Zoners, Does Bruce Carter eat right?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 1, 2011.

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    *According to an ESPN interview with Bruce Feldman, new Cowboys linebacker Bruce Carter isn’t exactly scientific when it comes to fueling his body. He said he eats three double cheeseburgers, a medium order of fries and a six-piece order of McNuggets from McDonalds almost every day. Wow. I’ve known other athletes who have eaten similarly through the years and I always have marveled how they perform so well and look so good while eating such junk.

    *One first round pick visited a team before the draft and lost his wallet three times in a day. How do you lose your wallet three times in a day?
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    His arms were about to rip through his shirt. He looked ripped in the press conference. He also said he burns everything off so fast...probably one of those people who have to eat bad just to keep weight on.
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    Single digit Wonderlic score?
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    Great article. I found this part interesting as well:

    *Cornerback Prince Amukamara fell to the Giants at the 19th pick, but he probably should have been a top 10 pick based on talent. What was behind Amukamara’s fall? In many draft rooms, the scouts liked Amukamara more than the coaches. The DB coaches and defensive coordinators got together and decided they weren’t as high on Amukamara as many of their scouting counterparts. The coaches pointed to Amukamara’s short arms (30 1/2 inches, 71 ½ inch wingspan) and small hands (8 ½ inches). And there may have been more to the story. A lot of NFL people are skeptical about Nigerian players like Amukarma. “And it’s not just white men,” one executive said. “It’s whites and blacks.” It’s still a subtle form of racism. The word on Nigerians: they are soft, not tough enough and too educated. It would be a pity if that’s what cost Amukamara.

    This is kind of along the lines of why I'm tentative about getting the Castonzo-types of the world. So I guess I'm in the same boat as these guys, right or wrong. I like smart, I don't like too smart.
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    Ochocinco eats McDonalds all the time. He was talking about it on Hard Knocks.
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    For real in his presser he said that he has a fast metabolism so he burns it off in no time. Not even a note worthy topic but I see someone had to write about it.
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    The funny part here is that the scouts come in and tell the coaches, "We really like this guy, he can play and should be a Top 10 pick."

    And the coaches idiotically reply, "But he's got small hands...."

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why are you paying scouts if not to tell you if the guy can play FOOTBALL or not?
  8. Hostile

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    His poor diet has destroyed his body. Look at this flab.





  9. supercowboy8

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    i;m sure Dallas will have a talk with him about what to eat and get him on a proper diet.
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    oh to be young again. I cant even salt my food any more.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't remember Christian Okoye being soft or not tough enough.

    Really, I doubt this had anything to do with it. I'm a Nebraska fan and I'm very undecided on Prince. I think he could be pretty good, but I don't ever think he'll be great. I think he went about where he should have, honestly.
  12. CATCH17

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    Me too.

    I said before the draft I wouldn't take him until I got into the 20s and it looks like the NFL GMs agreed with me.
  13. CATCH17

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    Yeah it would be stupid for him not to change his eating if he wants to perform at his highest capabilities.

    He is a genetic freak to be that muscled with so much carbs.
  14. realtick

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    I pointed that out weeks ago regarding his abnormally small arms and hand size. His arm/hand size are comparable to guys that are 5'9", like Brandon Harris and Kendrick Burney, which is strange for a guy 6' tall.

    I don't think it's the end all be all, but in a game of inches, it could be a determining factor. I also don't think he played to his measurables. He had some of the best combine all-around, yet you didn't see him making a lot of plays on the ball, which tells me his instincts are behind his athletic ability. I didn't like his ball skills on the deep ball.

    Also, ESPN or some other site put up a chart comparing all the pass attempts/yards per catch/completions given up by the top CB, including Amukumara, Peterson and I believe either Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris. Prince gave up less completions, but he did have the worst yards per catch average by a wide margin. Most of the DBs averaged 8 yards or so, while Prince was averaging 15.
  15. realtick

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    I think anyone past the age of the 30 can remember a time in their early twenties when they could eat anything. If you're a supreme athlete, how much more so.

    It was funny, during the press conference, one of the local media guys said something to that effect.
  16. big dog cowboy

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    Ah to be in my early 20's again.
  17. Fla Cowpoke

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    He's got some skinny *** calves to be sure.

    My concern with Carter is not his diet. I watched three - four clips on him and saw a lot of Bobby Carpenter and Jason Williams. Good speed, but gets enveloped by blockers, not a very sure tackler and didn't look too good in coverage. Now I know it was a very limited sample, but the way Mayock and some of thise guys were gushing about him I expected to see him jump off the screen. And it was far from that.
  18. Joshmvii

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    Many people don't realize that for the most part, food is just calories. I don't, but I could eat Mcdonald's every day and not be fat too, and I work in an office all day, but I also exercise every day and burn calories. Average people sit around all day at work and sit around all night at home, so they can't eat a lot of calories without getting fat.

    Michael Phelps eats 15000+ calories a day, including entire pizzas and whatever else just to have enough energy to train. Food is just energy, and though it's not healthy to just eat a ton of processed sugar or even too much saturated fat, as long as you exercise enough, you're not going to be fat no matter what you eat.
  19. CATCH17

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    Exactly. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.

    2500 mcdonalds calories will get you as fat as 2500 orange calories if 2000 calories is your maintenance.
  20. realtick

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    There's a doctor in New York or somewhere on the east coast who famously went on a cookie diet for a prolonged period of time. All he ate were cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but would not go over a certain amount of calories (I believe 1,500 per day). He ended up losing weight.

    It's really not about what you eat, but simply the total amount of calories you're eating per day.

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