Zirin and 9/11

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Future, Sep 7, 2011.

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    I don't know if any of you are Dave Zirin fans, but he's basically the man. This is an article he wrote about how the NFL will do its 9/11 tribute. It's at least tangentially related to the Cowboys game.


    Roger Goodell’s office says that this pomp is aimed to “unite fans to recognize those who lost their lives, honor the families who lost loved ones, and salute the American spirit, the early responders on 9/11, and other heroes that contributed to the nation’s recovery.” If you are one of the 25 million Americans looking for work, or related to one of the hundreds of thousands of troops stationed overseas in three theaters of war, you might wonder what recovery Goodell is referencing.
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    Emotional recovery.

    Psychological recovery.

    Return to a sense of normalcy.

    Take your pick. Not every use of the word "recovery" has to refer to the author's implied context.

    His part on Pat Tilman is way off, IMO.

    First and foremost, Pat Tilman was very much opposed to any sort of recognition for his service. He wanted nothing to do with being made out to be some hero and wanted everything to do with serving his country just the same as the men standing next him.

    Based on everything I have heard, Tilman wouldn't want to be singled out as some hero and propped up next to the most horrific attack this country has known. And how does anyone even know the NFL didn't plan it but were asked not to by his family?

    His story is polarizing? Wrong.

    His story is inspiring, admirable and tragic at the same time. What's polarizing is the aftermath of his story. Trying to shuffle the two together is nothing more than a misguided attempt at stirring up a little banter and webpage views.

    The NFL honored Pat Tilman long at after his passed. They did so to a pretty large extent and I don't think it's appropriate to re-honor this single man out of thousands who have perished in war during the 9/11 memorial.

    Personally, I think the author's attempt at using Pat Tilman as a segway to bash the NFL is deplorable. I think his implied context of "recovery" is sickening in the grand scheme of thousands of people dying in a terrorist attack.

    Total trash. Literally, that article doesn't deserve the bandwidth is uses.
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    Wow how do you really feel :laugh2:

    I think you're right about Tillman at least, and I'm kinda indifferent about the article as a whole. I more or less agree with him, but I mostly just thought it was something interesting, especially since I read him all the time.

    His blog is www.edgeofsports.com if you want to send him some hate mail hoof haha
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    Nah, I don't care to mail the guy.

    Probably a little worked up when I wrote it but I just despise the idea of using Pat Tilman and a specific aspect of the country's present state as a means to attack the NFL or Roger Goodell. I think it's completely ridiculous.

    Almost as ridiculous as the people who rail on Goodell for all the rule changes that passed the competition committee with nearly unanimous votes.

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