Zack Martin a wild card for 1 st rd ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bodi, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. bodi

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    1,054 Likes Received draft analyst Mike Mayock, who also calls games for Notre Dame during the season, made it a point to say how much Martin wowed him, saying he was a better prospect that he originally thought.

    Todd McShay of ESPN Scouts Inc. had a similar reaction. In his Senior Bowl write-up, he explained Martin made major strides during his senior season with the Fighting Irish and it was evident during the practices and Saturday’s game.

    Martin has been projected to be a first round-caliber prospect for a while, but his Senior Bowl performance allowed scouts to view his versatility in full effect. They were impressed by his natural competitiveness, his ability to absorb blockers and use his quick feet to slow down speed rushers. He even has the skill-set to play guard, should a team have a greater need at that position.

    Ra'Shede Hageman an Kony Ealy do not impress me

    if Jerrigan is there I take him but really he the only D Lineman I take din the first

    pick up Kelcy Quarles in the 2nd

    and I would love to get Pryor in there some where
  2. Floaty

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    I'm on the Zach Martin train.................
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  3. jobberone

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    I want Super Deion. He can return punts and score TDs on STs. He will play CB either on the outside and the slot. Can move to FS. Run like Deion but also be built to tackle as well. He'll play some X, Z and W as well as some RB mostly to catch the ball in space. We'll play him most snaps with an occasional breather. Then we'll get a LB who can cover, play the run, and play FB as well including catching the ball out of the backfield.

    Now go get us some DL and DBs.
  4. xwalker

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    Martin is a terrific college player. He is ahead of other college players both mentally and in the weight room; however, it would be betting against historical odds of him playing OT in the NFL. His arm length and wingspan are well below the NFL average for OTs. His height is somewhat below average and his weight might be nearly maxed out for his frame based on his smallish wingspan.

    On the flip side of the argument, the Cowboys probably need depth at Guard more than OT. Martin would probably be a really good Zone Blocking Guard that might or might not be an option to also play OT.
  5. RS12

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    Jerry already has it in his head they are going to draft defense. I like Martin and feel certain he'll be on the board at 17 but doubt they would take him there. Maybe on a trade down in the mid to high 20s.
  6. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    I doubt their board is anywhere near ready. They don't have any idea what they will do but they are evaluating needs.
  7. supercowboy8

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    I don't see him as a OT in the NFL. I think he would be a real good LG who I would love to have but I hate drafting OGs top 20.
  8. tm1119

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    Jerry has already said something along the lines of not investing too many resources in 1 position in regards to the o line. I don't agree with it, but I seriously doubt Jerry goes o line in round 1. I just hope he has the sense to at least grab someone in at least the 3rd or 4th.
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  9. bodi

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    yea me to tm
  10. Chris in Arizona

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    Bryan Broaddus is currently high on Zack Martin. Suggested he would play RG now and then RT once team moves on from Doug Free.

    I'm hoping(begging) for D-Line help but wouldn't hate taking Martin (or another OL player). Helps Romo now and like Frederick and Tyron, would be in his prime when the next QB (cough, Christian Hackenberg, cough)has to step in.
  11. Bigdog

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    Jerry is a smart business man but sometimes he doesn't use his business intelligence in the football scheme of things and protecting your biggest investment in Romo.
  12. jobberone

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    I'm not convinced we need an OG. I do think they will look at a C/G but if the right player is there then they will look at OL. I think it's fine to talk about all this but I don't get into it until closer to the draft and after the combine. I want to see what they do with Ware, Hatcher, and Spencer.
  13. Leadbelly

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    If we talk ourselves out of a RD1 DL yet again, I might essplode.

    We were 8-8 with one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL AND we're losing our lone productive DT. With Zack Martin…we'd be lucky to still end up 8-8. He's not in the same league as Cooper or Warmack last year. Not a difference maker.
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  14. jobberone

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    Just because you pick in the first does not make that player a successful one. But you're right it does help the odds. I wouldn't have a problem with a S or pass rusher in the first besides a DL but I get your drift.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    He is not a lot different in arm length than Joe Thomas, both around 32 inches, but he is shorter. Players like Bulaga, Michael Roos and Justin Pugh have similar measurements as well. I do not see that it is absolutely necessary to peg him as a guard.
  16. reddyuta

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    I don't think so,we have 2 first rd linemen who will definitely be re-signed ,that's a huge draft resource used and cap hit there,we should draft a guard in the later rounds though.
  17. burmafrd

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    what is our success rate at drafting guards after the 2nd rd? In the last 20 years?

    Leary MIGHT be a good 3-5 year player for us- still a little early to see. But he was not drafted at all.
  18. Sandyf

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    I like Martin also but only if we could say trade down in the 1st to around the 26 mark and pick up an early 2nd because someone falls in love with another guy. Then I might take Martin as an OG who has the ability to play RT. An O line of Smith, Martin, Frederick, Leary, Free would be a great start to 2014 for Linehan to call plays.

    If we could pick up an extra second early, then for me Pryor at FS and Murphy at our 2nd spot and Quarles in the 3rd would be a great draft. Really don't see Murphy or Pryor going in the 1st, probably wrong but it is early.
  19. xwalker

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    Roos 33-3/4, Bulaga 33-1/4.

    The jury is still out on how good Justin Pugh will be and if he can move to LT.

    Joe Thomas is 6'6-5/8. Martin is 6'4. The concern is more about total wingspan (shoulder width + arm length) than just arm length. Martin's wingspan is smaller than some CBs. I'm not saying that he can't do it, but you're betting against the averages to assume that he can. Like I said, it's not too big of an issue because he can always move to Guard; however, you have to determine if he can carry much more than his current 305 on his frame before making him a 1st round pick, IMO.
  20. Hardline

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    The only 2 OL I am interested in the first round is Cyrus Kouandjio and Greg Robinson. And we all know Robinson is a top 5 pick.

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