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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 3, 2012.

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    So reality has set in and you just confirmed that stretch of games proves nothing. So why did you bring it up in the first place?
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    Can you maybe ask this same question in a way that makes sense? I'll try to answer. But there's a gulf of difference between a stretch of games proving nothing and it making the head coach a genius.

    The Kitna game comment only came out because you specifically said Romo bails out Jason Garret's lack of imagination, and I think the team's performance during that stretch made that 'criticism' obviously untrue.
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    I guess I just feel like there has to be a way to get the safeties to sneak up using the passing game that we haven't effectively found. Maybe it's as simple as using Dez more and more in the short game in side the 20s, get him to break some tackles and ensure that the safeties know a DB alone isn't enough. I love Witten, but safeties aren't afraid of him because they know a finger flick by a LB will get him to the ground?
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    I never made that comment about JG, somebody else did.

    What I stated is that stretch of games prove nothing in regards to JG being a good coach, because the defense was actually getting turnovers and JJ threatened his players with a job, i.e. JG's record had more to do with stuff he had no control over than his offensive coaching. JG isn't the only one that had temporary 'success' when taking over as an interim coach, because it's too little a time to quantify anything. The more that time has prohgressed the more it becomes abundantly clear how good he really is... which is sucking up the joint...

    The fact is, Kitna threw for 12 INTs, so much for controlling the TO machine that everyone blames Romo for, and all the while, JG going extremely conservative and trying to run the ball, with max protection plenty. Kitna was throwing for less than 200 yards a game in 3 of the games and never broke 300. Their offensive performances, besides 4 of them coming amongst the worst teams in the NFL that year, were nothing spectatular.

    The reason they were scoring is because the defense got TOs, plain and simple.
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    Garrett has been doing that, flipping the strongside of the formation to put Dez on a weaker corner and letting him run short routes to get the ball in his hands quicker.

    Dez is already drawing alot of double coverage, it's the other guys Austin, Olgetree, Harris that need to win their matchups to present problems to the opposing defense.

    Here's a picture from Sturm:


    Witten would probably be the primary target since he's "uncovered" at the moment here, but your probably going to get dink/dunk yardage here because one of the LBs is going to drop into coverage to cover Witten. However, look at the top of the screen on the outside...if there was a big, fast guy that could beat the corner of the LOS there is an open window on the sideline that the S is going to have a hard time covering. That's a big play waiting to happen, but as I've been saying all along we need another guy that can be that problem.
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    garrett homers dont miss the point

    they ignore it and start discussing minutiae because they have nothing but to try and distract from the main issues

    lack of discipline
    lack of accountability
    poor playcalling
    poor planning/no OL, bad safety play

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