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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by honyock, Aug 22, 2013.

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    This has probably been covered here at some point...I was thinking yesterday how much I look forward to those 16 Cowboys games every year and tried to think of any other yearly sports moments that are automatic stopdowns for me. So I only got to 20. Those Cowboys games, the Super Bowl,and Sundays at the Masters, US Open and British Open. (I basically grew up on a golf course). Nothing else came to mind as a regular yearly event. And if the Cowboys aren't playing in it, the Super Bowl is the least important of those 20.

    If the Cowboys make the playoffs, that's another level up. No stopdowns for the other sports teams here unless they get to the playoffs, the Olympics are a hit-or-miss every four years, the US games in the World Cup come close for me every four years. But those 20 are the don't-miss every year.

    So what are yours?
  2. WV Cowboy

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    Of course, ALL Cowboys games.
    NFL playoffs through to the Super Bowl
    All WVU football and basketball games.

    I am the PA announcer for our local high school football team. (this is my 20th year) Football is big here, and our school has been very successful for decades. So all five home games and however many home playoff games we qualify for are huge for me.

    From the Sweet 16 to the Final Four to the Championship game.
    NBA finals
    College World Series
    All golf Majors
    Little League World Series
    MLB World Series

    But that's about all. - LOL

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    Texa/OU Football and March Madness are that way for me as well.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    Works for me :)
  5. WV Cowboy

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    You added 'some' didn't you? :D
  6. BigDGarciaFan

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    my 2013-14 list of sporting events that ill watch

    NFL- All the Cowboys games, sometimes Texans
    College Football- UT-San ANtonio Roadrunners Baby(every game on TV), Grambling vs Southern, most of the Bowl Games.
    NBA - All Spurs, sometimes the Clippers. All-Star Weekend(not slam dunk contest unless it involves a Spur)
    MLB - All-Star Game, World Series, sometimes the playoffs. , the Finals(if involves the Heat, i wont watch)
    NHL - Winter Classic and Stanley Cup
    Winter Olympics
    NCAA Tourney
    World Cup
    Some of the Major Golf Tournaments
    Indianapolis 500
    NASCAR - Daytona 500 and All-Star Race
    Formula 1 - almost every race(i want Sebastain Vettel not to win the title, he bores me just like the Miami Heat bores me)
    Motorcycle GP - almost every race
    Australian Football
    Arena Football(every game especially the Talons)
    NASL minor League soccer(SA Scorpions on local TV)
    UEFA Champions League Final
    sometimes Barclays FA League Soccer
    CFL and the Grey Cup
    sometimes Little league World Series
    sometimes Lacrosse(MLL and NLL)
  7. WV Cowboy

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    LLWS is over, .. time to move on to College Football, and then the NFL.
  8. MC KAos

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    For me it's
    Every cowboys/longhorns football game
    Any champions league game involving barca or city, plus any game on after the group stages
    Every EPL/Fa city game
    Most, but not all barca games, since they usually beat the crap out of the bottom of la liga
    Every game of the World Cup and copa america
    Any game involving the us men's or women's national teams in soccer
    Any big tennis grand slam matches, including any time fed, nadal, djokovic or Murray play one another
    Rangers playoff games
    Any time Yu Darvish pitches
    And of course, any and every spurs game on TV here in Fort Worth
  9. CopenhagenCowboy

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    3-5 NFL games each week of Regular Season, all Post Season games.
    The NFL draft
    3-5 Danish Superleague games each week (soccer)
    Any international game with Denmark or Danish teams (soccer)
    Le Mans 24 hours endurance race
    Every race in the Speedway World Championships series
    All four tennis Grand Slam tournaments and some of the Majors
    Badminton World Championships and some of the Majors
    Premier League darts, World Championships and some of the Majors
    Snooker World Championships and some of the Majors
    Beach volleyball Majors whenever I have the time
    Handball European and World Championships
    Swimming World Championships
    Athletics World Championships and some Diamond League events
    Alpine Skiing whenever I have the time
    Cycling whenever I have the time
    Summer and Winter Olympics of course

    And then some Champions League, Europa League, Italian Serie A and B, English Premier League and German Bundesliga soccer.

    I watch nothing but sports on my television and laptop.

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