Zoners: Can we invite this clown to our camp next year?

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    REF BLUE HIGHLIGH BELOW--He has not been to the best obviously

    Bears: Five things to know
    By Mike Freeman
    CBS National Columnist
    Tell Mike your opinion!

    1. Devin Hester is one scary talent. Not just as a kick returner. The Bears are going to use him as a wide receiver this year. The potential is tremendous. The only possible hitch for Hester on offense is his smaller size. He has to learn how to get a clean release off the line of scrimmage or corners will simply jam him in an attempt to limit Hester's speed.

    2. Lovie Smith on the Chicago defense: "We might surprise some people this year. Our guys are working harder than ever." He is asked if the defense will be even better this season than last. "Like I said," Smith responded, "we might surprise some people this year." Better than last year? That's a bit scary.

    3. Cedric Benson is now the full-time starter at running back. The Bears are embracing him and while Benson is the quiet type it is worth noting that recently he told reporters about a bizarre series of circumstances last year. He spoke of an intense rivalry with former Chicago running back Thomas Jones -- early in one practice last season Jones struck him in the face during a running backs drill. While Benson wishes Jones, now with the Jets, the best, Benson also told writers he is "10 times the man and 10 times the player" Jones is. Perhaps the oddest of Benson's claims is that Jones' allies on defense took extra hard shots at Benson in order to purposely injure him.

    4. The Bears and Patriots camps are probably the most professionally run camps I have visited this year.
    5. More on Rex Grossman. He has worked hard this offseason to improve the accuracy of his medium-passing game. Grossman's deep passes in camp, meanwhile, have been terrific.
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    The Cowboys will never get praised in the media ....

    People need to realize this and quite stressing over it.

    They did not talk good about Jimmy's regime till after he quite.

    The Cowboys will only ever get praised retrospectively.

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