picks!!

    I like Michael Bush & Fred Jackson as RB's who are being overlooked because of more hyped guys on the depth chart. Tim Hightower as well in PPR leagues would fit that category.

    I'm all over the Bears WR's Hester and Knox in 2010, I think these guys suit the Martz system down to the ground and will help a lot of teams to a championship in 2010.

    Can't go past Romo either as a QB, he is most likely the 5th QB off the board and could very well end up the No.1 QB in fantasy football this year.

    I think MB3 is starting to get undervalued too, all the talk will be about Felix but I think Barber did his best work fantasy wise when in a committee with JJones so I expect bigger things from Barber in 2010.
  17. DFWJC

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    some of these "sleepers" aren't even remotely sleepers. Guys like Jamaal Charles will be picked as a starting RB1 or RB2 in almost every league this year (especially in 12+ team leagues).
    Calvin Johnson? He is about as far from a sleeper as you can get...every fantasy league in the US will start that guy...and almost all as a WR1. Miles Austin? Ryan Matthews? These are starters folks.

    How about Malcom Floyd or someone like that. Even he is prob. not be a "sleeper' with Vjax out.
    Maybe a guy like Montario Hardesty if he can beat out Harrison?
    A more obvious one that may not be a sleeper wopuld be Ben Tate. He fits perfectly with the Houston zone blocking scheme and should go nuts.
    Also the Justin Forsett/Leon Washington debate would be a good one.
  18. QT

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    Anthony Gonzales
  19. laythewood28

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    1. CJ Spiller
    2.Kevin Kolb
    3.Micheal Crabtree
  20. QT

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    lol, and how are those sleepers again? Sleepers are like 10th round finders in a 12 man draft.

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