News: Zolak on Vick, Bledsoe

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Nors, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I don't blame anyone for having their own preference. It just seems that many who prefer the 'pocket passers' are arrogant about it and berate anyone who disagrees with them. Why arent't we talking about how Harrington or Carr are doing. Because they're 'pocket passers'. It doesn't matter that they stink because they're 'pocket passers'. Vick wins but doesn't put up great numbers so they say he 'stinks'. Well, would anyone here prefer Warrick Dunn to Kevin Jones to build around. Now Dunn is good, but Kevin Jones has better overall tools. Who would you rather have, Michael Jenkins,Peerless Price or Roddy White vs Andre Johnson. Carr and Harrington both have the weapons, but can't get it done. Vick has lesser talent around him, but gets it done anyway. Carr's excuse is that he doesn't have good pass blocking,but Vick's O-line are mostly 7th rounders along with Matt Lehr who is a 5th rounder. Vick gets hit in the backfield as much as Carr, but he still makes plays.
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    If the Falcon's line is that horrible then how is it they have a good rushing attack, without including Vick's scrambling numbers? Completely removing Vick's running stats leaves them the #3 rushing team in the NFL as opposed to the top rushing team. Maybe they aren't a good pass blocking team, but they are a decent run blocking line.
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    My feeling is he's regressed as a passer the past couple years. He was better when Reeves was coaching him.

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    For me, it isn't a matter of pocket passers vs. mobile passers at all. Players with varying degrees of mobility have all won big.

    Its also not about comparing Vick to Carr or Harrington to me either. I don't think those guys have shown much either. However, you won't get people defending those guys like you will for Vick.

    Vick is an outstanding athlete. No doubt about it. I've seen him live. He leaves a lot to be desired as a passer. A lot. Thats my knock on him. Yet he is the league's poster boy and to some, it appears he can do no wrong.

    I read two seperate articles this offseason criticizing the Falcons for not making an attempt to surround Vick with talent. Think about that for a second. The last three first round picks have been an attempt to surround Vick with talent. Dunn/Duckett are a terrific RB combo (and Dunn is better than K. Jones right now IMO). Crumpler is a top notch TE.

    Vick is in like year 5 now and hasn't really seemed to grow as a passer, yet everyone is ready to make excuses for him. If he wants to be truly great, he needs to improve markedly as a passer. Frankly, right now, he is below average as a passer.
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    Compared to the Reeves years, they're awesome across the line. Sorry, Vick's problems can't be blamed on an improving offensive line.

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