Zoners : I thought we was done with Roy Williams

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Aug 10, 2011.

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    The difference Roy is that Dez was better then you are and recognized that after watching you run the 1st route of training camp. :rolleyes:
    Roy Williams happy with Bears
    Chicago Bears rookie free agent Jimmy Young wasn't sure what to make of the text message congratulating him for not pulling a "Dez Bryant," but he quickly learned.

    The Ben & Skin Show
    Roy Williams dishes on his departure from the Cowboys, signing with the Bears, and actually getting his pads carried this year.

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    Young, following the rookie tradition of carrying a veteran's shoulder pads after practice in training camp, carried the gear of former Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams after a recent session.

    Williams had asked Bryant to do the same last year in Cowboys camp, and Bryant's refusal generated several days of headlines.

    "I was [aware of the Bryant incident] after I did it," Young said Wednesday. "I got a text message from somebody, and they were just like, 'Man, I'm glad you didn't pull a Dez Bryant.' I'm like, 'What?'
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    Roy Williams was actually pretty complimentary, specifically of Dez Bryant.
  3. The Natural

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    Years from now, Dez will be applauded for refusing to carry that coward's pads.
  4. SDCowboy85

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    Roy must think pretty highly of himself after just getting cut from a team to be making people carry his pads on his new one. The kid should have told him to take his pads and shove it like Dez did.
  5. w8lifter

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    I agree with both of you. RW does not deserve to have other team mates carry his gear.

    He should learn to worry about carrying his own w8 (gear or otherwise) on the team.

  6. Manwiththeplan

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    is anyone really suprised Roy still isn't pulling his weight?

    On a side note, let's agree that never again can a Roy Williams play for Dallas ever again.
  7. RastaRocket

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  8. Doomsday101

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    Roy is kidding around. Life is too short to be mad about little things

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