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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I think there will be more younger players replacing older on this team in the next two yrs. If you listen to Jerry he is fascinated with how the Niner and Seahawks have been built. These teams are young and conditioned very very good.

    Especially San Fran. And it showed in the superbowl. After that blackout Niners young legs and body were the highlight. Ravens with older vets were tight while the Niners handled it easily. And it showed.

    This yr i can see players like:

    all gone for younger, cheaper talent. And then in 2014 Austin, Hatcher, maybe a suprise Elite cut.

    Its turned into a fast pace NFL. Where younger and better conditioned teams are going to win. Dallas has been going that route but the problem has been the core of their team(elite) has some age on them.

    Dallas needs to hit on this offseason. For one, because they dont have the cap room to sign the better younger talent in FA,
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    I think that trend started with the Cowboys 2 years ago. You will always have a few players over 30.

    It's good to have youth, but talent and execution win Championships. We saw that in the Super Bowl.
  3. Woods

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    and yet the Ravens won the SB with several ageing vets on their roster, esp on defense.

    It's good to have a young roster, but a few key vets who can still perform and are positive in the locker room are also good for team dynamics, imo.
  4. Idgit

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    I also didn't necessarily think the 9ers appeared in better shape physically in the Superbowl. That run was going to happen at some point, anyway. But their defense, in my opinion, really wasn't as dominant late in the season as it was early. Which stands to reason given how little subbing they do and how many snaps they logged this year.
  5. LatinMind

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    Ref'n was spotty that whole game IMO. They missed alot of calls on both ends. Esp on that safety BAL took. Clear holding on that play but the ref eyes were stuck on the punter. Ballgame.

    NFL clearly didnt have their A game reffing that game.
  6. lurkercowboy

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    Had the refs called holding on that intentional safety play, how would that have helped the 49ers?
  7. Idgit

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    I thought the game was well called, actually. That hold on the safety was a non-issue, but it was good coaching on John Harbaugh's part.
  8. LatinMind

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    it was holding thats my point. But i also think there was that late hit on flacco that wouldve gave them a 1st and goal at the one. and that shove on a ref.

    Ref game was bad
  9. 5Stars

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    The teams did seem to play faster, younger, needing it more type of game. And I saw that through all the playoff teams.

    The Cowboys have to get young. The NFL is a young man's game.

    But, watching the SB was really cool...the commercials sucked. :cool:

    And...I think the Cowboys do have some young players...maybe some on the practice squad that we don't know about?

    Yes, the Cowboys have to get younger and smarter....otherwise, 8-8.

  10. xwalker

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    The average age of the current expanded roster is 25.29 years.

    32 Romo, Tony
    31 Ratliff, Jay
    30 Hatcher, Jason
    30 Livings, Nate
    30 Orton, Kyle
    30 Ware, DeMarcus
    30 Witten, Jason
    29 Armstrong, Anthony
    29 Cook, Ryan
    29 Free, Doug
    29 Sensabaugh, Gerald
    29 Spears, Marcus
    29 Vickers, Lawrence
    28 Austin, Miles
    27 Bernadeau, Mackenzy
    27 Connor, Dan
    26 Carr, Brandon
    26 Lee, Sean
    26 Parnell, Jermey
    26 Underwood, Brandon
    25 Agnew, Vince
    25 Albright, Alex
    25 Arkin, David
    25 Bailey, Dan
    25 Brent, Josh
    25 Cochart, Colin
    25 Harris, Dwayne
    25 Lissemore, Sean
    25 Satele, Brashton
    25 Scandrick, Orlando
    25 Simmons, Aderious
    25 Stephens, Nick
    24 Bryant, Dez
    24 Callaway, Rob
    24 Carter, Bruce
    24 Church, Barry
    24 Coale, Danny
    24 Dominguez, Ray
    24 Kowalski, Kevin
    24 Mitchell, Carlton
    24 Murray, DeMarco
    24 Pellerin, Micah
    24 Sheffield, Cameron
    24 Smith, Andre
    24 Tanner, Phillip
    24 Taylor, Monte
    24 Weems, Darrion
    23 Bass, Ben
    23 Beasley, Cole
    23 Benford, Tim
    23 Crawford, Tyrone
    23 Dunbar, Lance
    23 Green, Jared
    23 Hanna, James
    23 Johnson, Matt
    23 Jones, Chris
    23 Leary, Ronald
    23 Moore, Sterling
    23 Price, Brian
    23 Wilber, Kyle
    22 Claiborne, Morris
    22 Hughlett, Charley
    22 Igbinosun, Ikponmwosa
    22 McSurdy, Caleb
    22 Smith, Tyron
    25 Lemon, Orie
    25 Costa, Phil
    24 McCray, Danny
    29 Schaefering, Brian
  11. ABQcowboyJR

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    A youth trend is a perpetual thing in the NFL. If your not getting young good talent your falling behind. SF and SEA are beneficiaries of being bad teams and drafting very high for a long duration.
  12. richzre

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    Looked to me that the older slower Ravens were running away with the game looking like a blow out until the mysterious power outage for 30 minutes helped the 49ers catch their breath and regroup.
  13. speedkilz88

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    His point is that it wouldn't have changed the outcome. SF would have had to decline because they wouldn't have put any more time on the clock.
  14. Idgit

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    Actually, the penalty on the offense in the end zone is a safety, anyway. BAL just bought some more time by instructing the players to hold the rushers. Good coaching.

    The refs should have thrown the flags, but I sure they knew the outcome was the same and didn't bother to disturb the flow of the game to ask SF If they wanted the safety, or the safety. :)
  15. BHendri5

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    Jason Garrett, that is his work
  16. Clove

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    More than anything, you just need talent. And you'll also need someone who knows how to call and manage a game. The difference between most NFL teams is slim.

    Bad call, bad throw, bad drop, a bad coverage, missing an INT, all those things represent a team who's just not ready to compete.

    The coaching and the QB play has to get better down the stretch. No way around it, young guys or old.
  17. Wolfpack

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    Thats really brilliant coaching as you noted, great job picking up on that! You have to know the GAME inside and out to win at the top level.
  18. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Yeah. Sometimes it helps when your HC is a former ST coordinator, huh? It was a smart call, all around.
  19. rocyaice

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    I say this everytime someone brings up "rebuilding" or "youth movement". Its tough for this team to do when the core of their players are all mid 20's. Yes, Romo, Ware, Witten and Ratliff are 30+ but this teams core and who will be the reason this team has ANY success next year will be because of the Tyron's, the Sean Lee's, the Bruce Carter's, the Demarco's, the Brandon Carr's, the Morris Claiborne's and the Dez Bryant's. All guys in their mid 20's or early 20's.
  20. Tezz

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    The 49ers have I think literally the oldest D-line in the league. Its about results like how the Seahawks re-upped Chris Clemons last off-season even though he is the same age as Jay Ratliff.

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