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    well not much more than I said. Deion hated parcells and tried to get the fans against him everyday around these parts.

    Guys like parcells don't tolerate fake people like sanders and sanders wasn't allowed to go to valley ranch and talk to the players so sanders was dead set on going after parcells.

    anyway, he had a 103.3 radio show and zimmer went on and ripped everyone. Pretty sure from what I remember it was everyones fault but zimmer's. Newman loves him but he ripped newman and the rest of the secondary, ripped parcells for not letting him coach how he wanted to...whatever.......and on and on...

    if it was so bad for him he should have left and took another job. Most love to work for a legend because it makes them better.

    Parcells was so sick of the stories in the media about the 43 and the players all whining about it at the end of the 06 season he let zimmer run his 43 against Detroit and it was horrible.

    where do you think all that talk came from in the media? I am 100% convinced zimmer was telling the media in 06 that it was all parcells fault and the 34's fault.

    I just don't like the guy and fail to see when he has ever accomplished anything at a high level. I like his approach but where are the results? And if you're a tough old school guy why tell the media all this stuff?
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    what happened to his family was a terrible tragedy but I don't see what that has to do with anything? He has been in a coordinator in this league for a long time so he clearly is a good coach.

    I just am not a fan that is all and I am extremely happy he is not coming here. Watching him with that miserable look on his face while balls go down the field at big moments and get us beat is not something I ever want to experience again.
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    Is that the game where Kitna said Bradie James looked lost out there? Wow, never realized that happened.

    I listened to Parcells' news conferences daily, and he was nothing but supportive of Zimmer. Sad if Zimmer actually did that.
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    That is because the top 3 problems with the 2003 defense that needed to be addressed and improved upon going into 2004 actually got worse. Dallas needed better talent and production at RDE, RCB and DT. Instead of improving all three of those positions they found guys who weren't as good as the ones they replaced.

    Marcellus Wiley replaced Ebenezer Ekuban at RDE and wasn't as good.

    Pete Hunter and Lance Frazier replaced Mario Edwards at RCB and weren't as good.

    Leonardo Carson replaced Willie Blade at DT and wasn't as good.

    You can't take your three weakest areas, make them worse and expect to improve. On top of all that they also lost Darren Woodson to injury. It was not surprising that the 2004 defense was a disaster.
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    yes it was and yes parcells spoke highly of zimmer every day when asked and I believe still does.
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    woodson was the biggest one. The ekuban thing wasn't that big of a deal. Ogbogu played a lot anyway.

    It was the qb's we played. I have watched that season a million times. It was all about the horrible qb's we played.

    in 04 we got stuck playing better qb's and it showed up all over the field every week.

    it sucked that Edwards didn't come back in 04. It sucked in 03 when we signed Donald Mitchell to be our nickel corner and then he retired...Derek ross played well though and was another guy missed in 04.

    losing woodson messed up the whole secondary and newman had an ankle injury he played through that entire year also.

    it was the qb's though. Go look them up, they were just pathetic who we played in 03.
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    You wondered why the media and others rooted for him and I just put that out there. Many players, when that happened, said the guy was a beast as a coach but a teddy bear with his family and that his wife coming around was a big part of that. So I think the media feels that way about the guy too...and about his work as a coordinator.

    You've been experiencing worse since he left with Garrett and his merry coordinators.
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    no doubt. I would take zimmer over ryan or kiffen anyday.

    I don't want any of them in a perfect world to be honest though.
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    Oh I remember them clearly; I was likely part of the fans nitpicking Zimmer's playcalling/defensive structure as I remember screaming to not have our CBs play that god awful 10-12 yard cushion. I love his demeanor though, and feel he is smart/humble enought to adapt to his given talent (Roy.TNEW.Ellis.Glover) Cincy. I'm not a huge fan of his scheme either tbh. However, he seems he can direct the ship when given the freedom of final say. I wouldnt want him in D bc of the likelihood of him being puppetized.
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    BTW, this probably puts an end to any Norv on Dallas speculation. He's rumored to be OC in MIN to develop a top 10 pick at QB.
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    more good news
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    I think who Dallas faced does play a part. I also think you have to improve your weak spots. Everyone knew those three positions had to be improved after the 2003 season ended. There were hopes that maybe Dallas could sign Bertrand Berry to strengthen that RDE spot or Antoine Winfield at CB and a few options at DT. Guys that would be actual improvements, but Dallas ended up with trash.

    I don't think the defense would have been great even if Ekuban, Edwards and Blade all returned in 2004. Probably not as bad as they ended up being, but not great. They still needed better players and production from each of those positions that I mentioned. To actually replace them with worse players doomed the team no matter who they faced. They could have played the same schedule as in 2003 and did worse because the players were worse. That is hardly on Zimmer for that.
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    Ekuban was already benched by the end of 03
    Mario Edwards was only slightly better than Pete Hunter, but he was a pass interference machine.
    Willie Blade never played significant football again after 2003.

    Winning in 03 was a HUGE problem. It kept us from doing some significant roster moves in the 04 offseason and put us a year behind. Then we just missed the playoffs in 2005 (despite our best draft in probably the last 20 years). 06 we started pointing up.

    I will always wish Parcells stuck around for at least one more year. I think we would have been better in 07 with him there and Romo finally becoming the starter. You can kind of point to 03 as what caused this. It would have just been better to tank in 03 and let Parcells use that offseason to really get it back together.

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    Good for you Zimmy!

    I hope you prove to be a heck of a fine HC. Be watching the Vikings a little more now.
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    Hasn't been the same since.
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    I remember that was the same year the NFL put the no 5-yard contact point of emphasis in. Secondary has been pretty crappy ever since.
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    Zimmer will be good, bad for us.
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    I would be surprised if the he does much as a head coach. Watching him here all those years and getting the Bengals games in my region I'm just not that impressed. His defense is good but definitely a notch below the better defenses in the league.
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    ~cough~ Jon Gruden
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    Great Hire by the Vikings, long overdue as far as I'm concerned......looks like Zimmer is going after Norv Turner as his Offensive coordinator...

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