News: Zolak on Vick, Bledsoe

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Nors, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Vick is to Atlanta what Bledsoe was to Buffalo. Good QB in the wrong system. Although, I've never seen a QB/RB succeed in the NFL until they learned to stay in the pocket. Ask McNabb, McNair, Cordell Stewart, etc. Throwing accurate passes on the run isnt easy and staying healthy is even tougher!!
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    I remember wondering why a lot of college football teams run totally different offenses than the pros. Why so many teams have "running QB's" that may or may not have good throwing skills. What many of us look for in college QB's are the intangibles that make for a good pro QB. Also, many tend to make a big deal about college programs installing a pro type system and how it works for the kids that intend to go pro after college.

    The funny thing is that Atlanta seems to be running a college offense and it's working. Warrick Dunn has been a mediocre RB until he started running with Vick. He seems to be having his best years of late and seems quite comfortable being the featured back for the Falcons. They used to go with the three punch attack of Dunn, Vick and Duckett but now it's mostly the Dunn and Vick show.

    I agree with one other poster in this thread that says that Vick only needs to go back for passes 15-20 times a game, much like the Steelers QB does now. After that, you do what most teams figure to be the most proven formula to winning games and that's to run the football and if you have the ability to use your QB in that attack, I say more power to you.

    With Vick and his "inaccuracies" Atlanta has decided to go with the talent he does have and use it to win and stay competitive. To this date, it appears to be working and they can challenge for the NFC this year and that's more than a lot of teams can say even with better "technical" and more "intelligent" QB's.
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    They actually mentioned this concerning Jeff Garcia on Monday night countdown, and stated his rating inside the pocket and outside the pocket. Noting that his rating was so much higher outside the pocket because he could not see the field from inside the pocket because he was short.
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    :bow: There you go man. That is the post of the day. If you are going to build a team around a guy, build it around his strengths, not his weaknesses.

    IMO, the Falcons need a dominant running back and a couple of deep threats at WR to maximize Vick's strengths.

    It's no wonder Vick's best season as a passer was his first season as a starter. He has regressed because his skills does not match the offense that he is playing.
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    No it wasn't.
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    Vick is huge with the kids today.The problem
    with him, is that as exciting as it is to watch him scramble,
    unless it's a straight down the field pass,he's not hitting
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    ya but if you ever actually watch brees play you'd see what a big problem it really is. even though he plays really well some weeks he still throws crazy picks that make zero sense and it looks like he cant even see where he throws it. Then he has this crazy jump throw he always uses that has to be less accurate than a normal throw. and they use him on bootlegs or he runs outside the tackles sometimes too to be able to see clearly. They should keep Rivers.
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    Aikman thinks that height is overrated too. He said that even though he was 6'4", he still couldn't see over some of his 6'8" (Flo?) linemen.

    He said qbs need to learn to pass through lanes and hit the windows.
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    I guess noone remembers when it was said that Steve Young was a running back playing QB, was innaccurate and would never be a great. Remember he started out in the USFL, then Tampa and then sat behind Joe Montana for several years before finally "getting the monkey off his back" in 1994. Accuracy depends on mechanics, understanding the offense and reading defenses. Before last year Brees was considered below average--why do you think SD drafted Rivers in the first place?
    Vick isn't a great QB yet, give him time, but he wins. Period.
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    Steve Young is 6ft 2 in and was horrible his first 2-3 years playing pro ball and only got better because he went to SF. Vick also has a bunch of 7th rounders pass blocking for him and needs his scrambling ability to just survive and all of his receivers are relatively young. He's got plenty of time to improve and probably will.
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    I'm curious as to why some have so much hate for Vick. Why are we even talking about him. We don't play the Falcons this year and Vick has never done much against us. Why can't Vick be given time to learn like other QB's, and isn't it about winning anyway. The Ravens won a superbowl with Trent Dilfer for crying out loud who is a mediocre qb and have done anything since he's been gone. No he didn't put up great numbers,but their offense was better with him than without. Besides, football is team sport. It's not all about the qb. I seem to remember when we had Aikman and Staubach as qb's we also had hall of fame RB's in E.Smith and Tony Dorsett and half of fame receivers and tight ends and defenses called Doomsday I and Doomsday II. You people need to get off Vick's back. He's only 25. There's a lot of first round qb's that did nothing in their careers and some qb's don't hit their stride until they're in their thirties.
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    It is an ongoing debate about mobile QBs versus pure pocket passers. This debate has been going on in form or another for at least 3 years.

    I am an anomaly. I prefer the pure pocket passers but like Vick a lot.
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    Hos - no you have lost your objectivity. I'm killing you with dry humor!

    I'm not perfect or always right. But have a very good track record on predictions.
    I hang it ou there and do not fence sit.

    You are the only one acting like you are always correct.

    We sent your Cards back to the desert BEATEN soundly. Lil different than a 1st preseason game.
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    Me too, winning is winning. Vick wins games, he gets first downs, and he scores when they need it. I'll take winning on 2 rushing touchdowns just as easily as i would him passing for two touchdowns.
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    I don't see anyone else laughing at your "humor."

    They aren't my Cards. I can't stand them. In case you haven't noticed the people here are Cowboys fans. Even the ones who disagree with your takes.

    I've never said I was right all the time. I stand by my statement that your posts are about you, not football. Take a poll. I guarantee you I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

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    The guy is freaking dynamic. If he was a better passer he'd help his team. There's no doubt about that. But anyone who thinks defenses are excited to play him are crazy.
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    Without reading the last page of this thread I think Volack's presentation was correct. For those of you who say how come Drew Bree's hasn't had the problem with his height the answer is simple........Drew Brees was a passer first and a runner second (if you can even call him a runner) and Mike Vick was always a runner first and a passer second! Vick probably has the strongest arm in the NFL but for some reason still has difficulty finding and completing passes to his receivers. Maybe better receivers would help his cause as it has for Brees at SD! Just my opinion and you know what they are like. :D
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    Vick could become something very special, right now hes a college QB playing in the NFL. I frimly believe if the first thing mentioned about a QB is his legs then you have a few issues at QB. The purpose of a QB is run the offense and pass the ball, everything else is secondary. Right now Vick is helping his team win games, he could help his team win more games when he learns to run a pro offense.
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    Is there anything more fun on this forum than Nors baiting Hos? Seriously? Cracks me up.
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    No offense, this isn't anything new to me. It's been a big reason why teams are so set on looking at height of QB's come the draft. What concerns me is Romo who is 6'2" tall and he seems to have a little bit of a struggle finding passing lanes as well.


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