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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 12, 2006.

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    I hope you guys don't think I was joking with my Ike Holt question. I was very serious. Ravi can testify to how serious I am.
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    JJT Question:
    It was recently reported, in relation to the Saint's offer to Davis, that there is some sort of "Poison Pill". Is there wording that calls for him to a get a specific number of snaps in the regular defense and if so does this mean that if we match, he is guaranteed to start for us?
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    This is not a question for JTT, but one for cleverusername or anyone else who may know. On Davis, do the Cowboys have to match the contract exactly or could they make a counter-offer with slightly more $ but without the guarantee of playing time?
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    [SIZE=+2]Restricted Free Agents (RFA)[/SIZE]

    A Restricted Free Agent is an NFL player who is not under contract, but has only three years of NFL experience. The signing period for restricted free agents begins on March 2 and concludes on April 15. If his previous team has made him a Qualifying Offer, then that team has a right of first refusal on the player. This means the player may negotiate with other teams and receive an offer, however the previous team may agree to the offer that the player has received, in which case the player stays with his former team. Of course there are lots of games played, the prospective new team will attempt to structure the offer so that it is very unpalatable to the new team.

    For example, a team with a lot of cap room can offer a large salary and small signing bonus which is difficult for another team to match. Or a team with a very bad record can offer a large bonus based on winning 10 games, which would be unlikely to be earned on the new team but perhaps likely to be earned on the original team, thus making the offer have a large cap number.
    There are three levels of Qualifying Offer. Each level has an associated salary which is part of the CBA. In 2005 the three qualifying offer levels are $656,000, $1.43M, and $1.9M.

    If the team offers the player the lowest qualifying salary, then that's the player's salary if he gets no offers in free agency. If he gets an offer, his current team has a choice: they can match the offer exactly, or they can let the player go, in which case they will get a draft pick from the new team which is the same as the draft pick they used to get the player. If the player was selected in the 6th round, then the old team gets the new team's 6th round draft pick in the next year. If the player was undrafted, the old team gets no draft pick.

    If the team offers the player the middle level salary, then that's the player's salary if he gets no offers. If he gets an offer, then the old team can match the offer. If they do not, then the old team gets a 1st round draft pick from the new team.

    If the team offers the player the top level qualifying offer, then that's the player's salary if he gets no offers. If the old team does not match an offer, then they get a 1st round and a 3rd round draft pick from the new team.
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    I put this in another thread...But I guess I'd like to add it to your question.

    Whatever the language, number of starts/snaps..etc.

    What if he doesn't play the # of snaps or starts in NO and he doesn't enforce it. Can we ? Or can the contract be nulified ?
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    They have to match it as-is.
    Of course, they can always renegotiate immediately afterwards, but the player has whatever leverage he gained from the RFA offer in that process.
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    I agree. I thought about asking him why Zone members seem to be more jealous of him than any other local writer, but didn't think it would fly. I'm not even sure he reads the board frequently enough to know about it. I really don't understand where all the JJT hate comes from. Is he going to win a Pulitzer? Well.... no, but how many Dallas sportswriters are? He seems to be more than effective at covering the Cowboys, and I enjoy reading his regular Q&A, just as much as I do Spags.
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    All current questions have been submitted.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. There were some good ones posted. :)

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