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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 3, 2012.

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    - The overall theme I came away from this game was this is the most encouraged I had been by the team since the week 1 victory against the G-Men. I thought overall, the team looked somewhat disciplined and prepared. I liked how both Demarco and Felix gutted it out and we ran the ball well. I thought Tyron played great, Livings mediocre, Cook was Cook, Benardeau very well and Free was awful. But overall, I thought the O-Line was serviceable. I thought Dez played superb. We started using Dez, Miles and Witten to their strengths. I thought defensively the 3 ‘true starters’ (Spencer, Ware and Hatcher) played great. And of course, anytime you can beat the Eagles, that is a good thing.

    I know this is the time of year when some fans want the team to lose because that will improve their draft position. To me, I don’t see this team making the playoffs. And I also believe that Garrett should go 8-8 AND hand the offense over to somebody else for me to want him back in 2013. But, progress and the team’s progress is ALWAYS more important to me than just about anything else. If the team progresses, the wins will come. And if they continue to progress, the Super Bowls will come.

    That’s what I saw, even though it didn’t always appear that way last night. The offense looked very capable. The defense played with some fire. And we ended up winning the game. I just think we look like a better team, despite all of the injuries, than we did last year at this time.

    - I’m convinced that Andy Reid must spike the media’s drinking water when it comes to his QB’s. While McNabb was a good QB, you would have thought he was the second coming of Johnny Unitas. Anybody who dared question McNabb’s ability, particularly in the clutch, was ostracized for it. Then AJ Feeley was so great and they got a 2nd round pick for him. Next up, Kevin Kolb, who had one good game against a suspect Saints defense that was up by 20 points early in the game. Then Mike Vick not only came back as this suddenly great QB, but we were told that we should forgive him since he paid his debt to society. Now it’s Nick Foles. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he’s a combination of Tom Brady meets Joe Montana. I fully expect someday there will be a mass of media writers looking like this after drinking the Andy Reid kool-aid

    Of course, I can play off the old joke ‘what do you call 1,000 sports writers laying dead on the ground from drinking the Andy Reid kool aid?’

    ‘A good start.’

    - I think from now on the Cowboys will be intent on using Dez as the X-receiver, Miles at the Z-spot. Personally, I think it’s long past time to give up on the Ogletree experiment. Forget about the fumble, he’s too limited and cannot catch anything more than 15 yards deep. It’s one of the problems we have on this team, Dez is the only player good in a jump ball situation. So that limits us moving a WR to the Z-spot and shifting Miles into the Y-spot (slot). I do think that Beasley and Harris should be on this team for the foreseeable future. Harris is serviceable in a pinch, but I do like his punt return skills.

    -The problems we had on defense to me where the ILB’s and the safeties. I thought that Ware, Spencer, Hatcher and Brent all played very well. Spears is worthless. But, we have a major issue with our DB’s ability to tackle. Claiborne and Carr are sub-par, but Sensy and McCray are horrendous at tackling.

    -All in all, it was encouraging. Albeit, not the most entertaining thing to see. The injuries make this team feel different than it should look. But, the team has nobody to blame but themselves for the lack of depth. Forget about ‘the process’ and instead worry about progress. If we can keep doing the latter, we’ll be fine. Otherwise, the process is just a waste of time and a built-in excuse.

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    I'm not so much encouraged as content. We won a game that we absolutely should have against a team with literally nothing to play for. I don't like our slow starts. And the trend of getting into the red-zone and committing penalties.

    Gotta love how Dez and Romo are playing. They're connection is starting to look like Romo/TO. Very very encouraged there.

    Agreed, Bernadeau really has been looking pretty good lately.

    There's just not much we can do this year with such an injured defense. We're missing literally almost half of the starters--all in the middle of the D. If we want to get to the playoffs, the offense is going to have to step it up a notch. I don't think they can--even with the return of Murray. If Garrett stays next year, he absolutely needs to let Callahan or someone else call the plays. I don't think he's very good at.
  3. Yakuza Rich

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    The procedural penalties bother me more because it's a lack of discipline and smarts. The holding penalties are unique because it's not a lack of discipline and smarts, for the most part. Instead, it's just a case of a player not being good enough.

    I remember Cook had one false start. I actually think he had the snap count, but I really believe he lost his grip on the ball as he was trying to snap and the snap came out a smidge late. So I could live with that.

    And for somebody like Free to get holding calls...yeah, it sucks that he sucks. But, I didn't have an issue with him being re-signed when they did it. And I can't blame Garrett for playing him to start the season. I wish we would now start Parnell in his place.

    It would bother me more if Benardeau and Livings were getting flat out beat and having to hold all of the time because they are clearly guys Garrett wanted and they were questionable signings.

    I know it seems like I'm trying to pass off the merits of the urinal cake tasting better than the dog poop on the front lawn, but I do think there's a difference.

    Still, Garrett needs to give the offense to somebody else. There was one sack where the Eagles were pinning their ears back on something like a 3rd and 8 and the O-Line did give some blocking there, but Romo was sacked because he couldn't find anybody. It's a play where everybody in the stadium knew what the Eagles were going to do and we couldn't come up with a play against it. That's what bothers me.

  4. Venger

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    Brrrrwwwhhhhaaaaaooookay.... Tyron got beat alot last night, if Free's guy wasn't already hitting Romo it'd have been more apparent. His LT play continues to be spotty.
  5. goshan

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    This post completely supports those that ridicule how fickle the fans are. YR, I think you are getting a little tired as the season goes on...not as deep and insightful as we have come to expect.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I can agree with that.

