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Ziggy Ansah OLB/DE

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyzz11, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. cowboyzz11

    cowboyzz11 Benched

    74 Messages
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    6'6" 270#

    A little more than a couple of years since he started playing football, Ansah has begun to tap into his vast potential. These days, NFL scouts are flocking to Provo to watch Ansah and learn more about him. ESPN commentators are gushing about his jaw-dropping burst into the backfield. Ansah's playing style has drawn comparisons to Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants.

  2. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,571 Likes Received
    Interesting. He appears to play primarily as a DE in a 3-man line. I also saw him line up at NT and OLB.
  3. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

    47,596 Messages
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    Is he related AOA?
  4. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,571 Likes Received
    I don't think so.

    AOA was born in the US. His parents are from Ghana.

    Ziggy was born in Ghana. It says that he didn't know anything about football until he came to BYU.

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