Zoners, Does Bruce Carter eat right?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 1, 2011.

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    Yea...those salt shakers can get pretty heavy:)
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    Carter can do it and have no side effects. He's very young and an athlete with a very high metabolism.

    But if you saw that documentary where the guy only ate McD's for 30 days you would think long and hard before eating as much fast food as most Amercians do. The guy's weight, blood pressure, cholesteral, sugar, etc. went to dangerous levels after only 30 days of fast food only. It was shocking.

    As for Prince, there was something about that guy that I could never figure out and I never could get excited about the idea of us picking him. Parcells made a special note on his draft show of saying that dbs with short arms are marked down in his estimation because it limits their ability to play the position at the NFL level.
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    I hear what you're saying because there's a great deal of fat, sodium and and carbs yet he's still ripped. However, there's an enormous amount of protein in there too so the muscle bulk is not surprising. Bottom line is, like you said, he's a genetic freak.
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    I was going to use that example. Well put.
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    He eats like a typical college student. Once he enters a structured environment, he'll be fine. When's the last time the Cowboys issued a weight fine? Seems like forever.
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    The quality of food still matters. Trans fat + hydrogenated oils will destroy your health overtime. Yes you can maintain weight while going on a "McDonald's diet" but your arteries will get clogged like no other, cholesterol will be at an all time high, and triglyceride levels will skyrocket. The diet may work for him now, but in a couple of years we'll see what happens. Do you think T.O. is able to play at such a high level for a long time on a diet similar to this?

    The quality of fuel still matters. Those retired players having all of those health problems are paying the price.
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    It certainly makes sense that that is a negative when it comes to playing CB. It makes it tough to jam a receiver who has longer arms than you. It also puts you at a disadvantage when trying to go up for a ball or knock a pass away. The difference between a completed pass and one that's knocked away is often a matter of inches.

    Arm length certainly matters for some postitions in football. Bulaga's short arms were cited as a reason he dropped last year in the draft. Tyron Smith's freakish wingspan was considered a major asset. I'm still amazed that he was able to do as many reps on the bench with such long arms. He may be the most physically gifted tackle to come out of college....ever. If there was someone else in the past who had more impressive measurables, he probably wasn't 20 years old. This guy is not close to his physical peak yet. He's not just some workout warrior either, opposing linemen voted him the best OL in the conference. I believe we were very fortunate that he came out early. A gifted player like this is rare.
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    That's alright. As long as he's not playing golf, right Joe? ;)

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