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    Anyone have experience with these?


    I run a lot, outside and on the treadmill, and have massive problems with my headphones slipping out when I start sweating a lot.
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    Lmao...I was going to post this question about a month ago. I tried to buy a set, but the website was screwed up, and the sizing is a pain in the butt. I gave up after a week of trying to get a pair.

    I bought a pair of knock off yurbuds made by panasonic or something....they looked very similar and are marketed for "sports", but the results were very poor. After about 2.5-3 miles I started to work up a good sweat and couldn't keep the damn things in my ear. I think "sports" is a relative term to the people who make these things.

    Anyway, I finally just ponied up the dough for a pair of Sennheisers and I'm done with it. I didn't want wrap-arounds, but these things just work. Love 'em so far.
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    I use this while running. Works great. Holds about 2GB of music.

    Sony NWZ-W252 Headphone-Style Walkman MP3 Player


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