    It's tough to watch a skeleton crew out there. Particularly on defense. Our starting ILB's are Connor and Ernie freaking Sims. I don't hate Sims and think he's pretty good in space, but he's so not suited for a 3-4 scheme. We have Murray playing pretty well, but we can only imagine if how well he would play if it weren't for a bum foot.

    To me, it's kind of like watching 'Legends in Concert', where people pay good money to see good impersonations of legends like Elvis, Elton John, etc. But the reality is that while they may make a good impersonation, they're not the genuine article.

    Many people love that stuff, but it leaves me woefully uninspired.

  7. InmanRoshi

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    I thought Livings played really well. He was getting the critical blocks that sprang Murray's best runs on the left side, and it was refreshing to see Dallas line up in a 1st and goal situation and easily run it in on the first attempt behind him.

    The fact that Murray was able to step in at maybe 80% and revitalize the run game immediately shows how badly the RBs behind him have been the last 6 weeks. The Cowboys blind faith that Felix still had gas left in the tank when he looked so awful in the preseason has really come back to haunt them. RB has to be a priority heading into the offseason.
  8. Yakuza Rich

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    I saw him get away with a couple of holds.

    The refs weren't calling holds on either side. I think he's decent overall and better than I expected coming into the year.

  9. visionary

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    yeah, when is the next time we can play a team without 6 offensive starters, a defense in a shambles, playing a rookie QB and RB, and a HC on his last legs?

    we gave up 31 points to that team

    we won, and that is great, but this is not an "encouraging" development

    lets see how we look agaisnt the bengals (i cant believe is said that) and pitt and NO and the skins again before we are "encouraged"
  10. Oh_Canada

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    Usually dig your posts, but the depth thing is not entirely the Cowboys fault.

    Does anyone think the Niners defense would be anywhere near as good a defense without Bowman/Willis/Goldson/Whitner???
  11. rickjameschinaclub

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    You know what was encouraging, despite the fact we played a horrible Eagles team...

    There was clearly a different in the play-calling from at least the 2nd quarter onwards...

    Jason Garrett or whoever actually ran play-action multiple times this game. And the TD by Dez, where Romo rolled right and tossed it back, was shocking simply based on the fact that the play design called for a roll out. I'd also like to add that the almost TD by Jason Witten was another example of what happens when the play-calling actually takes advantage of a situation when Muraay is running well... When was the last time you saw this offense actually attempt to attack the seams. And that TD by Miles, was another example of play-action and using Miles according to his talents, i.e. a crossing route.

    If anybody thinks the problems on this offense are primarily because of talent, they are, IMO, dead wrong. If we don't use play-action, expect a lot of the same old, what's wrong with the offense parade...
  12. Wolfpack

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    I thought the playcalling was much better as well. Red could have totally panicked again but sort of stayed the course AND ran some effective plays.
    The route combos generally were great vs the coverage & pressure. I think they could have taken some shots vs the 5 DL front vs running into it but thats a minor gripe.

    The Eagles also called a good game offensively.
  13. goshan

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    I agree both teams called good games offensively.
  14. DFWJC

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    Yesterday, Romo put together one of the better games that any QB has had this year...especially given the wet paper wall in front of him.
    He deserves big props, imo.
  15. rickjameschinaclub

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    I think it was the best play-calling game on offense this season, probably better than the Giants. I think the Giants game had a lot to do with break downs in coverage on Kevin Ogletree, with Romo buying time with his feet.

    This game, you could say, reflected some sort of method to their attack, especially in the late 3rd and 4th quarter. Romo was picking apart the defense, based off the play-action.
  16. Apollo Creed

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    My man practically used to do scouting reports analyzing all three phases of the game. (Which I most certainly enjoyed minus the Romo bias)

    Now he just fires out a few twitter length blurbs.

    Apathy is most certainly creeping in.
  17. Yakuza Rich

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    It's still a divisional rival. And we are just as injured as they are.

    I've already said I don't see this team making the playoffs. But, I was encouraged by the way they looked. And quite frankly, they looked better last night than they looked at the same time this year. That may all change next Sunday. But for now, I am encouraged.

  18. Yakuza Rich

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    We have a lack of talent at RT. Free is awful. Really frustrating to watch because he'll play 1 play beautifully, then stink the next 3. It's not so much the bull rush, just a pass rusher going full speed. If they go around the edge or directly at him, he can't handle it with any consistency and he knows it.

    We also have a lack of talent at center. And we still don't know what we have with Costa. I was 'encouraged' by what I have seen from Benardeau the past 3 games. Livings is very so-so, IMO.

    We also have a lack of talent at the slot. We replaced this with Witten. But, his game is not to take a 6 yard pass and get the YAC. His game is more like his final 2 catches. Either find holes at get a first down or find a hole in the deep middle.

    Hopefully Beasley will provide us with more of a player suitable for the position, but that's a toss up.

    I think the offense should be better than it is, even with the O-Line. But, I see it as a flawed offense as long as those areas are not addressed.

  19. burmafrd

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    The O line has progressed from putrid to awful to mediocre (except for Free who would gag a maggot)

    But the D has been gutted up the middle and that is where all teams from now on will attack us. Like back in 2006.
  20. goshan

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    I was encouraged by the offense. Murray looked good. Oline blocked pretty well in the 2nd half. WR were open. Romo was sharp.

    I thought the D wasn't good - although obviously we have a ton of injuries. Middle was very soft. RCVRs running open. Brown ran all over us. I didn't think Ware was that good after the 1st series. I do think Philly called a good game though.

    Overall, I am slightly encouraged because if the offense can get on a roll I will feel much better and we may have a shot to win 3 out of next 4 which could put us in the playoffs. And Murray looked better than I expected - he was very good I thought. However, I do think Murray has struggled to have the energy/burst every week over his career here - so we will see if he can keep it up the next couple of weeks.

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