News: yS:Owners approve salary cap reductions

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 27, 2012.

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    But yet, thats the whole point mara made that the cowboys and skins front loaded and made an uncompetive advantage to themselves and against the NFL?

    Peppers got like 33 Million frontloaded
    Schaub Texans QB got like 16 Million in 2010 too
    Eagles LOT Jason Peters got like 14,800 Million
    Chiefs DE star got 17 Million same amount Miles Austin got

    That was posted from hoofbite I think, but not sure about. I have asked Adam for the cap contracts of these players that their contracts were frontloaded in 2010 if this was true or not. Havent heard from Adam our cap guru yet though.

    But if those contracts are right or close, then why werent those teams penalized like cowboys and skins and dont forget the 4 teams that didnt spend
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    Not 100 percent sure, but I think the reason for that is that

    A.) Peppers contract was reported wrong and is actually spread out over contract years fairly equally.

    B.) Peters has the same type of contract as well as a few other players whose names have been thrown out there.

    Nick Collins on the other hand received 40 percent of his contract in 2010. Not much difference in that and Miles Austin whose contract has basically the same percentage front loaded, and only about 2 1/2 million dollars less than the 17 mil Austin got. To add to that, the Packers didn't exactly spend conservatively. They were actually the 7th highest spending team that year, which is 1 higher than the Raiders who were penalized... sorta).

    So there are some examples out there, but I don't think the Peters, Schaub, and Peppers incidents hold up very well.
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    I cant answer that.

    It seems unlikely the NFL will win in this case. But its just crazy for people to say Goodell should be forced to resign or apologize. And for Mara to apologize. Getting boat loads of draft picks is unlikely I would think.

    It will most likely get resolved without being a HUGE issue like so many posters here are making it out to be. Thats my point.
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    The Dallas Cowboys Homer in me wants more money back for salary cap next year, more draft picks and Goodell/Mara apologize.

    I forgot who but he posted that most arbitrators give if the client that filed the grievance and wins, generally arbitrators give punitive damages. In this case, Cowboys if this is true will probably get this if shown that Mara overstepped his bounds, broke the law and didnt have right to give out fines when there was no cba or rules. Arbitrators mostly go by laws in concrete, not spirit of an issue when there is no evidence or documents of warning, but just verbal maybe.

    So Cowboys in reality will probably just get this
    1.Win, get their salary cap money back
    2. Get 2 % punitive damages to cover costs etc...
    3. 1 Draft pick to determine in compensation picks how much money 5 Million you lost, you could get such a top free agent.
    4. If the arrogance shows up from John Mara towards the arbitrator, he could if has the power to make Mara apologize or face contempt if has that power, while relaying that to Goodell as NFL Commissioner to act accordingly towards Mara's efforts to penalize the Cowboys without Jerry Jones knowledge who is on the CEC, while not having all the owners vote on this issue which their suppose to do.

    Maybe a draft pick depending on how much money due to salary cap hit, from keeping them signing a good FA. Example Cowboys got just 5 Million taken away this year. So, value of losing out on top FA, (which in my opinion is why Mara did this to keep Cowboys and Skins away from getting top player in free agency. On top of that, Mara popped off if you remember and said Cowboys were lucky they didnt get draft picks taken away. This will be shown to the arbitrator, and if Mara shows the arrogance he still shows, the arbitrator can discipline him in some fashion to get his point to Mara he isnt God and you cant make rules up as you go. That other teams violated the competitive balance but Mara didnt force this penalty onto them, but only 2 clubs in his own division.
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    29-0 with Tampa not voting.

    If I was Jerry I would remember this when it comes time for a new revenue sharing plan.:mad:

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