News: ZD Studios to design mini-museum for Dallas Cowboys

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    WED., APR 23, 2008 - 5:25 PM
    ZD Studios brings companies' histories to life

    By Marv Balousek

    ZD Studios of Madison uses touch screens, holographic images and the latest multimedia techniques to bring alive the yellowed pages of corporate histories and sports legacies.

    The design firm has created mini-museums for the Green Bay Packers, American Family Children 's Hospital, Marshall Erdman & Associates, Sub-Zero Freezer Co./Wolf Appliance, the Wisconsin Badgers and other corporate and sports clients.

    "We 're storytellers and designers, " said ZD Studios principal and creative director Mark Schmitz. "There seems to be a large movement right now for companies to really celebrate their history. "

    The design firm is working on UW Badger Alley, a 600-foot walkway display at Camp Randall Stadium scheduled for completion this fall that will trace the land 's history from a Civil War military and prison camp to football stadium.

    In the beer caves at Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, ZD Studios is creating a mural with a ghosted image of founder Frederick Miller, who will step out of the mural and talk to visitors about the brewery. An actor plays Miller in the holographic image. The display opens in August.

    The mini-museum at Marshall Erdman & Associates is in an alcove on the first floor of the company 's new corporate headquarters at 1 Erdman Place on Madison 's West Side. The display includes video and life-sized photos of founder Marshall Erdman.

    Erdman chief executive Scott Ransom said the display helps build employee pride of the company.

    "It was a very collaborative and engaging experience, " he said of working with ZD Studios. "I feel they are very creative and spent a significant amount of time trying to understand our brand message and culture. "

    Not all of the mini-museums are open to the public.

    The Hall of Champions at Lambeau Field in Green Bay is a private corridor for players that 's designed to make Packers rookies aware of the team 's legacy. The display includes telegrams from President John F. Kennedy and other celebrities to Packers coach Vince Lombardi congratulating him on the team 's 1961 NFL championship.

    Sub-Zero 's mini-museum is open to distributors and visitors, but not the general public, said corporate marketing manager Paul Leuthe. The display traces the company 's history from when Westye Bakke founded the company in 1945.

    "It was one of those things where we as a company were building a manufacturing facility, " Leuthe said. "It was a vision of (president and chief executive) Jim Bakke, who wanted to have the story articulated. "

    Schmitz, a Madison native, said he knew he wanted to pursue a design career after a teacher at Odana Elementary School put his drawing on display in a glass case in the school hallway.

    He attended UW-Madison and then studied commercial art and illustration at Madison Area Technical College. His MATC associate degree helped land a design job in Denver, Colo. He later worked in Stevens Point.

    Schmitz returned to Madison in 1992 and founded ZD Studios with a partner who he said soon fell in love with a client and left the firm.

    The firm 's 18 employees work in offices on two floors at 111 S. Hamilton St. above Peppino 's Restaurant off the Capitol Square.

    ZD Studios is designing a mini-museum for the Dallas Cowboys scheduled to open in September. (WG=September, 2009 maybe?) The firm has worked with Duke University and the Miami Dolphins as well as the Wilderness Society and Georgetown University.

    The firm is working to bring alive the story of college football player Jack Trice at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where the football stadium is named after him. Trice, the university 's first black player, died from injuries suffered in his first game in 1923.

    Closer to home, ZD Studios has designed historical kiosks for walking trails along Lake Mendota and is working on a polar bear exhibit and donor wall at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

    "I 've always had a deep appreciation for the history of our state and our city, " Schmitz said. "By becoming a part of the past, you reconcile the future. "
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